The next morning's post brought me letters from both Eva and Flossie.

My dear Jack, (wrote the former)

Tomorrow will be a red letter day for you two! And I want you both to get the utmost of delight from it. So let no sort of scruple or compunction spoil your pleasure. Flossie is, in point of physical development, a woman. As such, she longs to be fucked by the man she loves. Fuck her therefore with all and more than all the same skill and determination you displayed in fucking me. She can think and talk of
nothing else. Come early tomorrow and bring your admirable prick in its highest state of efficiency and stiffness!

Yours, Eva

Flossie wrote:

I cannot sleep a wink for thinking of what is coming to me tomorrow.

All the time I keep turning over in my mind how best to make it nice for you. I am practising Eva's "nip". I feel as if I could do it, but nipping nothing is not really practice, is it, Jack? My beloved, I kiss your prick, in imagination. Tomorrow I will do it in the flesh, for I warn you that
nothing will ever induce me to give up that, nor will even the seven inches which I yearn to have in my cunt ever bring me to consent to being deprived of the sensation of your dear tongue when it curls between the lips and pays polite attentions to my clitoris! But you shall have me as you like tomorrow, and all days to follow. I am to be in
the future...

Yours body and soul, Flossie

When I arrived at the flat I found Flossie had put on the costume in which I had seen her the first day of our acquaintance. The lovely little face wore an expression of gravity, as though to show me she was not forgetting the importance of the occasion. I am not above confessing
that, for my part, I was profoundly moved.

We sat beside one another, hardly exchanging a word. Presently Flossie said:

'Whenever you are ready, Jack, I'll go to my room and undress.'

The characteristic naiveté of this remark somewhat broke the spell that was upon us, and I kissed her with effusion.

'Shall it be...quite naked, Jack?'

'Yes, darling, if you don't mind.'

'All right. When I am ready I'll call to you.'

Five minutes later, I heard the welcome summons.

From the moment I found myself in her room, all sense of restraint vanished at a breath. She flew at me in a perfect fury of desire, pushed me by sheer force upon my back on the bed, and lying at full length upon me with her face close to mine, she said:

'Because I was a girl and not a woman, Jack, you have never fucked me. But you are going to fuck me now, and I shall be a woman. But first, I want to be a girl to you still for a few minutes only. I want to have your dear prick in my mouth again; I want you to kiss my cunt in the old
delicious way; I want to lock my naked arms round your naked body; and hold you to my face, whilst I wind my tongue round your prick until you spend. Let me do all this, Jack, and then you shall fuck me till the skies fall.'

Without giving me time to reply to this frenzied little oration, Flossie had whisked round and was in position for the double gamahuche she desired. Parting her legs to their widest extent on each side of my face, she sank gently down until her cunt came full upon my open mouth. At
the same moment I felt my prick seized and plunged deep into her mouth with which she at once commenced the delicious sucking action I knew so well. I responded by driving my tongue to the root into the rosy depths of her perfumed cunt, which I sucked with ever increasing zest and enjoyment, drawing fresh treasures from its inner
recesses at every third or fourth stroke of my tongue. Words fail me to describe the unparalleled vigour of her sustained attack upon my erected prick, which she sucked, licked, tongued and frigged with such a furious abandon and at the same time with such a subtle skill and knowledge of the sublime art of gamahuching, that the end came with
unusual rapidity, and wave after wave of the sea of love broke in ecstasy upon the 'coral strand' of her adorable mouth. For a minute or two more, her lips retained their hold and then, leaving her position, she came and lay down beside me, nestling her naked body against mine, and softly chafing the lower portion of my prick whilst she said:

'Now Jack darling, I am going to talk to you about the different ways of fucking, because of course you will want to fuck me, and I shall want to be fucked, in every possible position, and in every single part of my body where a respectable young woman may reasonably ask to be

The conversation which followed agreeably filled the intervening time before the delicate touches which Flossie kept constantly applying to my prick caused it to raise its head to a considerable altitude, exhibiting a hardness and rigidity which gave high promise for the success of the coming encounter.

'Good gracious!' cried Flossie. 'Do you think I shall ever find room for all that, Jack?'

'For that, and more also, sweetheart,' I replied.


Why, what more are you going to put into me?'

'This is the only article I propose to introduce at present, Floss. But I mean that when Monsieur Jacques finds himself for the first time with his head buried between the delicious cushions in there' (touching her belly)'he will most likely beat his own record in the matter of length
and stiffness.'

'Do you mean, Jack, that he will be bigger with me than he was with Eva?' said Flossie with a merry twinkle.

'Certainly I mean it,' was my reply. 'To fuck a beautiful girl like Eva must always be immensely enjoyable, but to fuck a young Venus of sixteen, who besides being the perfection of mortal loveliness, is also one's own chosen and adorable little sweetheart-that belongs to a different order of pleasure altogether.'

'And I suppose, Jack, that when the sixteen-year-old is simply dying to be fucked by her lover, as I am at this moment, the chances are that she may be able to make it rather nice for him, as well as absolutely heavenly for herself. Now I can wait no longer. "First position" at once,
please, Jack. Give me your prick in my hand and I will direct his wandering footsteps.'

'He's at the door, Flossie; shall he enter?'

'Yes. Push him in slowly and fuck gently at first, so that I may find out by degrees how much he's going to hurt me. A little further, Jack. Why, he's more than halfway in already! Now you keep still and I'll thrust a little with my bottom.'

'Why, Floss, you darling, you're nipping me deliciously!'

'Can you feel me, Jack? How lovely! Fuck me a little more, Jack, and get in deeper, that's it! Now faster and harder. What glorious pleasure it is!'

'And no pain, darling?'

'Not a scrap. One more good push and he'll be in up to the hilt, won't he? Eva told me to put my legs over your back. Is that right?'

'Quite right, and if you're sure I'm not hurting you, Floss, I'll really begin now and fuck you in earnest.'

'That's what I'm here for, sir,' she replied with a touch of her neverabsent fun even in this supreme moment.

'Here goes, then!' I answered. Having once made up her mind that she had nothing to dread, Flossie abandoned herself with enthusiasm to the pleasures of the moment. Locking her arms round my neck and her legs round my buttocks, she cried to me to fuck her with all my might.

'Drive your prick into me again and again, Jack. Let me feel your belly against mine. Did you feel my cunt nip you then? Ah! how you are fucking me now!-fucking me, fu... u... ucking me!'

Her lovely eyes turned to heaven, her breath came in quick short gasps, her fingers wandered feverishly about my body. At last, with a cry, she plunged her tongue into my mouth and, with convulsive undulations of her little body, let loose the floods of her being to join the deluge which, with sensations of exquisite delight, I poured into her burning cunt.

The wild joy of this our first act of coition was followed by a slight reaction and, with a deep sigh of contentment Flossie fell asleep in my arms, leaving my prick still buried in its natural resting place. Before long, my own eyelids closed and, for an hour or more, we lay thus gaining from blessed sleep fresh strength to enter upon new transports
of pleasure.

Flossie was the first to awake, stirred no doubt by the unaccustomed sensations of a swelling prick within her. I awoke to find her dear eyes resting upon my face, her naked arms round my neck an her cunt enfolding my yard with a soft and clinging embrace.

Her bottom heaved gently, and accepting the invitation thus tacitly given, I turned my little sweetheart on her back and, lying luxuriously between her widely parted legs, once more drove my prick deep into her cunt and fucked her with slow lingering strokes, directed upwards so as to bring all possible contact to bear upon the clitoris.

This particular motion afforded her evident delight and the answering thrusts of her bottom were delivered with ever increasing vigour and precision, each of us relishing to the full the efforts of the other to augment the pleasure of the encounter. With sighs and gasps and little cries of rapture, Flossie strained me to her naked breasts, and twisting
her legs tightly round my own, cried out that she was spending and implored me to let her feel my emission mix with hers. By dint of clutching her bottom with my hands, driving the whole length of my tongue into her mouth I was just able to manage the simultaneous discharge she coveted, and once more I lay upon her in a speechless ecstasy of consummated passion.

Any one of my readers who has had the supreme good fortune to fuck the girl of his heart will bear me out in saying that the lassitude following upon such a meeting is greater and more lasting than the mere weariness resulting from an ordinary act of copulation 'where love is not'.

Being well aware of this fact, I resolved that my beloved little Flossie's powers should not be taxed any further for the moment, and told her so.

'But Jack,' she cried, almost in tears, 'we've only done it one way, and Eva says there are at least six! And oh, I do love it so!'

'And so do I, little darling. But also, I love you, and I'm not going to begin by giving you and that delicious little caressing cunt of yours more work than is good for you both.'

'Oh, dear! I suppose you're right, Jack.'

'Of course I'm right, darling. Tomorrow I shall come and fuck you again, and the next day, and the next, and many days after that. It will be odd if we don't find ourselves in Eva's six different positions before we've done!'

At this moment Eva herself entered the room.

'Well, Flossie...?' she said.

'Ask Jack!' replied Flossie.

'Well Jack, then...?' said Eva.

'Ask Flossie!' I retorted, and fled from the room.

The adventures I have, with many conscious imperfections, related in the foregoing pages, were full of interest to me, and were, I am disposed to think, not without their moments of attraction for my fellow actors in the scenes depicted.

It by no means necessarily follows that they will produce a
corresponding effect upon the reading public who, in my descriptions of Floss and her ways, may find only an ineffectual attempt to set forth the charms of what appears to me an absolutely unique temperament.

If haply it should prove to be otherwise, I should be glad to have the opportunity of continuing a veritable labour of love by recounting certain further experiences of Eva, Floss and

Yours faithfully,