'How fared you then?', Julia asked upon Astrid's return. Dinner being about to be served, they seated themselves at a table while Marie and Amy scurried back and forth to serve them.

A fault flush of pleasure stole across Astrid's cheeks. The entirety of her previous life now seemed to lie far behind her. In a short space of tune she had entered a realm of such amorous excitement, intrigue, and adventure that there could be no turning back to the dull and conventional ways of the past.

'Uneasiness, of course, overtook them both on the journey back. They sat silent, sometimes stealing quick glances at one another and then at me as though in awe of what had happened. Of the two I suppose that Will seemed the more nervous, though this was due in great part of his state of excitation. The poor young man's cock was almost bursting his breeches, though, unlike his sister, he knew not what was to befall.

'Their house is pleasantly commodious though not as large as your own. There is one maidservant of about forty and a gardener who does odd jobs about the place. He himself in his in thirties, unlettered but strong. He cast a glance of fearful surprise upon me that I do not doubt in all modesty was tinged with admiration. He would appear to be a fit subject, I believe. I have told Harriet such, though she is not yet ready to advance herself in other directions. The maid will have to go. In such a small entourage a younger girl will be more suitable'.

'Most wise of you, Astrid. I will arrange for one of my maids to seek out someone. They know exactly the type of girl to look for-one who is a little forward but who can also be trained. It is something they can well undertake themselves by now and will much enjoy. Harriet will need the comfort occasionally of feminine arms about her and a fine long tongue to lick her cunny in a way that no mere man can do. But tell me all!'

'Shortly after our arrival we took a repast, which gave me longer time to assess them further. As you did warn me, Julia, I was well aware that both or either could retreat within themselves, yet at the same time I did not wish to hurry matters. Having already lectured Harriet somewhat in the bedroom here, I turned my main attention to Will, who sat blushing and silent throughout my discourse. He was, I said, to continue to treat his sister with reverence while at the same time she must in future show as much obedience to his occasional desires as he to her. Such ideas of mutuality surprised them greatly. Harriet sought objections which of course she could scarce express without indelicacy. The maid being at that stage dismissed, I made plain to her that all matter of things would in future be spoken of openly. "Will has a good cock, has he not?", I asked, whereat she knew not whether to laugh or cry, I swear.

'Being seated then in the drawing room, we were more at our ease than at the dining table, where one's posture is necessarily restricted. "Answer, Harriet!", I commanded her. Dropping her face she mumbled, "Yes , but then added in great confusion that she was shortly to be married and that such things could neither be spoken of nor thought of. At that I told her abruptly that her marriage plans were to be terminated for the present. There would be no bar on wedlock, but she must put off the day until I knew her better and could put greater trust in her. To this she replied that she did not understand at all what I was at, which was such great nonsense that I grew angry with her. Rebellion was clearly rising in her, she having the temerity to tell me that she did not like what she called "these ideas '.

'You whipped her, I trust?', Julia asked merrily, seeing to it that both were well served with liqueurs.

'The moment was not right for it. Between the two of us Will was truly like the ass between two bales of straw and knew not which way to turn his mind. I pretended then to be tired of her and told her that she had best retire, a suggestion to which she acceded all too easily, being perhaps convinced that I would leave. Upon her departing upstairs, I turned my attention to Will. Alone with me he was as putty in my hands, tremblingly eager to obey. I counted much upon Harriet doing as ladies often do-that is to say, divesting herself at least of her outer dress and lying down upon her bed. I knew her mind better than she thought. I knew she was fully prepared to let Will fuck her once I had departed.

'Naturally I did not make it so easy for her. How well I acted in all this only you can judge, Julia. My preliminary seduction of Will was easy enough. Displaying myself to him in my drawers and stockings, I soon had him naked and with a fine upstanding cock for his task. Obedient to a degree, since all was utterly new to him, he was made to temper his desires by standing upright and still while I handled his prick and balls gently and told him firmly what was to be. He trembled mightily and made several times to touch my near-naked form, for which he received several not ungentle smacks and several tugs on his stiff prick, which caused him to blink and wince. He knew better after that than to move without permission.

'His surprise and delight were great when I apprised him that I was acting out the future role of his sister, who at other times must be put into a frame of mind to obey his whims in turn, so that each acted upon one another to their perfect delight. To this he naturally stammered that Harriet would never obey him, while I replied that I would see to it that she did. Acting as I had to, solely upon my instincts, I told him that I would next see to Harriet and that he must be prepared upon my call to do his duty to her. I minced not my words on this, telling him frankly that he was first to whip her and then put his cock to her, thereby fulfilling the manly duty she expected of him.

'His astonishment and disbelief at this was great, but so well had I tuned his rigid cock that he was ready to dare all. Leaving him then in the drawing room and warning him not to stir until I bid him to, I attended to Harriet. By great fortune I found her not only as I wished her to be-attired in but her chemise and stockings-but fallen into a doze on her bed.

'She was easily surprised. Giving her no time to gather her senses, I fastened her wrists with the cuffs you had given me, upped her chemise so that her fine round bottom was bared, and, by the severest of slaps and warnings, brought her up on to her hands and knees on the bed in good posture for what she was to receive. Then I called Will, who naturally hastened up naked as the day and with Ms prick as high as a flagpole. Such cries of alarm as his sister uttered were quickly stilled by my severe warnings that if she continued in this path of conduct I would whip her myself and more severely than had already been done.

'"Come, Will, you will give your sister a dozen good strokes. I want her bottom well heated , I told him. Harriet screamed and rolled onto her hip, which did her no good at all for, by taking purchase on her hair as you had previously shown me, I soon had her up again, her bottom bulging. Seeing then that there was no help for it, and being naturally aroused to the task, Will treated her well enough with the thongs until she shrieked, sobbed, and sought for mercy. 'I had intended him then to poke her without delay, but a better idea occurred to me'.

'You caused her to ride St George upon him?', interjected Julia.

'Oh! You guessed! But of course you would. Indeed, yes. Her resentment that he had carried out my wishes upon her and scorched her bottom was more than sufficiently strong for her to take the upper role. Releasing her, I cast the cuffs upon Will, much to his dismay! Writhing and sobbing as she still was, Harriet began to beat him and upbraid him the moment that he was laid in her place upon his back.

'"Be not a fool, Harriet, mount him, put him now to your will. Weaken him, my dear. Come, do as you are told and you will both take the benefit of it , I told her. Being stirred more than she would ever confess by the luring of the whip, she obeyed with some assistance from myself, straddling his hips to find that my hand was already guiding his prick towards the mouth of her cunt. Ah, Julia, what a sight that was! Once saddled, she wanted no other, and stemmed his throbbing cock full within. Her sobs of outrage and pain turned to pleasure, indeed she all but swooned with the sensation. As for Will, he bucked his loins, madly seeking to work his prick within her sheath while her bare bottom rested heavily on his thighs.

'"Keep him still, Harriet!", I said, much to her delight, for she then gave him a sharp slap and with real mischief sparkling through her tears kept him firmly down while her eyes seemed then to appeal to me. Being much of a mind to join with them, as you can well imagine, I took my turn upon the bed and knelt over Will's head while facing her. He thus had my knickered bottom to look up into. "Oh, squash, him, Astrid!", Harriet exclaimed, her excitement truly at a peak. Lowering my bottom fully on his face, I embraced and kissed her. Poor Will was truly squashed beneath us both and groaned as best he could under the muffling of my knickered bottom.

'"Will you not fuck together freely now, Harriet?", I asked. Her assent came in the dipping of her tongue into my mouth. She was well on heat and more fully understood then the pleasures of the game. "He shall fuck you dog-wise, then, for you must now once more be the obedient one , I said. To this she replied, "Yes , in a thick, excited voice. Will, being released, was uncuffed, I having moved off him. Harriet, however, could not wait. Flinging herself down upon him, she began to pump her hips excitedly. Their arms clasped one another, their mouths joined. Oh, what a pretty sight it was! I went all around the bed, having a full view of it and with quite a delirious excitement watched the fleshy staff of his prick slewing up and down in her cunny as her bottom rose and fell.

'How they panted and threshed, exchanging such wicked and pretty words of desire! All was soon enough over, of course, for neither could restrain himself. Will's come pumped up into her, her own effusion wetted his pubic hairs. Draining his cock to the last drop, Harriet fell full upon him and lay heaving with his face pressed between her tits, where I had drawn her chemise up.

'A trifle later, when he had recovered his forces, I had her put Will to me. We ran a delicious course, she laughing and holding his wrists so that he could not caress me the while. I left them both somewhat exhausted but contented, Harriet declaring that she loved me to distraction and had never known such pleasure. To this I replied with many kisses between us that they must not simply fuck wantonly together but must manage all sorts of tricks between them, the one to be bound and toyed with on occasion, and then the other. As to the future roles the gardener and their new maid would play, I said nothing, feeling it were best left to a future occasion. Did I do wisely?'.

The slight anxiety in Astrid's voice caused Julia to smile and kiss her. 'Exceedingly so, my dear, on your first adventure. You have ensured your future visits that I wished you to undertake, I see! What mean you to do with the gardener?'.

'I shall put him to her, for she must learn to take more than one cock, and this besides will excite Will's jealousy. They will punish each other for that most prettily, I think'.

'Splendid. But there are occasions when you must be stricter with them. You were perfectly right to take the course you did, for the sooner Harriet was pronged by her brother and knew the pleasure of it the better. Even so they must learn their disciplines. You must put the gardener's prick to her bottom'.

'Oh! Is that then a punishment?'.

'It may be either a punishment or a pleasure, dependent upon the female subject or one's personal whims. A lusty woman will take it as a pleasure, as you will-indeed, a demanding one so far as the captive male is concerned, for the suction of your bottomhole is much stronger than that of your quim, Astrid. The eventual superiority of Harriet must not be put in doubt, though Will has yet to learn it fully. In order to know it herself she must pass through fire, as we say. She will see the entry of the gardener's prick into her bottom as a punishment and yet eventually will understand it. He must be severely monitored during the act of buggery, of course, and not merely permitted to indulge his lusts'.

'Is not a man's prick too big to go in there, though?', Astrid asked, wriggling her bottom a little as she spoke.

'Consider, my dear, what comes out and therefore what may go within', replied Julia, eyeing her carefully. 'An enema is an excellent method of preparing a female for the lubricious assault, but I employ it infrequently. The anus lubricates itself sufficiently when a woman is brought on heat to entertain a cock there. The strap, the birch, or the martinet suffice, as a rule, to bring her on in this respect, as you well know. Your own adorable bottomhole, my love, will entertain such a prick as you may first wish it to, for I intend not to force you in that matter'.

'As you have perhaps other girls here?'.

'Undoubtedly. Some young ladies who are sent to me have already known the excitation of the birch or cane but have yet refused with silly giggles and struggles- and perhaps even calling out for their mamas-the manly offering of Priapus. Neither have they been fucked by the normal route, for it is often thought wisest to take the safer one. They can be pumped more frequently in their bottoms without the tiresome interference of Nature swelling their bellies. I find no cause or excuse to delay the progress of the silly, simpering ones. I birch or strap them and soon enough put a knob to their rosy orifices. Being well-held, they cannot refuse the majestic entry of the cock between their heated bottom-cheeks and are soon enough given their first lubrication there'.

'I am honoured then if I am to make my own choice upon it', murmured Astrid.

'Honoured, perhaps, but not yet completely trained', Julia responded to Astrid's surprise. Her eyes widened as she was drawn up from the sofa on which they sat.

'Wh... what will you do to me?', she asked.

'Have you forgotten so soon that all is in the waiting, Astrid? I think not, for I advised you to inculcate Harriet with that rule. It is better to stand in wonderment than to know, for then the senses are quickened and the body pulses excitedly for what is to happen. Is that not so? Did you riot first learn that when I caused you to be bound and left in waiting upstairs?'.

Indeed-I quivered and could not control the trembling of my limbs. I felt apprehension and excitement in equal measure'.

'As you shall now, Astrid. Stand in the centre of the floor, raise your dress to your hips, and lower your drawers to your knees. It is, designedly, the pose of a naughty girl who waits to be spanked or birched. Do it! Silence now, or I shall have to be stern with you. I mean not to whip you. Have no fear of that, though I suspect that your saucy bottom would now happily withstand a spanking. What I bring you shall be even more pleasurable!'.

With that Julia swept from the room and closed the door, thus surrounding Astrid in a silence that was broken only by the quiet ticking of an ormolu clock upon the marble mantelpiece. Licking her lower lip furtively, she held herself exposed, finding a curious excitement in doing so even though she was unobserved. Her mind implored Julia to return as the minutes ticked away, first five, then ten, then fifteen, until Astrid began swaying gently on her feet, her cunny moistening with excitement. What Julia intended she had no idea and felt both chastened and yet strangely pleased that she still found herself in training even after her adventure with Harriet and Will.

When the door finally opened, she started. Julia entered in concert with Marie, who held in her hand a small black bag. Unspeaking, Julia advanced upon Astrid and tucked her skirt and chemise more firmly up so that they formed a tight ring about her waist. Astrid's drawers slipped down a little and wreathed themselves at her knees, which could not help but tremble. Marie then stepped immediately behind her and waited.

'There are two things you will ensure, Astrid. The first is complete silence. You are to control yourself to a point where you do not even utter a whimper, though a tiny sound through your teeth might occasionally be permitted. The other is that you hold your knees apart as far as your drawers will allow and remain still. Now, Marie, the feather!'.

At that, Astrid's eyes dropped furtively and quickly, though sufficiently to see that the long quail's feather which Julia took from her maid had a well-pointed tip. Pursing her lips in a perfect agony of waiting, she parted her pale and lovely thighs in a posture that forced her knees to bend about an inch and made her feel exceedingly lewd. From the bag which she held behind Astrid, the maid then drew out a slender, velvet-covered dildo. At one end was a knob which she could clasp. At the other extremity-the device being some seven inches long-was a prominence that well resembled a man's knob and was of highly polished ebony that emerged from the sheathing velvet.

'Be still now, Astrid', murmured Julia. 'Look into my eyes and nowhere else!'.

With that she placed herself within two feet of the beautiful subject of her desires and training and, extending her arm down, brushed the tip of the feather lightly under the lips of Astrid's cunt, causing her jaw to sag momentarily. The tickling sensation, intense as it was, repeated itself. Every muscle in her body strove then not to stir, as simultaneously she felt Marie slyly part the springy cheeks of her bulging bottom and insert the polished crest of the slim dildo against her crinkled orifice.

'NEEE-YNNNNNG!', Astrid gritted between her teeth. The feather rolled, twirled, and moved back and forth, seeking to part her lips with its tickling persuasion and then circling around the pink bud of her clitoris, which erected itself like a tiny penis. Humming distractedly in her throat as she endeavoured to restrain her cries, Astrid felt the dildo force the rubbery ring of her bottomhole and ooze upwards within her, causing her legs to strain. Tears sprang into her lambent eyes, her cheeks puffed.

'Control, Astrid-this is what you must be taught- control. The dildo is but a path opener to your own private pleasures, my sweet. Is it well up, Marie?'.

'Almost half so, Ma'am, but she is tight'.

'WHOOOOO!', Astrid moaned, despite Julia's warning, though Julia knew well enough that she could not sustain this first dual assault without making some noise and hence did not upbraid her for it.

'Urge it up slowly, Marie. She must learn to take it. The pleasure of it will be upon her soon enough. She will come in a moment'.

'THOOOOO!', Astrid gritted. The beautiful sensation was swirling already in her belly. With a muffled gasp she received the whole seven inches of the slender, imitation prick in her bottom, causing her to clench upon it so tightly that Marie had difficulty in withdrawing it and urging it in again within. Sensibly the dear girl suavely caressed Astrid's quivering bottom-cheeks with her free hand at the same time, savouring the gleaming firmness of them and their springy jutting.

'Come, Astrid, come. You wish to but you are withholding it, girl. Imagine that there is a real cock up your bottom ready to sperm you there. How you will feel it pulsing!'.

'Oh, Julia! AH!'.

'Quietly, quietly, darling. You must learn to control your expressions of pleasure, in particular in the presence of an enslaved male. With women you may do as you wish, whether they are submissive or not. You are listening, are you not?'.

Astrid nodded. By punching her now occasionally, Marie was forcing her to work her bottom to the motions of the dildo, which second by second moved more easily in her until the sensation became less stinging and more pleasurable. Her long eyelashes fluttered.

'One prick in your cunt and another up your bottom-would you not like that?', Julia purred. Her eyes narrowed to a slit as she watched the girl's face, then with a quick gesture of her hand she thrust Astrid's looped drawers farther down so that they slid to her ankles, permitting her to open her thighs wider.

'Work your bottom now Astrid. A lovely sensation, is it not? A thick, warm prick will suit you even better there'.

'D... d... d... d...!', Astrid stuttered wildly, though she knew not whether she wanted to say, Do it!' or 'Don't!'. Quite miraculously she realised that she was controlling the otherwise natural out bursting of her orgasm, the fiercer and more abundant to make it when she did come. A divine shudder ran through her form, her clitoris peaking and quivering to the never-ending tickling of the tip of the feather. Her eyes beseeched. Her arms flung themselves about Julia's neck, the latter smiling and straining back so that Astrid all but toppled. In that moment Marie urged the full length of the dildo up into her bottom, causing her to jerk back on her toes. 'AAAAARGH!', she gasped, and was received into Julia's arms, their lips meshing rapturously as spurt upon spurt of pleasure liquid spouted from within Astrid's cunt, her belly seeming to be invaded by a thousand tiny rockets.

Long moments passed while Astrid quivered and came. The silky inner surfaces of her thighs were oiled with her juices right down to her stocking tops. Much more gently then was the dildo worked in and out, and then, as if with infinite regret, withdrawn. Weak and sobbing with the rapture of her pleasure, Astrid was led back to the sofa, on which she collapsed bare-bottomed while Julia soothed her brow and kissed her lips.

'A few more steps of training, my love, and you could have sustained all with scarce a murmur-but no matter. You have passed your trial exceedingly well', observed Julia while Marie departed silently.

'Oh, Julia, I never thought to experience such! I will be quieter, I will!'.

'I need put you to no further trials, for I am sure of it. Roll onto your hip towards me a little that I may feel you. How warm and moist your bottomhole is now! You are truly ready to receive there now, are you not?'.

'Yes', responded Astrid breathlessly. Her bottom squirmed as Julia's fingertip scouted the crinkled ring of her rosehole and then dipped mischievously within as their tongues met.

'Whose shall it be?', Astrid asked, almost as if to herself.

'You witch! You really look forward to it! It is an arcane pleasure, Astrid, that not all women allow themselves to succumb to. Those who refuse it are therefore best put to it by force. They learn soon enough that they can best feel the sperm pumping and bubbling there within. There is one, though, who has known the pleasure of it already. One quite close to you'.

'One close to ME? Oh, who? How can you know?'.

'I have been a little naughty, my dear, in your absence. Prepare yourself for an undoubted surprise. Your dear sister Patricia was the very one I put to it!'.