Entering nervously and tentatively as he did, Ralph Cane absorbed the voluptuous vision of his daughter with the awed gaze of a man whose eyes are opened for the first time upon the world.

'Close the door and lock it! There is something you wish to ask me, Father?'.

'What... what... what has come about I do not understand, Astrid. Such a change has come over you as I fail... .'.

'Be silent! Come-come here, closer. This whip that I carry is no mere plaything but one that will scourge your buttocks if I wish it to. There are no questions to be answered nor none that may be put. Doff your jacket and place it down. Quickly, now!'.

'My dear, if you would but explain yourself, quavered her sire, who, despite all, felt a rich stirring of excitement in him at the imperious rising and falling of her breasts and the strong straddling of her thighs, the like of which he had not seen since the glorious days of his aunt's dominant postures. His coat falling, he made to retrieve it from the floor and then quickly stilled himself under Astrid's gaze.

'I to explain!', she said, moving her lips in a sneer, though inwardly her loins and belly rippled with pleasure. 'You, who would have deserted your daughters and left them bereft of their inheritance, deserve no explanations. It is but for you to henceforth obey', Astrid stormed, her eyes flashing in such a manner that he bowed his head. Thighs trembling, he felt the over-proud erection of his penis blatantly evidencing its rise through the cloth of his trousers in a manner that his jacket could no longer conceal. Through the fine gauze of Astrid's gown he could perceive the sharp perking of her nipples and the full brown aureoles of crinkled flesh that surrounded them. His knees felt weak and his mouth grew dry.

'I know not wh... what to say, my dear', he stammered.

'It is as well that you do not, Father. Your behaviour has been reprehensible in all respects. A sense of weakness and lack of purpose clouds the household. I propose to disperse it. To this end shall I henceforth rule. My dictates will become your wishes, unspoken as the latter must be. You will seek for nothing that I do not offer you, yet neither cruelty nor scorn are my intent. You have but to signal your total obedience to my commands and all shall be well. Kneel, Sir!'.

At that, her father sank to his knees with a groan, his nostrils twitching as he inhaled the subtle mixture of perfumes that emanated from her body. Smiling to herself, Astrid loosed the tie of her robe slowly and allowed the frail garment to flutter to the floor behind her, where it lay in a limp, black pool. Raising his head hesitantly then, he gazed with awe upon the proud, naked jutting of her breasts and such hints of delight as her sheathing drawers revealed.

'You may kiss my thighs', Astrid murmured distantly, moving full over him as she spoke and then once more placing her long, shapely legs firmly apart.

'Oh, my dear-my dearest!', croaked her father. Reaching his trembling hands up, he sought to clutch the backs of her thighs but received for the gesture a sharp swishing of the thongs across his back.

'No! You do not touch, Father! Lay your lips but once in homage to the skin of my thighs and then remain upright. Your cock is well up, I see, but it is not for the purpose of assuaging it that I have called you. There! It is done. I see well enough where your eyes are cast. It is for that purpose that I have retained my drawers. Up with you! Stand still!'

Scrambling to his feet and dizzy from the impress of her lips upon her smooth, velvety skin, Ralph Cane gazed upon his daughter with such a lust as he could scarce contain. Yet Astrid had judged him well by now. His downfall had come from the moment he had intruded upon her whipping of Patricia. Had he wished- and had she indeed been weaker-he might then have taken command. There were men who would have done, but Astrid knew in her heart they too could be finally quelled by a knowing woman who feared not to stride her true path. Watching him teeter slightly on his feet, she compressed her lips and moved in tigerish fashion around him, flicking contemptuously at his buttocks in a way that made him groan and flinch.

'I b... beg you, Astrid, dear!'.

'I have no doubt that you do, Father. There are treasures in your own house, are there not? Alas, you have come late in the discovery of them. Be wilful and you will receive nothing, for Patricia and Jemima are as tightly under my control as you. Do you not wish it so? Speak the truth!'

'Yes! Yes, Astrid'.

'A confession fully made at last, but I do not intend to doff my drawers in token of it, as you may be wishing. I mean not to spoil you, Papa. There will be certain pleasures for you, attendant on your obedience. Remove your clothing now and be not long about it. I wish to see this lustful equipment you are evidently intent on displaying to us'.

'Astrid, you shame me!'

'Far from shaming you, my dear, I excite you. Let us not bandy words. Show me your cock and balls upon this instant or I will truly whip you. Down with your trousers!'.

Mouth wobbling in amazement and cheeks flushed, her father hastened to obey, not failing to see that Astrid moved her hips alluringly as he displayed himself. Moist with perspiration, his hands trembled as he finally divested himself of his shut and stood naked, his penis pronging up his belly. Allowing her eyes to reply hotly to his, Astrid held the handle of the whip warningly against his buttocks and weighed his heavy balls in her palm though she deigned not to touch his cock, which quivered in an intensity of longing for her caress. Its girth and its length pleased her, full-veined and throbbing as it was. Again her hips moved sensuously, causing her father's hands to clench in abject longing. Yet, recalling vividly that his aunt had frequently so handled him, he remained still.

Astrid's voluptuous little movements were caused not, however, by desire but by the fact that she longed more and more to relieve herself. The tension in her thus grew, for the retaining of her bladder caused her a particular sensual pleasure such as she had experienced before his entry. Turning about and making every footstep measured so that her silk-sheathed bottom-cheeks surged and rolled deliberately, she reached the window and gazed for a long moment out of it in a seemingly pensive mood. With each second, the tension of desire grew in her, yet she sustained it. With each second, too, her waiting sire swayed upon his feet, feeling all at once foolish, lewd, and humbled as his soul had so often cried out for him to feel.

Glorious as a goddess, Astrid then turned and allowed him to drink in the jellied wobbling of her tits and the sensuous appeal of her thighs and hips. That he had somehow maintained his silence was to her liking. It boded well.

'Lie upon the bed, legs together and your arms at your sides', she commanded in the crispest of tones that brooked no refusal.

In that moment, perhaps, Ralph Cane thought that heaven was truly to be. As indeed it was, though not immediately in the manner around which his lustful thoughts raged. No sooner had he settled himself in the very centre of the bed than Astrid sprang. Coming full upon him, she parted her legs about his head and, facing his feet, splurged the cheeks of her knickered bottom full upon his face, bringing a grunt and a groan from her father as he sought vainly to suck in air. The melange of scents that now assailed his nostrils was truly divine. Astrid's perfume mingled with the musky aroma that exuded from her cunny while yet from between her squashing bottom-cheeks a different effluvia faintly tickled his nostrils.

Not moving at first as his groans sounded, Astrid then settled herself more firmly so that his nose thrust into the silk between her half-moons. Her hips stirred slightly, but not sufficiently to displace her. The tickling heat in her cunny was now growing apace and she knew she could not much longer withhold the call of Nature. Hearing his snorting increase, she lifted herself but half an inch to allow his lungs to suck in air and then descended her bottom majestically once more. The moment was nigh upon her and she comforted herself mischievously-but also with a heated blurring of desire-that her father well deserved that which he was about to receive.

Moving her hands up slowly, she first cupped the snowy globes of her breasts, savouring as might a lover the silky, heavy orbs before brushing her thumbs back and forth over her well-risen nipples. The muffled gasps that came from beneath her she ignored and but tightened the grip of her knees against his shoulders.


The name came silently and as in both greeting and homage to the one who had converted her to full womanhood. The surface of her belly rippled and her nostrils flared, her bottom-cheeks so tightening that they nipped the tip of her sire's nose.

Red-faced beneath, under the enclosing darkness of her bottom and with his prick pulsing madly under her dimmed gaze, Ralph Cane felt at first a slight trickle pass through the silk of her drawers and lave his mouth. At his spluttering then, Astrid smiled angelically. The sight of his wavering cock, with its swollen crest, no longer interested her but remained a distant image in her mind. She had begun to piss and the itching delight of trying to control it stirred her senses madly. Her bulbous bottom moved, squirming and rubbing over his nose, mouth, and cheeks. In the dressing table mirror that faced the end of the bed, Astrid could see only the upper half of her nubile figure, but it sufficed. Above all, she could see her own beautiful, glowing features and the poking of her stiff nipples, rosy brown through her slim fingers.

The moment was now-the moment of the male's complete submission to the victorious female.

'GURRRR!', Ralph croaked beneath her. Splashing, sparkling, and hissing, her golden rain inundated his face, flooding his nostrils and his mouth with an acrid sweetness that stung his skin. Had it not been for his own choking sounds, he might have heard from above him the contented humming of Astrid as she released herself fully and with total abandon until her drawers were as soaked as was her father's face.

'HAAAR!', she shuddered happily to herself and gave her splurging bottom a final, wet wriggle before daintily raising her hips and moving off the bed with the lightest of feline movements. Groping about blindly and sucking in both air and the golden tribute she had rained upon him, Ralph twisted all about and then made to rise, his palms sweeping madly across his thoroughly wetted face.

'Lie! I have not told you to rise!', Astrid snapped. She wanted now to come, but she did not intend to afford herself the pleasure in sight of him. Wriggling her soaked drawers down, and completely disregarding his presence, she dried herself thoroughly with a towel which, held between her thighs, covered herself as she then faced him.

'Go, Father', she intoned coldly, observing as she did so how fiercely his cock was standing.

'Oh, my God, Astrid, I will do anything!', he cried, rolling off the bed and casting himself at her feet, where his mouth slobbered over her shoes.

'You may be brought to, Father', she responded distantly, though the impress of his lips through the thin leather of her boots made her toes curl agreeably. It would be nice to have him suck her toes, she decided, but such a little treat could come later.

'Astrid! If you would but... .'.

'What?', she asked in a tone that might have cut paper. That he dare not reply directly she well knew. He sought, no doubt, to ask and therefore to speak the words of his desiring directly, but Astrid knew better than to offer even that distant satisfaction. 'Go! You have disgraced yourself sufficiently. Dress quickly for I wish to wash', she said curtly. Withdrawing her foot from beneath his slavering mouth, she turned and displayed her naked bottom to him boldly, the cheeks rich and full where they rolled in to form their deep and mysterious cleft.

'Astrid! Astrid! I would give anything!', he implored on his knees behind her.

Remaining perfectly still and within but a foot of him, Astrid permitted herself a smile that he could not see.

'Anything, Father? You will give everything!'. Her bottom-cheeks quivered and tightened as she spoke. 'It will not henceforth be in my nature to tell you anything twice. That I forgive you on this one occasion you may count as your good fortune for the day. What have I told you to do?'.

'To go... but I wish.... Ah, how may I express myself? I know you not and yet I know your better now than any other. Permit me to be humble in your presence, my darling'.

'Permit? I command it, you fool. You have a good cock, Father. It will be put to use. Remove yourself now or I shall summon Crissie'.

'Ah, you would dare to! I believe it! Give me but the grace to let me dress myself.

'The sooner the better, Father', Astrid replied languidly. Stepping forward, she seated herself at her dressing table and began brushing her hair, the movements of her arms bringing her tits to wobble and jiggle delightfully. He could not but see their alluring movements as he strove to dress, a task made the more difficult by the rampant stemming-up of his prick. Turning then about on her stool, though ever careful to keep the particular treasure between her thighs muffled from his view, Astrid surveyed him scornfully.

'Go to your room and then bathe, Father. You look utterly disgusting'.

'Yes, my dear. Pray, if you deign to call me again... .'.

'I may not do so for days. Be mindful of your ways, Papa. Such pleasures as I may finally see to it that you are accorded will be not of a wanton nature. You are here to serve. The more you accustom yourself to the idea the better it will be for you. Were I to call Patricia in now and disrobe her, what would you do? Speak quickly!'.

'N... n... nothing, my pet, save at your bidding'.

'Excellent! You appear to have imbibed something at least of what I have said. She has a sumptuous bottom has she not?-and quite delicious thighs. You will dwell not upon such thoughts, however, but the severity of my attitudes should I find your behaviour at any time remiss. All affairs of household, moreover, are now fully in my hands. That is understood?'.

'Yes, my love, exactly, precisely'.

'Good. You may count yourself fortunate that matters have changed. The days of our dull lives are over. What think you of Crissie? Is she not a pretty wench?'.

'Eh? What? Crissie? Ah, yes!'.

Swinging about once more in a manner that permitted her sire a dazzling but lightning view of her pouting cunny, Astrid addressed herself once more to her own reflection.

'I shall put her to you tonight, Father. You have pleased me more than you think, though judge that not as praise but as a mere commendation which in any event I may withdraw upon my whim. You will be brought to her-not she to you. Go now', Astrid repeated yet again, her tone becoming so sharp that in but a moment the door had opened and closed and she was left once more alone. Rising and casting on her robe again, she summoned Crissie.

'Have John come to me!'.

'Yes, Miss, on the instant!'

No sooner had the maid vanished than Patricia hesitantly appeared, knocking first with great timidity. Her cheeks were pink, her lips parted.

'Dear Papa is utterly wet! What has come about? He gazed at me most furtively and then vanished into his room', Patricia exclaimed.

Astrid sighed. 'It is not given to you, Patricia, to ask questions. It is I who will inform you, if the mood takes me. Let us say that Papa has partaken of the waters and will not be seen again until dinner. Run a bath for me, dear. I intend to go out later'.

'Where, Astrid? May I come?', Patricia asked, again forgetting all that she was told about putting questions.

'You may not. You may, however, amuse yourself in my absence by instilling a little further education into our darling Jemima. The sweet child is quite bubbling for experience, but she must be taught a little more before she has it-as must you, Patricia'.

'B... b... but, I know not what to do. I wish not to chastise her'.

'Of course not. Why should you wish such a thing?', asked Astrid coldly. A tap sounded outside the door which made her toss her head in annoyance that any interruption should intrude upon her discourses. 'In a MOMENT, John!', she called and then turned her attention once more upon Patricia. 'There will be a little sport tonight, Patricia, after I return, late though the hour may be. Crissie is to have a good, thick prick sheathed in her cunny. It will do her a world of good. I may ask you to attend upon it'.

'Oh! But who? I mean, that is to say-oh!'

'Really, dear, you sound exactly like Papa. Would that I put you to it instead'.

'D... d... d... I don't know!'

'You will know soon enough, pet, and may take good fortune there from. The veils of modesty within and without you are not completely broken. When they are, I believe you will be as lustful a wench as any. Do you like being called that? A wench?', Astrid laughed merrily and kissed her solemn-looking sister on the mouth. At that, Patricia tried to gather herself, for she wished now above all to be as Astrid was.

'I would like to do it again, yes', she said boldly.

At that, Astrid laughed again and ruffled her sister's hair. 'That is to the good then, though I believe I may have to tie you up still. Papa is quite fervent to put his cock into your nest'.

'Oh!', exclaimed Patricia and rushed from the room, quite forgetting her attempts at self-possessiveness and all but knocking the waiting valet over in her passing.

Summoned then within, John's eyes literally gloated over the erotic spectacle that his lightly clothed mistress presented. Even so he knew better by now than to do anything but stand in a position of humble waiting.

'Do you know how to open windows, John?'.

'Eh, Miss. To effect an entry, as they say? Warrant I do. It takes but a thin knife blade and a bit of caution and then... .'.

'That will do, John. Secure such a knife, or rather two, in case one becomes broken. Dinner will be taken an hour early tonight. Tell cook'.

'Yes, Miss, but what am I to do with the knife?'.

'Bring it with you, you fool. You are coming out with me after dinner!'