Astrid's experiences in the time that had passed since she had been carried upstairs had brought her almost to a point of dumbness. At home, her personal maid, Mary, frequently assisted her in her boudoir, lacing her corsets and such. Not infrequently Mary would dare to allow her warm palms to linger around the smooth silky globe of her young mistress's bottom, while adjusting the straps of Astrid's corsets to her stockings or smoothing out her drawers. Astrid suffered such touches, though they would sometimes cause her to flush and to stir her hips as the delicate fingertips assailed her naked cheeks, bringing curious longings to her mind.

Never before, however, had Astrid been stripped by force, as Marie and Amy now saw to it that she was. Thankful only that the manservant had been dismissed, Astrid spat and hissed while the remaining garment of her white-batiste drawers was removed.

'You beasts, you shall suffer for this!', she moaned. Held down on her back upon a huge bed, her superb titties rolled and quivered while Marie held her arms above her head and Amy, at the foot of the bed, maintained such pressure on her ankles that only her hips were allowed to undulate. Her eyes wild and haggard, Astrid uttered a piercing cry as Lady Tingle entered and gazed down approvingly upon her.

All revealed to her gaze, Julia saw how beauteous was the prize. Astrid's tits were already noble in form, as firm as blancmanges with adorable pinky-brown nipples that quivered with rage to be so offered to view. Her hips possessed that perfect violin curve which marks the most shapely of women well proportioned in the lower half. Her legs were long and as sweetly shaped as any that the finest Italian sculptor might have fashioned, the calves and ankles slender and the thighs fulsome and plump. Between them, and thoroughly well-displayed, the shell-like lips of her cunt lay enfolded by a mass of light brown curls that frothed and massed all about her mount. In a word, Astrid looked a perfect goddess of desire over whose valleys and hillocks Julia's lascivious tongue longed to roam.

'I cannot bear this! My God, let me dress! The shame-oh, the shame!', Astrid cried.

'Have pity and let me cover myself!'.

'Straddle her, Amy', Julia commanded, the words causing Astrid to buck madly.

'You dare not!', she cried, but all was effected so rapidly that in a trice the maid had leapt nimbly upon the bed, casting her legs on either side of Astrid's body. Facing her feet, and squatting her bottom lightly upon the outraged young woman, Amy looped both arms beneath Astrid's thighs and drew them back so that the exposure of her most ultimate parts was then complete. As Astrid's bottom was half-lifted, Julia moved smoothly to the end of the bed at the position which Amy had so quickly vacated, and slid her palms beneath the luscious half-moons.

'NO-OH! You will be punished for this!', came Astrid's screech.

Her arms were still held by Marie, who knelt attentively beside her. She was unable to wrench her drawn-back thighs from Amy's tight grasp, and was held completely immobile, the full prey of Julia, who had commenced taming other wilful young ladies in much this wise.

Cupping the wriggling cheeks of Astrid's bottom firmly, Julia bent farther forward and slid her face up between the heavenly columns until her warm breath approached and wafted around the haven of Astrid's cunny. Longingly, her pink tongue extended itself, moving in slow and snake-like fashion about the puffy lips, causing Astrid to moan beseechingly since no tongue or finger had ever touched her there. Slow and subtle in her ministrations, Julia sought with the very tip of her tongue to part the lovelips, whose oily secretions already announced themselves. The salty, tangy flavour, intoxicating as it was, caused Julia then to insert a full four inches of her tongue into the velvety cleft, where she wriggled it about, causing Astrid's plump, tight bottom to gyrate upon her hands.

'Do not, do not, do NOT!', Astrid sobbed unceasingly, her arms and legs constantly trying to loose themselves from her captors.

'What a delicious cunt she has', murmured Julia, whose tongue sought the moist cleft where the little button of Astrid's clitoris had already swelled a trifle. Like a tiny penis, it poised there, silently imploring of its own accord the labial caresses that Julia artfully brought to it.

'HAH-OOOOH!', Astrid moaned. Slivers of white fire seemed to shoot through her belly at this lascivious attention. Unknowing even that she possessed such a titillating little organ, she found herself enduring indescribable sensations under the circular working of her hostess's tongue.

Is she coming yet, Madame', Amy asked excitedly, seeing her mistress's nose rubbing all around the young woman's plump mount as her mouth worked.

'In but a moment or two. She will sprinkle well, this one', came the husky, muffled response.

Already the seepings of Astrid's juices swam over and around Julia's mouth, which received them with perfect glee, for no nectar was ever sweeter to Lady Tingle. Finery attuned as her ears were, she recognised a changing note in Astrid's sobbings and breathings, and could feel, too, the anticipatory tightening of the young woman's marbled bottom cheeks as the delicious crisis approached. Within seconds, as Julia's tongue continued lapping, a gritty whine emitted itself from Astrid's throat. Her whole belly and cunt, as it seemed to her, were melting in a fire of bliss, and her thighs no longer strove against the ringing of Amy's arms.

'THOOO-OOOH-OOH!', came her whine. Her clitoris-long, fully erect-seemed to appeal for one last sweeping of Julia's tongue. Receiving it, and feeling it then plunge its full, snaking length within her oozing grotto, Astrid came. Her hips bucked violently, her back rippling, and then from her longing cunny spurted a fine milky rain which spattered Julia's nose and flooded her mouth with its creamy essence.

'HAAAAAR!', Astrid shuddered. Despite herself, she could not help but grind her slit passionately to Julia's open mouth while yet again and again her climactic bliss repeated itself until, weakening and sobbing, she found herself released, her legs falling as limp as her arms, her face flushed then pale, her belly heaving.

'What a froth! One would think that a young stallion had mounted her!', murmured Julia. Take her now to the bathroom and sponge and perfume her well'.

'Stop, oh stop!', Astrid moaned, though her protests were now so feeble and her divine form so throbbing still with pleasure that she was but as a limp doll. She permitted herself to be weakly drawn off the bed by the two maids, her knees buckling as she was led along the corridor to a bathroom of such curious aspect as Astrid had never seen before.

The bath itself was marble and like no other she had encountered. It so shallow that it seemed but a trough of elongated oval shape set upon four short and gilded plinths. Warm and scented water lay already within it to a depth of scarce more than eighteen inches. Immediately above the bath hung gilded chains which extended down from hooks. On seeing these, Astrid uttered a cry of alarm and would have urged herself back again towards the door had not the two maids forced her into the bath holding her in a standing posture. Marie clasped her tightly about her slender waist, while her companion took the chains and fastened them with circlets of iron about Astrid's wrists. Held upright thus, Astrid commenced beseeching the pair as she would never otherwise have deigned to do with servants.

'Let me go, I beg you! My father will reward you well! Oh, why am I chained?'.

'Tut, tut, how the young lady questions things', laughed Marie, taking a fine, large sponge and lathering it well with perfumed soap. 'Whether your Papa will reward you or you him is something for the future to decide. As to your bonds, they are but to keep you still while you are bathed. Open your legs now, Miss!'.

Uttering a rattling cry, Astrid could but hang her head back in quivering shame and wonder as the warm sponge laved her legs, moving ever upwards until its sensuous surface was worked by Marie's subtle hand beneath her dell. Feeling the warm water, Astrid haplessly rotated her bottom. The sensations she had already endured under Julia's caresses had been exquisite, yet that they were the devil's work she was convinced and strove still to suppress them.

'What would I not give to kiss her!', Amy exclaimed, while she herself saw to the additional sponging of Astrid's body above her hips.

'Madam will be very angry if you do', Marie scolded, though she herself could not resist slipping her middle finger up past the sponge and letting it brush beneath the lips of Astrid's cunt, making her quiver adorably. Occasionally Lady Tingle permitted them to sport with some of the girls who were brought to Hardcastle for training, but only those whom their mistress considered to be naughty but submissive, having no streaks of arrogance in them and being fit only for 'harem games', as her Ladyship would declare. Instinctively, Marie had already divined that Miss Astrid Cane was not one such. Had she been, Lady Tingle might well have birched her first, for it was thought to be 'as fine a way of bringing a young lady on as any. That she had accorded Astrid much more intimate attentions was a sign of more loving devotion.

Astrid by now had ceased to protest, knowing well enough that there was no purpose to it. Thoroughly washed, she was dried and powdered in the bath before the chains were released and her aching arms allowed to fall. That she would soon enough escape she had no doubt and therefore permitted herself to be taken in silence back to the boudoir, where her hostess had been amusing herself by reading a novelette of a kind that may only be purchased in Paris or from certain discreet establishments in London. The change of expression in Astrid's face amused her but did not surprise her. The mettle of her mama showed more clearly now, save for a slight trembling of Astrid's fingers as she was sat upon the bed.

Julia's nostrils twitched at the fresh and perfumed aromas that exuded from the young woman's naked body. 'Your first experience, my dear, has, I trust, not been too alarming?', Julia asked without a trace of irony in her voice. Women were ever more intriguing to handle than males, for the subtlety of their minds was greater and their instincts more finely attuned. A battle of mind and soul with a male could be won briefly by a determined female. With her own kind the matter was often different.

'Will they not leave?', Astrid asked in as calm a voice as she could muster, for she sat now at least untouched.

'If you will have it so', Julia sighed. She had no illusions that Astrid might attempt to overpower her. It had been attempted but once before by a young aristocrat who had fought like a tigress for a minute until the snarling of a whip around her naked bottom had finally quelled her. 'You will not mind if I take precautions, Astrid?', she asked, letting her book fall upon her chair as she rose. Astrid's momentary curiosity in that moment was her undoing, for her eyes chanced to fall upon an illustration which the open book revealed. In so doing, a fierce blush rose into her cheeks since that which she saw seemed to her the most infinitely shameful thing she had ever encountered.

Alas, that moment of inattention proved her further undoing, for in a trice Marie and Amy were upon her, binding her arms to her sides with a fine rope which had lain in readiness under the bed. While Astrid, now laid full-length, screamed her protests, which were as much of anger as humiliation, her long and beautiful legs were similarly secured until she lay completely trussed and panting.

'That will do', Julia declared, having watched the struggle with passionate interest.

'Oh, my God, you will surely suffer for this! The moment that Papa learns of how shamefully you have treated me he will...'.

'He will do nothing', her hostess declared, seating herself beside the writhing girl and quelling her further words by placing her hand over her mouth while Astrid's noble eyes blazed into hers. 'Cry and scream as you will, my love, for no one will hear you, save those whose pleasure it is to do so. I refer to the servants, of course. They are completely in my thrall, as are you now, Astrid, until it pleases me to release you. Listen and listen well, girl. You are not here to be tortured, as you appear to think. Did my tongue torture you? Only to a point of exquisite delight, yes. Were the chains in the bathroom rough? They but held you still and prevented unseemly struggling. You do not wish to appear undignified, I am sure, whatever trials you may be put to. There is a purpose to them which you will soon enough understand. Be civilised, Astrid, for I mean to bring you nothing but pleasure and enduring happiness'.

'Don't! No! AH!', Astrid spluttered, for in that selfsame moment Julia removed her hand and held her ripe mouth down firmly over the young woman's while gripping her chin so that her lips were unable to escape the wanton salute. Little by little, under the squashing of Julia's mouth, Astrid's upper lip rolled back, her white teeth parting haplessly to receive the gliding of Julia's tongue within. Therewith, pinching the girl's nostrils, Julia ensured that Astrid's mouth remained open while her tongue swirled about hers.

Long, long did this kiss of illicit passion last, while Astrid quivered in her every vein. Not even her dear mama had kissed her upon the mouth before and the experience flooded her mind with unwonted pleasure against which she still wilfully fought. Knowing her victim better even than she did herself, however, Julia relinquished her grip upon Astrid's chin and allowed her palm to float lightly and in the most teasing manner over the rosebud nipples, which peeped amid the binding ropes.

Her nose still pinched twixt Julia's finger and thumb, Astrid gurgled and twisted. Their salivas mingled as did their tongues. Electric thrills coursed through her tits, which the bonds caused to swell even more. Her nipples rose like thorns and her scented cunt moistened anew. Bubbling out her breath, she gave a long, low sob that throbbed with untold passions, as Julia slowly withdrew her mouth and hands.

'A kiss between women-is it not the most voluptuous thing?', Julia asked softly while yet Astrid endeavoured to gather both her breath and her mind. Before she could do either, Julia had rolled her over so that she lay helpless upon her belly.

'You must, must, must let me go-please, oh please!', Astrid whimpered.

'No., my dear, that is the last thing I shall do. Rather, I shall bring you to me, but these are words you will not understand yet, for your mind and your soul are not yet broken away from the dull, meddlesome world you would otherwise have inhabited'.

So saying, Julia slowly divested herself of her gown, beneath which she wore naught but a black waist corset which left her mammalian beauties completely bared, and patterned stockings of the sheerest black silk. Going then to an armoire, she drew forth a martinet whose thongs hissed menacingly as they sleeked down one noble thigh.

'Has no part of your adorable body been caressed before, Astrid?', she asked.

'My God, no-how dare you ask me such a thing! YEEE-AAAARGH!', screeched the tightly bound young woman, as, without further ado, the thongs hissed across her naked bottom cheeks, leaving in their path a fierce singeing of fire.

'Never, Astrid? By no one?', came Julia's voice insistently. "Think carefully before you reply. Let me give you something to stir your thoughts, my pet'.

'OW-OUCH! NEEE-YNNNNG! Stop it! Don't Ah, it burns! You beast, you beast-OUCH!'.

Again and again the martinet sang its song now, sweeping this way and that as the tortured orb of Astrid's bottom writhed and jerked. Streaks of white fire seemed to be invading her ardent buttocks, the long tongues of heat reaching into her every crevice.

'NEVER, Astrid? Mark carefully your reply or a dozen more will fall!'

'BOO-BOO-BOO-BOOO!', Astrid sobbed, for with each word the thongs hissed their paths across her blazing cheeks, which tightened visibly at every stroke. 'Ah! AH! Ah, God, stop, Yes! My... my... MY maid... she... she has touched my bottom in assisting m... me to dress. YOOOOH!'.

'Indelicately, nicely, has she touched you, Astrid?'.

'YA-AH-AAAAH! Oh, stop, please, stop, YES! She f... f... feels me there-oh, I am ashamed to tell it! OH!'.

Sobbing uncontrollably, Astrid was spun over once more onto her back, her scorched bottom throbbing and jerking to the unwonted contact with the silky bedcover upon which Julia nevertheless firmly pressed her so that Astrid's agonised and weeping eyes stared up into her own.

'You are not untruthful, then', Julia purred. 'No, do not struggle, my girl, for a hot bottom is best alleviated by being pressed into something-preferably the torso of a male with a hard prick. The sensation is torturous but yet quite delicious when the waiting knob slips in. Every wriggle of the bottom but assists the invasion that follows. It is called corking, or sheathing, or ramming, or what you will-exactly as in the drawing in my book upon which your eyes fell. Look again, Astrid!', Julia commanded, picking up the volume and holding it before the young woman's bleared eyes.

'It is h... hateful, wicked, oh, I cannot! Take it away!', Astrid pleaded while with a taunting smile Julia traced the outlines of the drawing with her finger. Perfectly delineated, it showed a young woman bent over the back of a chair in the seat of which knelt an older one holding her arms. On the floor lay a cane whose handiwork was evinced by the parallel stripes marking the girl's round bottom. To the rear of her, his knees slightly bent and his trousers at his ankles, crouched a man whose rearing penis was pointed directly between her nether cheeks.

'Wicked, indeed! Such pleasures', Julia laughed throatily, and then, with a sinuous wriggle, slid full down upon Astrid so that every inch of their warm bodies curved into one another's.

'No! Please, no!', Astrid sobbed. Unable now to squirm her blazing bottom as she wished, she was forced to lie still under the heavy, voluptuous weight of Julia, whose stiff nipples rubbed upon her own and whose hairy bush was couched upon hers. 'Lie still, lie still, and say nothing. NOTHING, do you hear? Or I shall whip you more fiercely, my naughty one', Julia both chided and soothed in the same breath.

'I c... cannot! It is wicked, wicked, wicked!', Astrid choked. Her cheeks, wet with tears, were stroked by Julia's hand. Julia's mouth brushed hers softly.

'Many are the delights of the world that are wicked, my love. Be certain only that mine will eventually prove the most delightful. In but a moment, when the warmth of my breasts and belly and thighs and the hungry heat of my cunt have fully invaded you, I shall leave you here to lie still. Wine and food will be brought to you and then you will sleep. When you awake it will be to find yourself as helplessly bound as you are now'.

'No, no! Oh, Lady Tingle-Julia-let me go, let me go home, please! I swear to say nothing of this if only you will!'

'SHUSH!', Julia commanded her softly. 'There is much for you to learn. Think upon it, Astrid. You will not know what will happen to you when you awake, though it shall not be dire. You will remain a victim of my pleasures until you discover your own'.

'NO-OH!', Astrid's wail came then, but, even as her cry echoed through the sumptuous boudoir, so Julia gathered up her gown and departed smoothly and silently, closing and locking the door behind her.

Eyes glazed and bottom cheeks still twitching from their unaccustomed basting, Astrid wriggled, and then with a sobbing sigh lay still once more. With the closing of the door a terrible silence reigned about her. Once or twice she fancied that she heard muffled footsteps and a murmuring of voices. Each time they appeared to approach, she stiffened within herself and then relaxed again. The stinging feeling in her nether cheeks changed gradually to a warm glow that infused even her sticky quim. From moment to moment, she felt as though she were falling into dreams of her maid's hands soothing subtly under the bare flesh of her bottom. After a seeming eternity, the door opened and her haunted state went to the door. Marie and Amy entered, Marie carrying a large silver tray of food and wine which she rested upon her knees as she sat close to Astrid.

Lifted into a sitting position by Amy, who stroked her hair fondly, Astrid dumbly allowed herself to be fed with smoked salmon and other delicacies. Between bites, wine was gurgled down her throat.

'She eats well-that is the best of signs', Marie said contentedly when Astrid was laid back again, her head on a pillow, her eyes closed. The draught she had been given would ensure that she slept for an hour at least. Her pretty lips quivered and then were still. Falling, as it seemed to her, down a long, black-velvet tunnel she slept.