Limp in the arms of Tom, who had carried her effortlessly back to the house, Astrid was laid on the chaise longue in the drawing room, her eyes closed, lips parted.

'She fainted, Ma'am, I fear, after her second', he said apologetically.

'You fucked her twice?', Julia asked, arranging Astrid's legs neatly. 'You must be in good form today, Tom. Not an hour has passed as yet'.

Tom grinned. 'She's a rare good 'un, Ma'am, if I may so say. Tight as a drum but very accommodating. I would have had it up her bottom but the missus says as how I weren't to or you might take it bad'.

'That's right, Tom. Here's a guinea for your pains- and one for Alice. See that she gets it for I shall question her on her spending of it. Tell her to buy some new stockings and some smart boots for they might be needed when I have visitors'.

The manservant departed, Julia sat herself alongside Astrid and kissed her forehead, smoothing the damp hair back there from. 'We are alone, my dear, you need not dissimulate. It did no harm for you to pretend to swoon under Tom's assault, but I doubt not that you enjoyed it. Let me feel how well he has spermed you'.

'Oh, no!'. Affecting to make a quick recovery, Astrid was too slow to seize the hand that meandered up beneath her skirt and sought her crevice. Wrinkling her nose up with pleasure, Julia found there, as she expected, a fine thick oiling both of Tom's sperm and of Astrid's own excited spillings. Her drawers had evidently been kept by Alice as a trophy, a little matter in which Julia never interfered. Alice would no doubt be wearing them herself by the morrow, priding herself on the fact that she might well be the only female servant in the county to have any, for they are scarce considered necessary for the lower classes.

'Fared you well?', Julia laughed. She had not intended Astrid to be put to the cock so quickly, but now that events had forwarded the lovely young woman's progress, she was glad. At this, tears swam in Astrid's eyes and she reached up to cast her arms about Julia who cuddled her warmly. 'There, there, my pet, you have enjoyed one of the best. Feel no shame about it nor take it too badly that you were handled as you were. A good fuck becomes a girl of your beauty. You must not make anything of it that it was a servant. They are here to serve, are they not?'.

Astrid whimpered and pressed her hot face between Julia's magnificent tits. In truth, she had taken no real fear of the matter and had secretly enjoyed the steady pumping of Tom's prick in her cunt, which continued to throb excitingly. For an encore, she had been turned about on the bale on her back while Alice uncovered her titties and laid them bare to the ravaging of her tongue and lips the while that Tom recovered his forces. Truly, Alice had been quite gentle with her and had coaxed her to keep her stockinged legs open, saying-as Julia had now done-that there was no shame in the matter and that a lady such as she was well fitted to take as many mounts as possible.

Being then in a somewhat dreamy state, Astrid had ceased to struggle and lay with closed eyes while Alice apprised her of all manner of fuckings that the noble lady visitors to Hardcastle enjoyed. Pretending petulance and making it appear all the while that she was swooning, Astrid had listened and absorbed all.

'The Mistress whips me sometimes, Ma'am, and I likes it. It stirs me up nice for what I know I'm going to get. I has whipped some of the ladies, too, for their pleasure. Were that not Lady Dunnit I saw a-visiting today? She's a rare one, she is, and that nephew of hers will be of use to many, not least yourself, My Lady. Tom's pecker will be arising again soon. He loves to see young ladies lying afore him with their skirts up, their pretty stockings on, and their thighs spread for pleasure. My dad were the same. He would go at my bottom just to have a good look at me. I were proper daft then. He would give me a spanking and then raise his nightshirt to show off his cock to me, standing stiff up it always were. I never let him, though, which the Mistress says were my mistake because I could have had him at my will if I wanted. Now, Miss, just lie still 'cos Tom's a-ready to give you another poke'..

All this, and much more having been said breathlessly and without much pause, had given Astrid such thoughts as she had never previously entertained. So long as Julia now held and stroked her fondly, she felt comforted and willing to confess all that Julia drew from her.

'Of course, my pet, she would have had her father at her will, though this seemingly is beyond your understanding. I have told you oft but shall repeat it until you comprehend. It is the very basis of our power, Astrid. Pain and pleasure lie at the root of all as does a subtle understanding between females. Do you not prefer to kiss me, Astrid, than any other-than a male?'.

'Oh, yes!', Astrid replied fervently, for she knew this now to be true. Quite of her own accord she laid her face beneath Julia's and, extending her tongue, licked slowly along her mouth to the ineffable delight of her teacher.

'You wish me to lick it?', enquired Julia teasingly.

Astrid nodded, her eyes half-closed. It was as if suddenly a dam had broken in her mind and she kept her pink tongue peeping wantonly between her lips while hearing Julia ask what else she now wanted. 'Play with my cunt', Astrid pleaded softly, bringing a pleased laugh from her companion.

'Come, let us go to bed. We shall be better accommodated for the sport there'. So saying, Julia led her up, their arms about each other's waists. In but seconds, as it seemed, they had stripped to their stockings. Julia locked the door, averring that they wanted no interruptions. Warm in each other's arms they lay, teasing with their agile fingers each other's titties and bottoms and slits. 'What a marvel you are-my prize pupil!', said Julia. 'Lie on me, darling, rub your cunt against mine while I tell you all'.

'Oh, yes!', assented Astrid, whose bubbles then bulged onto Julia's, their sleek silky bellies working sensuously together while the lips of their cunts kissed and writhed together as did their mouths. Between kisses and tonguings and many a gasp of pleasure, Julia then began to lecture her.

'Let us suppose, Astrid, that you were once as Alice was. Your papa wishes to spank you for some supposed misdeed. Despite your blushes and your febrile struggles, he ups your skirt, removes your drawers, and views all your maidenly charms. Laid across his lap, his hand descends upon your blushing bottom-cheeks. You squeal, you sob, to no avail. Artful as he is, he fondles you slyly the while, cupping your cunny while your bottom is heated by repeated smacks. You absorb the heat, your hips wriggle, your sobs subside into moans. He knows well your condition and feels the stiffening of your nipples through your dress'.

Astrid hid her face in Julia's neck, laving the white skin with kisses and moving her hips in the most supple fashion as their tingling clitorises rubbed.

'But I could never have let Papa take my drawers off', she murmured.

'Shush, girl. 'Tis but an example. Alice was put to such feverish play, was she not? Many a young girl is rodded in her bed by her sire after a good bottom-warming. She learns to absorb the cock and its juices, for a good spanking makes the bottom wriggle for it and urges the lusting male on. Soon enough he has her at His will. Each spanking is followed by ever-more passionate embraces, for the spankings stir her as equally to lust as it does her sire. She becomes but a houri for his pleasure. Yet it need not be so'.

'She need not let herself be spanked at all and thus avoid such naughtiness?', asked Astrid dreamily. She had already twice come, as had Julia, yet their cunts continued rubbing together, seeking even more appeasement.

'Indeed, she should let herself be spanked, Astrid, and, the first time, should affect even more excitement than she feels. That she cannot help writhing her hot bottom about is all to the good. Her eyes blurred with tears, her titties uncovered, and her nether cheeks stinging from the many slaps of his palm, she scarce knows what she is about when first he mounts her. Let her enjoy the good fuck, as well she will, but then must feminine cunning take hold upon her desires. She may yield perhaps a second time and permit him an even more luscious shafting of her cunny. Upon the third occasion, however, she should take command. Her thighs clip close together, her fingers clasp his rampant prick in such wise that he cannot remove it from her grasp without dire injury to himself. Her free hand takes his balls and squeezes. Her voice that previously had implored him to spill his sperm in her pussy now hisses to him to be still. Should he attempt to strike her or to fend her off, she will grip his balls the harder. To his astonishment he is then told that if he lies still she might pleasure him, otherwise she will raise the household.

'His mood changes. He becomes craven, Astrid, for as painful as her grip is, it is also pleasurable. He assents, believing perhaps that this unexpected turnabout will dissolve and that all will be as it was. Straddling his prone form and pushing her bottom a little into his face, she milks him quickly, by which of course I mean she draws forth his sperm. Being above him then and possessing more of her senses, she sees well how this weakens him to such extent that she is then able to rub her bottom all over his face while he can but splutter weakly. He is then her prize, rather than she his. All that follows from that night on may hence be at her bidding, for I need not tell you what wiles she will use to accomplish her ends'.

'AH!', shuddered Astrid, whose orgasmic bliss had been doubled by Julia's account. She quivered and lay still. The two continued pecking at each other's lips like doves. 'If all men should be at our command... .', she began and then added pettishly, 'Oh, but I do not understand. Why have I then been used so and put so crudely to Tom?'.

'It is necessary for all females to pass through fire, my pet, particularly if they would have it that others must do so in turn. The male must rut in you-before you comprehend all. The act is, in any event, divine and should be enjoyed as such. Many a girl will pant and cry more than you when she is first shafted or corked, but she will soon enough learn the pleasure of it. As to males, while they should in last event be subservient to us-and some may be used solely to pleasure us, as Anthony is-there are no firm rules to this delightful game. Males and females may take turn and turn about-provided ever that the men know their final place. Tuition is all, Astrid, the dull and the unknowingly go their ways and know not whit of the delights of this. Every woman has a secret desire to be taken by force just as every male aspires to return to his mother's lap and there be spanked for his misdeeds'.

'And mayhap to have his cock handled the while?', sparkled Astrid.

'How quickly you learn! Thus truly are the associations of pain and pleasure made. Need I whip you again, my pet?'.

'Only at my pleasure, Julia! What of Tom, though, or indeed Alice? I know not how to face them now'.

'This very day, Astrid, you will approach them with calm and stately mien. Upbraid Tom for his wickedness and he will cringe. Order him to lick the toes of your boots and he will droolingly oblige. For whatever his lustful pleasure in making your pretty bottom buck to his will, he senses within you the power of Woman, that ultimate power which rules all. Observe the stupid grin upon his face when you tell him that he has been wicked. He will long for punishment'.

'As sometimes I shall?'. Astrid uttered a giggle and concealed her expression.

'Of course. You will enjoy the selfsame bonds into which you put others-though of occasion they have no need to know that. You must judge your attitudes carefully in respect of each individual'.

'Yet they have seen me humiliated-your servants, I mean'.

'As to that, my pet, 'tis all of a muchness. Marie and Amy knew well enough to what end you were being driven and that they themselves are as likely to come under the lash of your whip as any. I permit them many mischiefs, as I do Alice and Tom, yet all remain finally under my heel as now they shall under yours'.

'I am free?', asked Astrid in a timid voice.

'Free enough even to deny yourself freedom, if you will', Julia sighed. 'The child or young person who would free itself from its mother's will yet longs equally to be held in her firm embrace. Who then is free? Before I know it, you will be bringing the martinet to my bottom while holding me bound'.

'I would love to!', exclaimed Astrid excitedly. 'But I would also like you to do the same to me'.

'What else then can I teach you, save the many little tricks we indulge in? Let me rise, my sweet, for I am now about to show you something'. With that, Julia slid from the bed and took from an armoire the very letter she had received from Astrid's mother. Never before had she put such a privilege to a pupil, but with Astrid all was other than had ever been before. Unfolding the letter, she returned to the bed and laid it before her.

Astrid's hand trembled visibly as she clutched the pages and read them.

'Oh, what of THIS!', she exclaimed in wonderment.

'What indeed! I receive many such missives in advance of receiving a newcomer to the fold, but none has been permitted to indulge in their secrets as you. Judge well the situation now, as your dear mama intends you to, for it is clearly her intention that you should lead the household in all your ways and so establish your reign. Before you do, however, I must teach you all such little tricks as I have spoken of. You will come more quickly to them than others, for you have the spirit for the thing. I have this very day a gentleman coming for what are best termed "correctional exercises". In this you will assist'.

'I? But I will not know what to do!'.

'You will learn soon enough-by precept and by instinct. This one is surely easy for you, Astrid. He will cringe and fawn at the very sight of your bared thighs'.

'Julia, must I uncover myself to him?'

'As you will, my dear. Speak as little as is needful. Your moments of silence alone will fill him with awe. Should you wish him to kneel before you, indicate by gestures of your hand toward the floor. If he fails to abase himself sufficiently to your liking, place the heel of your shoe on the back of his neck and hold it there firmly. In doing so, admonish him quietly'.

Astrid's hands worked agitatedly together. 'I do not believe I could-not as yet. May I not commence with a female, for surely you have other subjects of your will such as I. Once I know that I can in some wise command another, then 'twill be easier for me'.

'Very well, my dear, it shall be so. Your wisdom pleases me. Had you failed with the gentleman concerned, I would have had perforce to punish you severely, and that I do not wish to do. Let me apprise you of his identity. He is the Hon. Wilberforce Markings, aged twenty-five, an orphan who has lived in fair comfort with his sister, Harriet, these last six years or more. Harriet is his senior by three years. She is minded to marry yet cannot bring herself to cast off her brother as easily as most would. He fawns upon her, having known little other feminine company, or having perhaps made sure that he did not. I am known to Harriet but vaguely by reputation. There has been correspondence between us-more guarded on her side than I would have wished. Her belief is that I might take Will, as she calls him, into my fold and treat him as a distressed relative who could in part act as servant'.

'Then she is not herself a subject?', Astrid asked with a twinge of disappointment.

'As yet? No. Not as yet', Julia responded, whereat a smile of complicity spread over both their faces. Bending over her companion, who lay still upon the bed, Julia kissed her. 'You see, I replace one difficult task for you with another', she purred.

'I think not, Julia. Would you deal, please, with Will while I take Harriet up to the Attendance Room? It would be as well for her to inspect the means of persuasion thoroughly, and perhaps even to taste them, if I can so persuade her. I may need the assistance of Marie and Amy, or I may not. They will be on call?'.

'Of course. How admirable your ideas are already! Come, let us dress, for our guests will be here soon and we would not wish to disappoint them'.

Tea was indeed ready to be served upon the arrival of Harriet and Will, neither of whom disappointed Astrid in their appearance. Harriet was of middle height and comely of looks, her face being roundish, her mouth small, her nose of pleasing proportions. Firmly held beneath a tight corsage, her breasts were exceedingly plump, while her bottom gave promise of admirable curvature and weight. As to her brother, he looked not as unmanly as Astrid thought he might. His moustache was trim, his skin smooth. His physique did not betoken a weakling, being seemingly well formed and muscled beneath his formal attire. This at first puzzled Astrid not a little, for all her views on the submissive-ness of males were formed upon the impression she had gained of Anthony.

Tea having been taken with such decorum and polite conversation as would have passed in a vicarage, Julia indicated her desire to speak with Will alone. This intelligence caused him first to blush and then to grow a trifle pale, which spectacle did much to reassure Astrid that all was not as it first seemed. If she had any apprehensions at all, it was how to deal with Harriet, or rather whether she would be able to deal with her. Even so, these vagrant fears diminished upon inviting the young woman to accompany her upstairs.

Harriet was not displeased to leave the drawing room, and she had begun to entertain doubts as to whether she should have persuaded Will to accompany her here. 'Will she be strict with him?', she asked Astrid, upon going upstairs. For in truth she had little enough idea of Julia's purpose in the matter save that the lady had a reputation for 'settling' people.

'It may be', Astrid replied carefully.

'You assist her?'

'Frequently. But at times I serve to settle those who accompany our guests here. I inculcate them with our precepts', Astrid said glibly enough. It would be nice to take Harriet into the bedroom, but even nicer, she decided, to have her in what she personally now preferred to call the discipline room. And there indeed she led Harriet, who was all of a wonder as to where they were going to settle and how long the whole business would take. Upon the door opening, she made-as did many-to step back, but Astrid urged her firmly within and closed the door. Quite amused, she watched Harriet gaze with wild dismay about the room and the various 'persuaders' that dangled from the walls.

'Oh, dear Will is not to be whipped surely!', Harriet gasped.

'It depends on how naughty he may have been. Has he been naughty?', Astrid asked, guiding her intended victim to the couch, where she sat heavily. 'You must tell me all', she urged. 'Your letters lacked a certain explicitness, Harriet. Tell me first of his fawning over you'.

'Oh, that!', Harriet exclaimed uncomfortably and rather wished she had never come. Astrid's eyes seemed to be fixed on her rather severely.

'Yes, indeed, THAT, my dear. Come, you must not be coy, for is this not the sole purpose of your visit? Will is not the only one, you know, whom we have reason to correct or train. Some young men are brought by their mothers, others by their aunts or elder sisters or their guardians. Then there are girls and young women-some indeed of the same age as yourself. They, too, require attendance'.

'Girls? Young women?', Harriet echoed in astonishment. 'What then is the purpose of these horrible whips and straps and chains? Is this not a cruelty?'.

'Oh, pouf, as to cruelty, my dear. We know not its name. None who departs these walls does so without being deeply satisfied at his or her lot. But, come, you have not answered my question!', Astrid insisted, placing her arm about Harriet's shoulders while recalling well enough all that had been done to herself.

'It will be a secret?', Harriet pleaded.

'Of course. Naught that passes here shall be known to the world', Astrid replied, taking advantage of the young woman's upturned face to kiss her prettily upon her rosebud mouth, much to Harriet's disturbed surprise. Tear not what you say to me-use any words you wish. We are not shocked', Astrid pursued.

Harriet twisted her fingers together in some agitation, 'We live alone, as you may have gathered. Our parents left us well provided for. We have ever been close, yet Will is given to such strange habits that I know not what to do about it. I have come upon him often enough sniffing at my shoes and boots, which he insists upon cleaning even though we have servants to do such things'.

'Why, my dear, that is but a mark of adoration', exclaimed Astrid. 'A woman's body holds many odours that attract the male, whether it be the scent of your feet, the milkiness of your breasts, or the delicious perfumes of your drawers'.

'Oh!', exclaimed Harriet in much confusion, for she had never expected another woman to speak thus.

'How adorable you look in moments of surprise! The pouting of your lips becomes you. Kiss me, for in furthering our intimacy you will be better prepared to divulge all. Has he attempted your drawers?'.

'Ah, no! How can you speak thus?', quavered Harriet, whose mouth had surrendered itself more sweetly than she had intended. 'I am his sister!'.

'Which is precisely why he may wish to nuzzle your crotch, Harriet. Raise your legs and turn about. Lie down. You will be better accommodated thus'.

'No! I do not wish! Oh, what are you at!'

Having listened at the door by virtue of uncovering the peephole, Marie and Amy entered at that moment, having been apprised by Astrid that their services might be required. A merry tussle was ensuing on the couch, for Harriet proved stronger than Astrid had expected. Her cries rent the air upon finding herself placed fully on her back while Astrid held her shoulders.

'Remove her drawers, Marie, and take them down to your mistress!'.