The most curious emotions had now seized upon Ralph Cane. Not unnaturally, it was ever his habit to take his seat first at the head of the table. Upon entering the dining room that evening he had been astonished to find Astrid already seated there and looking her most regal. Affecting a black-velvet choker in the manner of her mentor, she wore also the black dress that sheathed her inviting form most tightly. Pendant earrings, each with a single diamond, swung gently from her pretty ears, and her fingers and wrists glittered with the adornments she had favoured herself with.

'Patricia will sit upon my right, Jemima here upon my left. Father, you will take the seat next to Patricia'.

For a moment it seemed as though the pater familias might rebel, but, even as Astrid's jewels flashed, so did her eyes. Incredibly they reminded him now of his aunt's in her most imperious moods. Patricia flushed, Jemima gaped in awe, and then all was quiet as the entrees were served.

'Patricia and Jemima are to have new wardrobes, Papa. I will see as to the mode of them. Accounts will be opened at the new emporium in the town. You will see to this on the morrow, Papa, so that their desires are no longer frustrated', Astrid ordained while delicately spooning her Vichyssoise.

'Why, of course, my dear, precisely what I intended to do', mumbled her father, who knew not where to look nor how to place himself. That Astrid looked at her most beautiful he had no doubt. An amused smile played upon her lips as she surveyed him.

'Had you intended to do it, Papa, then I would have expected it to be discussed with me first', Astrid replied crisply. 'Patricia, you have to attend my room tonight. Do not forget!'.

'Why, no, Astrid', Patricia replied timidly, though she would rather have had such a command given her beyond the hearing of her sister and father. There was naught to do but obey, however. That a new era had come like a thunderclap upon them, none of the three seated beneath Astrid's gaze was in any doubt. Nor perhaps was John, who became ever more aware of the colder glances that his new mistress was casting upon him while he assisted Crissie in the serving. His heated mind had played much upon what he would do with this lissom girl, whom he was convinced had fallen at last to his manly charms. Now, however, a cold wind of doubt swept through him, for it seemed to him that her mood had changed to one of menace rather than seductiveness. Neither was this feeling dispersed when final quiet descended upon the house. Forty strokes in and forty out, she had said. That were a lot to ask of a man in prime condition who found his cock lodged in an inviting new cunt. It was the strangest order he had ever been given.

Close upon midnight, he made his final rounds and doused the lamps. The night was warm enough and yet he shivered strangely as with sweating palm he turned the door handle to Astrid's boudoir. There was illumination within when he had expected darkness. Trembling not a little with expectancy, he urged the door open with some timidity. She would be abed, half-naked, and waiting. Of that he had no doubt, yet what would her manner be? Was all to be trusted? She was in a rare, funny mood since her return.

Astrid was not abed. Whip in hand, she confronted him, legs astride. They were legs of such beauty as John had never thought to see. Sheathed in black stockings and boots, they displayed themselves to his awed gaze almost to the juncture of her thighs. Her mount was veiled, however, by the lacy hem of a dark-blue chemise. Apart from this, Astrid wore nothing.

'Come! Close the door, you dolt!', she hissed.

John saw then the bed. Upon it knelt Patricia, though he knew it not to be she for her head and shoulders were shrouded in the sheet which had been cast over them. Unable to move, and naked to her stockings as she was, Patricia was doubled up by the ropes and straps that secured her. A gag muffled the cries she had first uttered but which had long diminished into plaintive whimpers. Across the pale uprisen orb of her naked bottom showed the pink streaks of the thongs.

'M... M... Miss?', choked John, though at the first sight of Astrid's glorious legs and of Patricia's inviting globe his cock had thickened with remarkable speed.

'To the end of the bed! Lower your breeches, man, and put your hands behind your back. Will you hesitate? I shall call Papa if you do and have it that you assaulted me! You know not who this is, nor at present do you need to know. Come, display your prick and balls-she is in need of furrowing!'

Much as he had listened solemnly to Astrid's commands earlier, John had taken them but for the strange whims of a young women in heat, and he had been minded to mount her as fiercely as he liked and to bring her under the spell of his. Now most certainly he knew otherwise, for, even as Astrid spoke, the thongs licked down and forward around his calves, bringing a yelp from him and a hastening of his steps to obey.

Daring not to fall sideways upon her hip as instinct told her to do, Patricia waited and heard the muffled sounds of John's preparations. His balls were huge, as Astrid noted with pleasure, being matched by the broomstick of his prick, which she did not deign to touch, taking a greater pleasure in binding his wrists tightly behind his back.

'Now we shall see, John, the value of your services to such ladies as I shall call for you', declared Astrid, motioning him to clamber as best he could upon the end of the bed so that the rubicund knob of his stiff penis waggled menacingly close to Patricia's offered cleft.

Affecting disdain at the gesture it was then necessary for her to make, Astrid pressed down upon the springy prong of his tool so that it was better positioned to assail the moist slit of Patricia's cunt. That her dear sister would take pleasure from her first act of fucking was all that Astrid then desired.

A groan of pleasure was emitted from John's lips at the fleeting touch of her fingers, a groan that brought a twitching of displeasure to Astrid's features. She knew well enough that he could see almost the whole of the pale globes of her tits as she bent down.

'You will be quiet!', she hissed. 'Urge yourself in now and hold!'

A thin, gritting whine came from beneath the sheet then as the bulbous head of that bull-like cock effected its first entry between Patricia's lovelips. Pouting and moist as they were from the light whipping that Astrid had given her, they received the warm pear tremulously. Eyes bulging, and wishing desperately that he could but get his hands on either of their tits or bottoms, John urged his ramrod in slowly, every effort of his sturdy loins being closely observed by Astrid.

Patricia's hips waggled wildly. As big as the Major's prick had felt in her tight bottom, so John's felt in her cunny as it eased the spongy walls of her vagina apart, striving to lodge itself fully. Literally snorting, he effected his lewd entry inch by inch to the watching satisfaction of Astrid, who herself had quelled her sister's wrigglings by holding her waist so that Patricia had no chance whatever of resisting. Gasping through her gag, she felt at last the pestle enter until John's big balls hung and dangled at her bottom.

'Remain so!', commanded Astrid, who dearly wished she could cast off the sheet and see Patricia's face in this moment.

'Oh, Miss, she's tight-lovely and tight and warm!', croaked John, who in the intensity of his pleasure quite forget the vow of silence he had undertaken. He was quickly reminded of it. Quick as lightning, Astrid had straightened and taken up post to his rear, a move she celebrated by bringing the full force of the whip hissing scornfully across his manly buttocks.

'You will learn, my fellow!', she breathed, to an accompanying cry from John, whose prick jerked and throbbed in the tight clutch of Patricia's nest. 'You will learn to obey, John, implicitly and without ado! It is not your salacious nature that is being satisfied but the will of a woman-nay, two-for the one who is receiving your cock is but receiving her natural due. Fuck her now slowly while I count the strokes, and heaven help you if you come too soon!'

Upon that meritorious exercise, however, we will draw a veil. Suffice to say that Patricia was so well pumped that the sperm of her donor literally frothed all down her thighs and left the curls of her nest glistening. As her nature had by now become ardent, she assisted not a little by all sorts of devious squirmings, drawing from the last pearly drop in a manner that well pleased Astrid. John was afterwards minded, by the ever-firm display of his prick, to offer yet more. But that did not attract Astrid, who, having loosened his wrist bonds, hustled him out with his breeches still at his ankles. He made a far more comic display than he had wished, and found it needful to frig himself twice in bed that night to rid himself of the surplus that the event had aroused.

Having then untied her sister, Astrid quieted all her blatherings swiftly. 'Enough, Patricia. You will enjoy many another such cock and in attitudes more to your pleasure, though it well becomes you to be bound up for it sometimes. The matter of Lady Smithers is much upon my mind. I have hastened my thinking and my plans. Listen to me well, Patricia'.

'Oh-ho-ho, Astrid, I feel so quivery and sticky and funny!'.

'Shush, you silly, of course you do. The reason for your strangeness is not only that you were thoroughly fucked but, with all the natural desiring of your young womanhood, could be again and again this very night if the mood took you. Such will come to pass, for you are truly my darling pet, as is Jemima'.

Clutching her sister's naked form against her own, and letting their stockinged legs rub pleasurably together, Astrid then continued with the adumbration of her plans. Patricia listened in excited awe and might even have been glimpsed fingering Astrid's cunny towards the end of their discourse.

'We are settled upon it, then, for I shall need your assistance, Patricia'.

'Y... y... yes, Astrid, dear, though it is a very wicked thing'.

'What nonsense! I have no wickedness in my heart at all, no more than you. Think you it wicked that I put you to John's cock?'.

'No. Oh, I do not know, you have me so confused. I confess that his prick felt very strong and powerful, and, oh, how he doused me! Do all men come so?'.

'Provided they are well fed and housed and occasionally titillated-but not always fulfilled-yes. A male of thirty to fifty years is best in my estimation, for their parts are the most vigorous and they can be better trained than many younger striplings. The primary task of men is to pleasure the females-remember that ever, Patricia. Even so, they may be allowed their caprices sometimes. It depends much upon their temperaments, just as it is needful for a woman to be whipped some-times upon her bottom. You will come to understand this better in due course, Patricia. Be mindful at all that you obey me, as Jemima must'.

'Will she... will she be p... put to John's thing, then?'.

'I have not decided upon that no more than I have decided upon the role that Papa will play. He will be called upon occasionally to put himself to you both'.

'OH! Oh, no, Astrid!'.

'Be quiet, child! Are you not a child still in comparison with myself? You will need your pumpings now more regularly than you think. His cock has already twitched mightily at the sight of your bare bottom. Would you prefer that I put him to Lady Smithers?'.

'No. Oh, that would spoil things! We would truly be undone!'

'The sacrifice then will be well accounted for. After a little while, though, you will no longer deem it that but will receive the salute of his prick as readily as any other. Our inheritance must not be put in jeopardy. Who commands you now?'.

'You, Astrid, no one but you', murmured Patricia, hiding her blushing face.

'Then so be it. Should there be hesitancy in you in future, I will thrash it out of your bottom. You know me well, you hear me well, do you not?'.

'Yes, Astrid'.

'You are accommodating yourself better now to my desires, I believe, though you are still a novice. Lie upon your back, dear, and part your thighs wide. So. Good. Give me your tongue. Forget that we are sisters but merely two women in the throes of desire. Ah, how your belly twitches when I tease your clitty! You must learn to control more. Retract your tongue. Lie passive-do not jerk your bottom so. Oh, you naughty girl-be still!'

'Oh, oooh! Your f... f... finger-it excites me so! Make me come!'.

'Shush! I will have quiet now. This is but one of many lessons you now have to learn, Patricia. The male must not always see you in such a state of pleasure. Your reception of his cock must be cold and demanding, yet by occasional little assenting movements of your

bottom you will show silently what you require. Hold your legs straight and open now. Stir your bottom but very occasionally. Keep your lips unmoving. Ah, you little devil, you jerked your cunny again to my finger. Draw your emotions within yourself and hold them there. Try, darling. Will you not try?'.

'Y... y... yes, I will... t... try. Oh, it is hard-I want to wriggle so. It feels strange'.

'Strange indeed it feels at first, yet you will draw power from it, knowing the male subservient to the demands of your cunny. I will insert my forefinger. Use your muscles. Draw strongly upon it'.

'HAAAR! Ooooh, Astr... r... r... rid, I am coming!'

'Hush! You must not say so. Contain yourself. Let the pleasure but merely surge in waves through you. All is then yours to command. Surrender yourself to the male and all is lost. He will use your hot, moist nest merely as a sanctuary of bliss in which to deposit his sperm. Thereafter you will become but a handmaiden to him. I would do naught but scorn you for that'.

Hissing her breath through her nostrils and compressing her lips, Patricia spilled her urgent love juices upon the very finger that was enticing her. Her eyes rolled, her neck twitched the while that Astrid stroked her moist forehead.

'So, you have tried, my love, and tried well. In a moment I will make you come again and then you will do better. Understand you not the purpose to which I lead you?'.

'To... to make men obey us', stammered Patricia dreamily.

'Or, perhaps, as in due course you will further see, to make all obey one another. How else are we to manage our affairs now or to bring Papa to our will? For, if we do not, then surely he will go beyond our desires and further his closeness with this awful woman'.

Oh, I had not thought of that! But if we are always hateful and horrid and cold when we are d... d... doing it then it will not be very nice and they won't want to!'.

'They?', echoed Astrid with a silvery laugh. She cupped Patricia's fingers under her own gently throbbing quim. 'I am glad you are thinking in the plural, my sweet. Were I even more learned than I am then I could well explain all to you. Suffice it for you to know that a man who is permitted-I say, permitted-to put his cock to your nest will forever savour the mystery of your remoteness, will dwell on it in his mind, and will know that he is being strangely punished for his sinful acts to which he must ever return. So it is with a woman who is soundly smacked on her bottom and put to the male'.

'Oh, yes, I felt the same when you were making John do it to me. You were making us both do it and I knew it was very wicked. I wanted to stop and yet to continue at the same time'.

'Precisely, my pet. In time you will come to pleasure yourself only. It is in your nature, as it is in mine. It is we who shall command. Others are cast in different moulds. Even when permitted to indulge their whims, they will still be under our control, and with certain quiverings and shiverings of knowledge in them they will know this. So is the world made, as I have now discovered. Such as they will return forever to the fold-and it is we who are the fold'.

'But, when a man is upon me, how can I trust it to be so?'.

'You fear that he will ravage you, that passion itself will ravage you? By the training of mind and body, Patricia, you will escape this. Besides, you will always prepare your ground. The elements of fear that you instil in the male will both awe and excite him-as it also will some women. The sexes are not to be differentiated when one's pleasure is paramount'.

'That is why you whipped Crissie tonight? I know you did, for I could see it in the way she walked when she returned downstairs'.

'Lessons must be early taught, Patricia. Crissie knows well her place now-as well indeed as she also knows the pleasuring of my tongue, for I brought the little minx to come again and again after her bottom was well heated. She is bound to me now as surely as you. She will know no pleasure now save at my command. So it must be with all who dwell within here. But now, darling, I will give you your second exercise and then we shall discuss the downfall of Lady Smithers!'