The hon. Ralph Cane, M.P., gazed sombrely about his study, which he meant frequently to tidy up but never did. No servants were permitted to enter this particular domain, for here within he guarded secrets that were to be seen by no eyes other than his own. In his duties as a Member of Parliament, he was naturally privy to State papers and memoranda of a confidential nature that even his departed wife had never gazed upon. More importantly for him, she had certainly never settled her eyes upon a most interesting collection of books, which he had acquired in London's Holywell Street during his various visits there. They included such niceties as Miss Coote's Confession, The Rod, Venus in the Country, and Pretty Little Games.

Such erotic delicacies, enlivened as some were by coloured plates, amused him from time to time. But like many secret seekers after pleasure, Ralph Cane had never quite obtained what he most wanted, despite his urgent seekings among the shelves of bookshops of ill repute. For while he presented a manly aspect to the world and was still reasonably firm of form in his maturing years, the deserted father of Astrid hungered for experiences he had never enjoyed since his late youth.

Then it was that he had first been whipped by his Aunt Claudia, who prided herself somewhat on the taming of would-be boisterous young men. Enjoying as he had been a summer holiday on his aunt's estate, Ralph had indeed been boisterous to such an extent that he had upped the skirts of several of the farm girls, had fondled their cunts, seen their naked bottoms, and given himself many an erection thereby. Curiously enough-as had often occurred to him then and since-he had sought not to fuck them but rather to observe such underwear as they wore and to thrill to the shapeliness of the bottoms and thighs that the raising of their skirts revealed.

It was in such a moment, close to one of the cowsheds, that his aunt had come upon him feasting his eyes upon a particularly fulsome quim of a young woman whom he had paid five shillings to see it. Her skirt and her chemise, as well as her boots were, however, exceedingly grubby. And though his cock had stirred up well, it did not then present the proud proportions that, unknown to Ralph, it was soon to do.

The farm girl, shrieking, had run off, while Ralph had stood hot-cheeked in the face of discovery by his aunt, who wore a black riding outfit and somewhat menacingly, as it seemed to him, carried a silver-handled crop. Expecting her to upbraid him then and there, his momentary relief dwindled into apprehension when he was told briefly to follow her into the house, being bidden at the same time to walk three paces behind her. This, as it happened, gave Ralph more tune and opportunity than he had ever had before to observe the rolling of his aunt's bottom-cheeks, which were rather closely sheathed by her skirt, fashionably designed to pay homage to her posterior. Perspiring not a little, he could almost feel the heavenly weight of those firmly jellied hemispheres, which displayed themselves so boldly with each sway of her hips.

Consequently, and to his increased dismay, Ralph's cock was well up and prodding through his trousers upon entry to the house, where he was led silently up to his aunt's boudoir and his condition fully seen. Causing him to stand still while removing her gloves and a rather fetching tricorne hat she had worn while riding, his aunt took up the crop again in a manner that made Ralph blench and start.

'Remove your boots, your socks, and your trousers, and bend over the bed, Sir!', she proclaimed. He was in such a dither to obey her that he quite forgot the rampant display of his upstanding penis, which in a trice was revealed to her in all nakedness. Such a lewd display appeared not however to dismay her. Rather, she caused him to tuck his skirt up farther so that, to Ralph's mingled embarrassment and excitement, his most virile possession was totally on show. Indeed, she stood before him, examining it quizzically for a moment and then licking her lips before motioning him to the bed. There bending, Ralph offered his naked buttocks to her.

In the moments that followed, Ralph remembered little other at first than that the crop was slinging him so mightily that his yelps might well have been heard in the servants' hall had he not been sternly bid to quiet himself. His bottom reddened by a dozen quick, smart strokes, of which both nether cheeks took the full impact, Ralph howled more softly and bit his knuckles, not unaware meanwhile that his cock was throbbing all the more.

'Turn about now, Sir, and kneel!', commanded his aunt, who, in consequence, stood majestically above him as he acceded with sobs to the humble position. Finding no words to excuse himself he could say nothing and wondered what next was to happen.

Not long was Ralph kept in ignorance. Of a sudden he felt a flurry of his aunt's long, black pleated skirt as it was drawn up. Before his bemused and heated eyes appeared the full majesty of her silk-sheathed legs, banded at the thighs by resetted garters, which bit into the fulsome columns of ivory. Scarce had he had time to absorb this pulse-beating view than the selfsame skirt descended over his head, enveloping him in darkness and yet also in a haven of mingling scents such as made his senses reel. Covered right down to his burning buttocks by the long fall of her skirt, his ears were clipped between her thighs. A musky odour assailed his nostrils. The crotch of her silk drawers brushed his nose. No word being uttered, his aunt's hand then pressed the hidden bulge of his head upwards until in pure ecstasy Ralph felt his mouth rammed against her silk-sheathed cunt.

'Lick, you little beast, is that not what you want?', she hissed, ramming his mouth in farther so that his lips splurged against those of her slit through the thin material. Having oozed her secretions there during the bouncing heat of riding, she gave him much to taste- so much so that Ralph grew heady and dizzy and all but fainted in the joy of it. Gone were the grubby chemises of the farm girls and their often mud-spattered bottoms, for few wore any drawers. Here he was in a veritable haven of delights, of fresh linen, of sheer silk stockings, of a soft, spotless chemise, that fell about his face as did her skirt. Above all, and with all, he was able to lick and inhale the exquisite, pungent odours that emanated from her. Licking amorously, he felt her large, firm bottom quiver, the vast cheeks tightening as a spasm shook her and her fine, salty rain of pleasure filtered slowly through the silk to ooze upon his tongue.

Then suddenly came daylight as again she raised her skirt and so nudged him with her booted foot that Ralph fell backwards with a cry of anguish and dismay that so soon had he been robbed of the hidden treasures.

'Up with you, on your back, on the bed-lie over the edge!', she hissed.

Quite uncomprehending, Ralph scuffled up to obey, his cock waggling fiercely. Nor would she have it that he might settle himself comfortably. He was to poise indeed on the small of his back so that his bare buttocks protruded over the edge, and he was forced to support himself in great part by the pressure of his feet on the floor, a posture he found most uncomfortable since there was naught but air to rest his bottom on.

Thus did he stay, his hot-flushed eyes staring wildly up at the ceiling, towards which his cock also pointed. While he did so, his aunt, moving to the other side of the bed out of sight of him, divested herself of all save her waist corset, her stockings, and boots. Being of above medium stature, she presented to Ralph's gaze a figure of statuesque glory upon appearing once more before him. The glimpses he had up to now had of girl's bottoms, cunts, and thighs were as nothing to the mature, ripe curves his aunt presented to him. Her slit, being particularly hairy, had a bush that sprouted boldly upon the plump curving of her mount while her pale breasts, adorned with two ruby nipples, jiggled like blancmanges. Having already experienced the clamping of her thighs, Ralph knew their majestic fullness well, the rich creamy columns flowing up on their outer surfaces to blend into the firm rump of her bottom and the weighty flowing of her hips.

'You will remain still, arms at your sides!', she breathed, whereupon, spreading her thighs, she drew them up on either side of his own and so positioned her avid bower that but a second sufficed to take and position Ralph's prick. A gasp escaped his lips upon feeling his knob brushed against her waiting cuntlips, for he had never known such a thing before. Disregarding his fleeting expressions completely, and being minded only to pleasure herself, his aunt steadied herself by placing the tips of her fingers on either side of his hips, and then she lowered her humid honey pot down around his prick.

Ralph remembered forever that first ride she had taken upon him, exhorting him fiercely not to move his arms and to control the shooting of his sperm until she bid him release it. This, of course, Ralph was quite unable to do the first time and so suffered for his sins by receiving afterwards a fierce bottom-smacking from her hand for having released his juices even as she was about to come for the first time.

'Little beast, little beast-you will learn to obey!', she had admonished him during his spanking while he howled and cried with his cock still dripping. Thrice weekly after that for the rest of his holiday Ralph was called to his aunt's room. Not always did she crop or spank him, though he was never sure when she would and so was ever kept on tenterhooks. Sometimes, having brought him to strip and having erected his cock, she would tie a cord about it and lead him all about the boudoir until she deemed him ready to service her. Thus did he enjoy some momentously splendid fucks, sometimes even being allowed to approach her from the rear and so engage his cock in her slit that way. This he delighted in, for his aunt's big bottom-cheeks would smack juicily against his belly, though he ever had to guard himself against injecting his sperm before being told to.

Thus Ralph came to the knowledge that women were Nature's most glorious creatures and ever to be obeyed. Even so, it puzzled him greatly that his aunt toyed also with her female slaves, among whom were counted two of the prettiest farm girls who had never let him raise their skirts. Therefore it seemed to him that while all women were glorious and commanding, some were more so than others. But all were to be venerated. This, however, he had never been able to convey to his departed wife, who had scorned him as a weakling and seemingly not even fit to be put into slavery to her.

As to his daughters, Jemima and Patricia, it seemed to Ralph as though they inhabited a different world. Of occasion he had wondered what might happen if he birched or spanked them, though he could not imagine such a thing, for in some ways it seemed a desecration. At other moments he longed to see beneath their skirts, particularly that of Patricia, who was nigh on nineteen now and as fulsome and curvaceous of form as any man could wish. Long had his eyes dwelt furtively on the slenderness of her waist, the promising curves of her hips, the protrusion of her breasts, and the impudent thrust of her bottom. Jemima, on the other hand, was but sixteen yet possessed already such a cherubic figure as sometimes made his cock stir guiltily.

Alas, thought he, that he had not been able to engage with his aunt for longer, for he would have learned more of the secret ways of the world. Several times she had bound him tightly with cords and made him lie beside her naked body all night, his cock fiercely prodding up the sheet. Yet he was unable to move limb or muscle until his aching arms and legs were freed, though that was seldom before morning.

'Such exercises are good for you', his aunt would say simply. 'They help to fire your loins and to teach you humbleness'.

To return to such a world, Ralph ever yearned, and he fretted much that the licentious volumes he obtained-while often including merry tales of birchings and such-gave him no instruction upon that which he most sought. Might a man bind a woman for his pleasure? The idea frequently distracted and taunted him. It would be devilish wrong yet great fun to do so, though he might be punished for it afterwards. That it was the punishment he sought, he had no doubt, though, like many, he found it hard to confess it to himself.

Now his musings and memories interrupted as a knock came upon the study door.

'Come in', he mumbled ungraciously, not wishing to be disturbed at all. He found himself in the presence of Patricia, who looked at her most desirable in a cream summer dress prettily adorned with blue ribbons.

'Papa, shall Astrid be long in returning?'.

'A few days, my dear-a week, perhaps-I know not. Do you then fret for her?'.

'Oh, no, Papa, not especially, for it will be a short time, will it not? I came only to enquire of news of her. Shall you be down soon?'.

'I think not, for I have much work to do', sighed her father, who found himself seeking solitude more and more.

'Very well, dear Papa, then we shall see you at dinner', enjoined Patricia, who in turning away wore upon her lips a most secretive smile. Whether her papa stayed in the study or not she did not normally care a jot, but on this occasion she had reason for seeking a privacy that he would not interrupt. Unchaperoned as she had been of late in her mother's absence, Patricia had made the acquaintance at an afternoon reception of a gentleman she much fancied, for his tastes, though a trifle peculiar, suited her livesome nature. Hands trembling not a little with excitement, she made her way unseen into the garden and from there to a rustic hut her father had once had caused to erect on the edge of a neighbouring field.

This being the place she had chosen for a secret tryst, Patricia hastened there as well as the sweeping folds of her dress would allow and was delighted to see that the door stood ajar, thus betokening that her in amorato had already arrived. Her heart somewhat in her mouth, she entered and found him sitting there, smoking a cigar and waiting.

Major Hopstone, as he was known, was a much-travelled man who could engage ladies by the dozen with accounts of his military and other adventures in India and elsewhere. It was the 'other' adventures that particularly intrigued Patricia, for he had spoken to her rather boldly of them already and had considerably stirred her senses. So much so that, although twenty-five years of age divided them, she felt more womanly than ever before in his presence.

Rising gravely, the Major bowed and kissed her hand. The hut was a poor enough place, containing only a table, two chairs, and an old couch. Yet it seemed to both to suit the mysteriousness of their tryst, as did the dim light within.

'What shall I recount to you then today, my dear?', asked he jovially.

'Oh, I know not, for I blush to hear much of it', replied Patricia coyly. 'I am much shyer, I fear, than those dusky maidens of whom you have spoken. Much that you have told me is indeed so strange that it is plain to me it could never happen in England. Oh, but do not look at me when you speak or I shall blush!', 'For that, my dear, there is a most intriguing cure', averred the Major. 'Will you permit me to show it to you?'.

'I know not. What is it?', flustered Patricia, who had seated herself at the small table. Tray, Sir, what are you at?'.

'This, my pet, is but an ordinary handkerchief, though being of a dark colour it serves the purpose well. I place it so about your eyes and then tie a knot behind your pretty head. Enclosing you as it does in darkness, you have no other eyes to meet and thus have no conscience in the matter'.

'But I cannot see! Ah, what are you doing now!'

'Furthering your education, Patricia. A little lifting of your skirt suffices to display your beautiful limbs. No, my dear, you must not struggle or it will spoil the game. I mean not to harm you but merely to titillate. Now- what was it you wished me to tell you?'.

'How you have uncovered me! For shame-no one save my sisters have ever seen my thighs before! Ah! I cannot pull my skirt back down-you have tucked it too tightly under my bottom. No! AH! What are you doing with my hands!'.

Tying them behind the back of the chair, as well you can feel. The cord hurts you not? I trust it does not', murmured the Major solicitously while surveying Patricia's long, slender legs with considerable pleasure. Her stockings being of white silk gave her an air of added purity while the sauciness of her frilly white drawers drew his pecker to a fine stand. Adorning all at the very tops of her taut stockings were pink, rosette garters which he longed to twang with his fingers but decided to wait upon it.

'Let me go! What have you done to me!', Patricia moaned, though in truth she felt no real fear, only a trickling apprehension that something very wicked was to take place. What it would be she had little idea, for her knowledge about such matters was as yet somewhat rudimentary, as befits some well brought up young ladies.

'I told you, did I not, of Semira', replied the Major, who drew his chair up closer to hers while Patricia rather wildly pressed her elegant legs together. 'You have no cause to blush now at my recital, for you cannot see me and hence may well pretend that you are in hiding and overhearing a conversation. Neither can you fidget since your hands are tied behind you. No-pray, do not interrupt or you will spoil the narrative. As I recall, you much enjoyed my introduction to it on our last encounter. Semira, who lived in Delhi, was but a year older than yourself yet she obtained the wisdom of the ages in all matters appertaining to the amorous delights of men and women. Her body, my dear Patricia, was a pure symphony of curves just as your own is. Her tits were high-placed and firm and her bottom as round as an apple.

No doubt yours will prove the same and mayhap superior even, but we have yet to come to them'.

'Oh! But... OH! Take your hand away!'

Rising from his chair and lifting her chin, the Major had planted a single kiss firmly upon her mouth while at the same time levering her thighs apart to permit him to cup the warm nest of her quim through her drawers. To this, Patricia squealed and struggled, the colour rising high in her cheeks.

'You dare, Sir, oh, you dare!'

'Dare indeed I shall, my pet, if you interrupt me further. What a lovely warm, furry cunt you have under your drawers', chuckled he, returning to his chair. 'Now I shall proceed for you are well warned. Semira was such a one as you in the beginning. Wearing as she did a sari with precious little beneath, she was quickly denuded. This of course occurred in my bungalow, to which I had enticed her. What glittering earrings she wore and what a richness of gold bangles! Deliciously indeed did they compliment the dusky hue of her skin. Her nipples were finely pointed, her muff jet black and forming a perfect triangle at the base of her belly. The cheeks of her adorable bottom were as proudly jutting and as velvety to the touch as the skin of a peach. Being held as she was by my servants... .'.

'No! I do not wish to hear-this is too naughty! AAAARGH!'.

With a shrill cry of alarm, Patricia felt the crotch of her drawers being fumbled aside by the Major's ready hand. In so doing, he uncovered a fine fluff of dark curls and the upper part of her slit.

'Do-oh-on't!', she moaned, while his fingertip gently foraged between her juicy lovelips.

'I have warned you, Patricia. On the next occasion- the slightest interruption save if you wish to ask a question-I shall have your drawers off, my girl. Listen closely now. I, believing Semira to be but an ordinary albeit lovely nubile girl fit only to be mounted, knew little of her ways, as shall be seen. Hence you may feel yourself privileged to hear this narrative, for I have told it to no other. While then she was being held in her seductive state of nakedness, I prepared myself for the divine assault by stripping off my clothes and presenting my stiff pego to her outraged eyes. With what lightning and fire they flashed! Her cries rent the roof, struggling as she was against the arms of my two female servants, whom I had paid well for this moment. Her legs, twisting this way and that, served only to excite my senses. Her belly button was twinkling, her silky belly rippling, and the lips of her quim became visible in her squirmings.

'Commanding that she should be placed down on the carpet with a cushion beneath the small of her back to raise her belly up, I fell to my knees while she was so held. Her nails would have clawed me had they been disengaged, and well I knew it. Lusting upon the blissful moment, I sank upon her delicious form and inserted the crest of my charger in her dell. What further screams she then uttered! All was as velvet within. Inch by inch my cock inserted itself, ever driving upwards until all was firmly ensconced and my balls nestled warmly beneath her bottom. The wild arching of her back and the twisting of her arms which were held back behind her by my servants served only to increase my desire to empty my plunger in her pot and then again repeat the operation. Holding her thighs flat down with the palms of my hands I began to piston my prick, very slowly, of course, for I wished to give her the pleasure of it... .'.

'But you did not!', sneered suddenly a female voice from behind him, which caused him to start up so suddenly that his chair fell back while Patricia uttered a rending scream.

'Julia!', stammered the Major, whose face had first gone beetroot and had then paled.

'Indeed, yes. I followed you here, and not for the first time. Have I not told you often enough that there may be no entertainments without my presence? To whom do you owe allegiance?'.

'T... t... to you, my love, my adored, my mistress, my... .'.

'Oh, be quiet, you oaf, and still this stupid girl's screams. Here-put this gag on her. I will not have this noise. You know that well enough'.

'GOOO-AAAARGH!', gurgled Patricia then, for quick as a flash a broad band of velvet was fastened securely around her mouth and hastily tied in a knot under her hair. Thus immobile, dumb and sightless, she waited in great apprehension and wonder as to who this visitor could be.