The next morning there was a note from Flossie asking me to come as soon as possible after receiving it.

I hurried to the flat and found Flossie awaiting me, and in one of her most enchanting moods. It was Eva's birthday, as I was now informed for the first time, and to do honour to the occasion, Flossie had put on a costume in which she was to sell flowers at a fancy bazaar a few days later. It consisted of a white tam-o'-shanter cap with a straight
upstanding feather-a shirt of the thinnest and gauziest white silk falling open at the throat and having a wide sailor collar-a broad lemon-coloured sash, a very short muslin skirt, lemon-coloured silk stockings and high-heeled brown shoes. At the opening of the shirt, a bunch of flame-coloured roses nestled between the glorious breasts, to
the outlines of which all possible prominence was given by the softly clinging material. As she stood waiting to hear my verdict, her red lips slightly parted, a rosy flush upon her cheeks, and love and laughter beaming from the radiant eyes, the magic of her youth and beauty seemed to weave a fresh spell around my heart, and a torrent of passionate words burst from my lips as I strained the lithe young form
to my breast and rained kisses upon her hair, her eyes, her cheeks and mouth.

She took my hand in her hand and quietly led me to my favourite chair, and then seating herself on my knee, nestled her face against my cheek and said:

'Oh, Jack, Jack, my darling boy, how can you possibly love me like that!' The sweet voice trembled and a tear or two dropped softly from the violet eyes whilst an arm stole round my neck and red lips were pressed in a long intoxicating kiss upon my mouth.

We sat thus for some time when Flossie jumped from my knee, and said:

'We are forgetting all about Eva. Come in to her room and see what I have done.'

We went hand in hand into the bedroom and found Eva still asleep.

On the chairs were laid her dainty garments, to which Flossie silently drew my attention. All along the upper edge of the chemise and corset, round the frills of the drawers and the hem of the petticoat, Flossie had sewn a narrow chain of tiny pink and white rosebuds, as a birthday
surprise for her friend. I laughed noiselessly, and kissed her hand in token of my appreciation of the charming fancy.

'Now for Eva's birthday treat,' whispered Flossie in my ear. 'Go over into that corner and undress yourself as quietly as you can. I will help you.'

Flossie's 'help' consisted chiefly in the use of sundry wiles to induce an erection. As these included the slow frigging in which she was such an adept, as well as the application of her rosy mouth and active tongue to every part of my prick, the desired result was rapidly obtained.

'Now, Jack, you are going to have Eva whilst I look on. Some day, my turn will come, and I want to see exactly how to give you the greatest possible amount of pleasure. Come and stand here by me, and we'll Wake her up.'

We passed round the bed and stood in front of Eva, who still slept on unconscious.

'Ahem!' from Flossie.

The sleeping figure turned lazily. The eyes unclosed and fell upon the picture of Flossie in her flower-girl's dress, standing a little behind me and, with her right hand passed in front of me, vigorously frigging my erected yard, whilst the fingers of the other glided with a softly caressing motion over and under the attendant balls.

Eva jumped up, flung off her nightdress and crying to Flossie, 'Don't leave go! 'fell on her knees, seized my prick in her mouth and thrust her hand under Flossie's petticoats. The latter, obeying Eva's cry, continued to frig me deliciously from behind, whilst Eva furiously sucked the nut and upper part, and passing her disengaged hand round my bottom, caused me a new and exquisite enjoyment by inserting a dainty finger into the aperture thus brought within her reach. Flossie now drew close up to me and I could feel the swelling breasts in their thin silken
covering pressed against my naked back, whilst her hand quickened its maddeningly provoking motion upon my prick and Eva's tongue pursued its enchanted course with increasing ardour and many luscious convolutions. Feeling I was about to spend, Flossie slipped her hand further down towards the root so as to give room for Eva's mouth
to engulf almost the whole yard, a hint which the latter was quick to take, for her lips at once pressed close down to Flossie's fingers and with my hands behind my fair gamahucher's neck, I poured my very soul into her waiting and willing throat.

During the interval which followed, I offered my congratulations to Eva and told her how sorry I was not to have known of her birthday before, so that I might have presented a humble gift of some sort. She hastened to assure me that nothing in the world, that I could have
brought, would be more welcome than what I had just given her! Eva had not yet seen her decorated underclothes and these were now displayed by Flossie with countless merry jokes and quaint remarks.

The pretty thought was highly appreciated and nothing would do but our dressing Eva in the flowery garments. When this was done, Flossie suggested a can-can, and the three of us danced a wild pas-de-trois until the breath was almost out of our bodies. As we lay panting in various unstudied attitudes of exhaustion, a ring was heard at the door and Flossie, who was the only presentable one of the party went out to answer the summons. She came back in a minute with an enormous basket of Neapolitan violets. Upon our exclaiming at this extravagance Flossie gravely delivered herself of the following statement:

'Though not in a position for the moment to furnish chapter and verse, I am able to state with conviction that in periods from which we are only separated by some twenty centuries or so, it was customary for ladies and gentlemen of the time to meet and discuss the business of pleasure of the hour without the encumbrance of clothes upon their bodies. The
absence of arriere-pensee shown by this commendable practice might lead the superficial to conclude that these discussions led to no practical results. Nothing could be further from the truth. The interviews were invariably held upon a Bank of Violets (so the old writers tell us), and at a certain point in the proceedings, the lady would fall back upon this bank with her legs spread open at the then
equivalent to an angle of forty-five. The gentleman would thereupon take in his right (or dexter) hand the instrument which our modern brevity of speech has taught us to call his prick. This, with some trifling assistance on her part, he would introduce into what the same latterday rage for conciseness of expression leaves us powerless to describe
otherwise than as her cunt. On my right we have the modern type of the lady, on my left, that of the gentleman. In the middle, the next best thing to a bank of violets. Ha! you take me at last! Now I'm going to put them all over the bed, and when I'm ready, you, Eva, will kindly oblige
by depositing your snowy bottom in the middle, opening your legs and admitting Mr. Jack to the proper position between them.'

While delivering this amazing oration, Flossie had gradually stripped herself entirely naked. We both watched her movements in silent admiration as she strewed the bed from end to end with the fragrant blossoms, which filled the room with their delightful perfume. When all was ready, she beckoned to Eva to lay herself on the bed, whispering to her, though not so low but that I could hear.

'Imagine you are Danae. I'll trouble you for the size of Jupiter's prick! Just look at it!'-then much lower, but still audibly-'You're going to be fucked, Eva darling, jolly well fucked! And I'm going to see you- Lovely!'

The rose-edged chemise and drawers were once more laid aside and the heroine of the day stretched herself voluptuously on the heapedup flowers, which sent forth fresh streams of fragrance in response to the pressure of the girl's naked body.

'Ah, a happy thought!' cried Flossie. 'If you would lie across the bed with your legs hanging down, and Jack wouldn't mind standing up to his work, I think I could be of some assistance to you both.'

The change was quickly made, a couple of pillows were slipped under Eva's head, and Flossie, kneeling across the other's face, submitted her cunt to be gamahuched by her friend's tongue which at once darted amorously to its place within the vulva. Flossie returned the salutation for a moment and then resting her chin upon the point just above Eva's clitoris, called me to 'come on'. I placed myself in position and was about to storm the breach when Flossie found the near proximity of my yard to be too much for her feelings and begged to be allowed to gamahuche me for a minute.

'After that, I'll be quite good,' she added to Eva, 'and will only watch.'

Needless to say I made no objection. The result, as was the case with most of Flossie's actions, was increased pleasure to everybody concerned and to Eva as much as anyone inasmuch as the divine sucking of Flossie's rosy lips and lustful tongue produced a sensible hardening and lengthening of my excited member.

After performing this delightful service, she was for moving away, but sounds of dissent were heard from Eva, who flung her arms round Flossie's thighs and drew her cunt down in closer contact with the caressing mouth.

From my exalted position, I could see all that was going on and this added enormously to the sensations I began to experience when Flossie, handling my yard with deft fingers, dropped a final kiss upon the nut, and then guided it to the now impatient goal. With eyes lit up with interest and delight, she watched it disappear with the soft red lips whose movements she was near enough to follow closely. Under these conditions, I found myself fucking Eva with unusual vigour and penetration, whilst she, on her part, returned my strokes with powerful thrusts of her bottom and exquisitely pleasurable contractions of her cunt upon my prick.

Flossie, taking in all this with eager eyes, became madly excited, and at last sprang from her kneeling position on the bed, and taking advantage of an outward motion of my body, bent down between us, and pushing the point of her tongue under Eva's clitoris, insisted on my finishing the performance with this charming incentive added. Its
effect upon both Eva and myself was electric, and as her clitoris and my prick shared equally in the contact of the tongue, we were not long in bringing the entertainment to an eminently satisfactory conclusion.

The next item in the birthday programme was the exhibition of half a dozen cleverly executed pen and ink sketches-Flossie's gift to Evashowing the three of us in attitudes not to be found in the illustrations of the 'Young Ladies Journal'. A discussion arose as to whether Flossie
had not been somewhat flattering to the longitudinal dimensions of the present writer's member. She declared that the proportions were 'according to Cocker'-obviously, as she wittily said, the highest authority on the question.

'Anyhow, I'm going to take measurements and then you'll see I'm right! In the picture the length of Jack's prick is exactly one-third of the distance from his chin to his navel. Now measuring the real article- Hello! I say, Evie, what have you done to him!'

In point of fact, the object under discussion was feeling the effects of his recent exercise and had dropped to a partially recumbent attitude.

Eva, who was watching the proceedings with an air of intense amusement called out:


'Take it between your breasts, Flossie; you will see the difference then!'

The mere prospect of such a lodging imparted a certain amount of vigour to Monsieur Jacques, who was thereupon introduced into the delicious cleft of Flossie's adorable bosom, and in rapture at the touch of the soft flesh on either side of him, at once began to assume more satisfactory proportions.

'But he's not up to his full height yet,' said Flossie. 'Come and help me, Evie dear; stand behind Jack and frig him whilst I gamahuche him in front. That's the way to get him up to conceit pitch! When I feel him long and stiff enough in my mouth, I'll get up and take his measure.'

The success of Flossie's plan was immediate and complete, and when the measurements were made, the proportions were found to be exactly twenty-one and seven inches respectively, whilst in the drawing they were three inches to one inch. Flossie proceeded to execute a wild war-dance of triumph over this signal vindication of her accuracy, winding up by insisting on my carrying her pick-a-back
round the flat. Her enjoyment of this ride was unbounded, as also was mine, for besides the pleasure arising from the close contact of her charming body, she contrived to administer a delicious friction to my member with the calves of her naked legs.

On our return to the bedroom, Eva was sitting on the edge of the low divan.

'Bring her to me here,' she cried.

I easily divined what was wanted, and carrying my precious burden across the room, I faced round with my back to Eva. In the sloping glass to the left, I could see her face disappear between the white rounded buttocks, at the same moment that her right hand moved in front of me
and grasped my yard which it frigged with incomparable tenderness and skill. This operation was eagerly watched by Flossie over my shoulder, while she clung to me with arms and legs and rubbed herself against my loins with soft undulating motions like an amorous kitten, the parting lips of her cunt kissing my back and her every action
testifying to the delight with which she was receiving the attentions of Eva's tongue upon the neighbouring spot.

My feelings were now rapidly passing beyond my control, and I had to implore Eva to remove her hand, whereupon Flossie, realizing the state of affairs, jumped down from her perch, and burying my prick in her sweet mouth, sucked and frigged me in such a frenzy of desire that she had very soon drawn from me the last drop I had to give her.

A short period of calm ensued after this last ebullition, but Flossie was in too mad a mood today to remain long quiescent.

'Eva,' she suddenly cried, 'I believe I am as tall as you nowadays, and I am quite sure my breasts are as large as yours. I'm going to measure and see!'

After Eva's height had been found to be only a short inch above Flossie's, the latter proceeded to take the most careful and scientific measurements of the breasts. First came the circumference, then the diameter over the nipples, then the diameter omitting the nipples, then the distance from the nipple to the upper and lower edges of the hemispheres, and so on. No dry as dust old savant, staking his reputation upon an absolutely accurate calculation of the earth's
surface, could have carried out his task with more ineffable solemnity than did this merry child who, one knew, was all the time secretly bubbling over with the fun of her quaint conceit.

The result was admitted to be what Flossie called it-'a moral victory' for herself, inasmuch as half a square inch, or as Flossie declared, 'fifteen thirty-two-ths, 'was all the superiority of area that Eva could boast.

'There's one other measurement I should like to have taken,' said Eva, 'because in spite of my ten years de plus and the fact that my cunt is not altogether a stranger to the joys of being fucked, I believe that Flossie would win that race, and I should like her to have one out of three!'

'Lovely!' cried Flossie. 'But Jack must be the judge. Here's the tape, Jack: fire away. Now, Evie, come and lie beside me on the edge of the bed, open your legs, and swear to abide by the verdict!'

After a few minutes fumbling with the tape and close inspection of the parts in dispute, I retired to a table and wrote down the following, which I pinned against the window curtain.

'Letchford v. Eversley
In compliance with your instructions I have this day surveyed the private premises belonging to the above parties, and have now the honour to submit the following report, plan, and measurements.

As will be seen from the plan, Miss Letchford's cunt is exactly 3 1/16 inches from the underside of clitoris to the base of vulva. Miss Eversley's cunt, adopting the same line of measurement, gives 3 5/8 inches.

I may add that the premises appear to me to be thoroughly desirable in both cases, and to a good, upright and painstaking tenant would afford equally pleasant accommodation in spring, summer, autumn or

A small but well-wooded covert is attached to each, whilst an admirable dairy is in convenient proximity.

With reference to the Eversley property, I am informed that it has not yet been occupied, but in view of its size and beauty, and the undoubted charms of the surrounding country, I confidently anticipate that a permanent and satisfactory tenant (such as I have ventured to describe above), will very shortly be found for it. My opinion of its
advantages as a place of residence may, indeed, be gathered from the fact that I am greatly disposed to make an offer in my own person.

Yours faithfully,
J Archer

 As the two girls stood with their hands behind their backs reading my ultimatum, Flossie laughed uproariously, but I noticed that Eva looked grave and thoughtful.

Had I written anything that annoyed her? I could hardly think so, but while I was meditating on the possibility, half resolved to put it to the test by a simple question, Eva took Flossie and myself by the hand, led us to the sofa and sitting down between us, said:

'Listen to me, you two dears! You, Flossie, are my chosen darling, and most beloved little friend. You, Jack, are Flossie's lover, and for her sake as well as for your own, I have the greatest affection for you. You both know all this. Well, I have not the heart to keep you from one another any longer. Flossie, dear, I hereby absolve you from your
promise to me. Jack, you have behaved like a brick, as you are. Come here tomorrow at your usual time and I think we shall be able to agree upon a tenant for the Eversley property".'

This is not a novel of sentiment, and a description of what followed would therefore be out of place. Enough to say that after one wild irrepressible shriek of joy and gratitude from Flossie, the conversation took a sober and serious turn, and soon afterwards we parted for the day.