Lady Belinda Smithers was a lady who had lived life well. So well indeed that, with the death of her husband a year before, she now felt life's riches slipping away from her. No more the caviar and champagne, no more the hunting and shooting parties, when joy had been unalloyed and aristocratic ladies wanton in their cups. True, her bank balance would have kept many a poor labourer in bread, cheese, beef, and beer for a lifetime, but such a comparison would have shocked Belinda, who viewed all working people as entirely a different species of homo sapiens. Thus she had cast her eyes about for one who would not so much be a breadwinner, nor even a bread-and-cheese winner, but a caviar supplier and mayhap a diamond digger.

This is not to say, of course, that Belinda was any more greedy than many of her wealthy neighbours, whose Christianity was practised solely with an eye to saving their own souls and receiving therefore the approbation of the local vicar. By any standards of upper class society, Belinda was much as they, save that her hypocrisy stopped short at attending church regularly.

Moreover, both her daughter, Clara, and her son, Ronald, were an additional weight upon her, for they sought ever the same comforts as they had enjoyed since the nursery and had seemingly no idea where money came from. Hence did Belinda's not wholly unattractive eyes fall upon Ralph Cane, whose standing as a Member of Parliament impressed her even more than the occasional standing of his cock when both were in an amorous mood.

That he did not rejoice more in the ample offerings of her curves fretted Belinda a trifle, though not so much as to make her change her plans. Truly, she failed to understand him-or he failed to understand her, as she frequently conjectured. On occasion, he had tried to kiss her drawers, albeit that she was still wearing them. This she did not mind so much and was quite amused when his mouth tickled her there. But she drew a line whenever he bent-rather furtively, it is true-to kiss her boots. It was a decidedly unmanly thing to do by Belinda's standards.

Her late husband had always born a large stiff one with which he would poke her not infrequently and in a masterful fashion, a mode that Belinda most enjoyed. Occasionally he had birched her for pleasure, a sport not entirely unknown in the neighbourhood, though referred to in only the most discreet manner. He had in all senses, so far as Belinda was concerned, been a sporting gentleman, vigorous and soldierly in manner, and extolling from his better half such pleasures as he wished in return for keeping her in more than mere comfort.

Laden with many private treasures as she had been, mostly in the form of necklaces, rings, and other expensive gewgaws, Belinda had forgiven him all, even to the extent of aiding his caprices with several of the younger female servants, who came and went as fast as raindrops.

'I will have her, my dear, this evening', Lord Smithers would say languidly at dinner, indicating some fresh young country girl who had come under his eye when brought into their service.

'Yes, my dear', Belinda would answer, and would feel quite an amorous shiver run through her at the thought of her lord and master putting his manly cock to the girl. She might perhaps whimper and struggle until she took the pleasure of it, whereat she would be slipped a guinea or two by Belinda, who not infrequently watched the amorous battle, being satisfied when the girl was filled to the brim with her master's effusion. Watching her husband's gleaming shaft emerge from a clinging nest, Belinda would feel true pride, ever knowing that it would remain stiff for her afterwards when the maid was dismissed.

Not only of course were the servants served in this manner. Many aristocratic ladies who, once in their cups at some uproarious hunt ball, would doff their drawers and proceed to some merry bottom-bumping on the carpet-not seldom within sight of their spouses, who were equally occupied on some adjacent part of the floor.

Alas, such diversions were no longer part of Belinda's life, for she could no longer afford to gather around her those who were of like mind. Hence she fretted, for, while Ralph Cane possessed the monetary wealth she required, he lacked the doughtiness of purpose in making her ripe bottom move to his cock in the lordly fashion she had erstwhile enjoyed. Perhaps, so she considered to herself, it was in some wise her fault, for she tended to simper in boudoir encounters while, unknown to her, Ralph hungered for a more masterful woman. Thus in her unknowing did Belinda turn to her daughter, Clara, upon whom she had high hopes.

Alas, such hopes were not of the high moralistic stature that one might have hoped for. Indeed, there are those among you who may wish to avert their eyes from what is to follow. Such well-conducted behaviour and such altruism as Astrid intended to impose upon her kin and her eventual followers is not here to be found. In a word, Clara was to rut with Ralph and thus to provide the eventual lure that would draw him into the very centre of Belinda's web. Once achieved, the very nubile young lady could be married off and so domestically dispensed with, to the contentment of all concerned, naturally.

So it came about that Belinda made few bones about the matter when now addressing her daughter, who always listened carefully to all her dear mama had to say. That there was a reason for this shall be unfolded, for Clara-though not always of the nicest nature-was by no means unprepossessing. At the age of twenty, she displayed all of the physical attributes of her mama, which is to say that her breasts were full and firm, her waist of pleasing smallness, her thighs well fleshed, and as a bottom provocative as any demure young lady might secretly wish to possess.

Clara, however, was far from being demure in her inner nature. Outwardly, she affected a prim and petulant mien. Save for the lushness of her curves, none would have suspected her to be a secret worshipper at the altar of Priapus, as indeed she was and as Belinda well knew.

Belinda had good cause to know it. There had come a time three years before when her husband's eyes had strayed not to a new young servant but to their daughter. Belinda had at first affected not to notice this, but then, being a woman of egotistical philosophy and ever mindful of the brimming coffers, she had drawn a discreet shade over her eyes, constantly reminding herself that her husband's virile tool ever sought new pastures and stayed none in long save her own. As to Clara's seduction, it had proved an artful variation on the classical mode, and one that Belinda had discovered through her propinquity for peering in keyholes. Moreover, her suspicions had first been slightly aroused by her master's decision to install a comfortable divan in his study, an article of furniture that he had never previously found use for.

Apprised on the first occasion that Clara had misbehaved and must be given a taste of the strap-as Lord Smithers casually put it-Belinda had not only agreed that disciplinary measures were sometimes requisite but had herself scolded an apparently tearful Clara into attending upon her father in his study.

Within a minute or two of her doing so, there had come to Belinda's ears the sound of the leather being regularly applied with that particular splatting, smacking sound that a good broad strap produces. Being concerned at the time with the household accounts, Belinda absorbed these background noises casually until it distantly occurred to her that her offspring was making remarkably little noise herself. This being her papa's first attendance on her bottom, Belinda naturally expected to hear loud squeals and cries, a detail evidently forgotten by Clara in her excitement. Or perhaps the minx thought that her mama was otherwise too occupied to take notice.

Belinda was never lost in the matter of fine instincts and raised her head several times to listen. Hearing then several strange moans emanating from her daughter-though muffled by distance and the closed door of the study-she became ever more curious as to the manner of Clara's reception of the strap across her bottom. Insofar as the rhythmic slapping of the leather still sounded, and seemed to be rather prolonged even for her husband, Belinda betook herself along the upper corridor to her master's haven and applied her eye to the keyhole.

What she then saw was truly remarkable. Clara was indeed bending, though not as convention would have it, over her father's desk. With her skirts and petticoat well tucked up to her hips and her frilly white drawers at her ankles, the nature of her posture was such that she was gently manipulating the well-risen prick of her papa, who was seated comfortably on a wooden chair beside his desk. He, for his part, was fondling her naked bottom and much else while slapping the strap idly on the leather arm of another chair.

Drawing her mouth to his, Lord Smithers then proceeded to kiss it most lusciously the while that his fervent palm caressed the smooth hemispheres of Clara's chubby bottom. Moving her legs apart as far as the banding of her drawers would permit, Clara offered herself invitingly to the lewd insinuations of his fingers, which, from moment to moment, curled right under her bottom and titillated her cunny, making her hips wriggle agreeably. Her bottom was indeed somewhat pink, but whether this was from some initial ministrations of the leather or the result of the fervent caresses it was receiving, Belinda was unable to decide. This conundrum was, however, solved for her by the murmurings of conversation that then came to her ears. 'Do you not like it, my pet?'.

'Oh, yes, Papa, and how big it is! Truly it became stiff the moment I pushed my drawers down. Is it not naughty for us to do this, though?'.

'Indubitably, my darling, but that is the spice of it. What an adorable little cunny you have and how moist it is after your strapping'.

'Wicked Papa, I thought you would not leather my poor bottom. It stung me so!'

'That is its intent, my dear, to bring your bottom well up to your pap's cock, as so it did. What silky thighs you have and how plump and firm your bottom is! Rub faster, my pet. Put your tongue in my mouth and open your legs more so that I can tease your cunny all the better'.

'Ooooh, Papa! I feel so strange-my tummy is all afire!'

'You are about to come, Clara, even as I. Soon enough I shall put my cock to your cunt and we will lather one another deliciously. Ah, you minx, work your bottom and tongue more!'

Stung by jealousy, and yet not a little moved by the amorous spectacle, Belinda would have found herself quite unable to move had it not been for the unwonted intrusion on the upper floor of one of the servants, which caused her to hasten back to her room where she sat in a frightful lather of frustration at not knowing the continuance of the affair. As luck would have it, however, the intruding maid caused her brush and pan to drop, which in turn alarmed the overheated occupants of the study and Clara in particular. Fearing that her mama was about to witness the stolen moment, she uttered a little cry of alarm and, starting back from her papa, swiftly pulled her drawers up. He, realising that the opportunity was lost, just as hastily covered himself as with a loud 'Herrumph!' he offered vocal warnings to his daughter that he prayed might be heard beyond the door and so exculpate the pair.

Within minutes then, while Clara hastened to her room, he had presented himself to his wife in such a lewd state that she, deeming it better not to confess what she had witnessed, fell back upon their bed at his gruff bidding and received within seconds the lordly offering of his bubbling sperm.

'My dear, what an excited state you were in', Belinda chided him softly, while yet his throbbing prick soaked in her then well-oiled quim.

'Indeed, it must be the heat of the day, my love', he had answered pantingly.

'Of course', her reply had come while clutching him greedily still between her thighs. For, having received such a heavenly effusion, Belinda decided to say naught-of what she had seen nor to give any hint as to her knowledge of the affair. From then on, however, she became more watchful while Clara for her part became ever more devious and frequently joined her papa in the summerhouse or some other discreet rendezvous. He rapidly introduced her to all the amorous arts, inducing her to imbibe his sperm by way of her pretty lips and her rosy bottomhole as well as her cunt.

By then Clara had attained her seventeenth birthday and was in such a glow of health that her mama renewed her suspicions, for the winsome girl had become positively smug and would frequently give her papa the most amorous looks when she thought they were not observed. Soon enough, as must occur in all such matters, carelessness intruded. Having ensured that the couple found no opportunity whatever for their illicit passions, Belinda put her vigorously equipped husband to such frustration that he was mindful to find cause to give Clara another strapping, which intent he thought it frightfully clever to avow openly.

Playing her part as well as she could, Clara sobbed and protested to no avail-as well she hoped-since she had been deprived of a lusty ramming for several weeks.

'Why, Clara, you must obey your dear papa at all times', declared Belinda, who was then careful to add that she intended to retire, which intelligence of course delighted both her husband and daughter, though they were careful not to show it. 'I am tired, my dear, so you must forgive me. Apply the strap to the naughty girl's bottom well, for I am sure she stands in need of it', she averred and then made great play of entering her boudoir and closing the door. Albeit that her heart was beating rapidly, Belinda allowed quite some minutes for passions to reach their heights and endeavoured to distract herself by disrobing to her corset and stockings and casting on a peignoir.

She had now every intention of interrupting the pair, though in truth she knew not what she was to do upon effecting her surprise entry. To her ears for several minutes came the regular smacking of the strap and the plaintive cries and moans of Clara, which her mama knew well enough by now how to interpret. With her pulse racing and her palms not a little moist, Belinda then moved quietly along the corridor in the direction of the study and silently opened the door.

Clara at first neither heard nor saw her, for she was in the very throes of pleasure. Her dress, chemise, and drawers, cast off, lay upon the floor in artful mingling with the little-used strap. Nearby, Lord Smithers' garments equally adorned the carpet together with his boots. Naked as the day, he knelt upon the divan with his stiff prick half-inserted in the moist nest of his daughter who, on hands and knees before him, looked divinely desirable in her white-silk stockings, pink garters, and nothing else save for her boots. At that very moment, her papa's cock was entering her again after several juicy thrusts, which had already churned their bellies warmly. Bowed over her, his palms fervently cupped the luscious gourds of her titties, whose creamy, swollen surfaces offered the tingling of her aroused nipples to his touch.

Murmuring incoherently but blissfully, Clara kept her flushed face resting on her forearms while moving her hips about gently as he had taught her to. Reaching his free arm under her smooth tummy, her papa caused his fingers to toy around her clitoris while his cock moved powerfully in and out between the greedily sucking walls of her cunt. Oiled as it was by her secretions-for Clara had already come once even as he had inserted his bulbous knob in her quim-his prick moved easily. Albeit that she was blissfully tight, she had learned rapidly how to apply the nutcracker action of her interior muscles to draw him on.

Thus was the lascivious spectacle that came to Belinda's eyes as she stood swaying in the doorway. Becoming aware of her presence, Clara uttered a wild cry and his her face. For his part, however, Lord Smithers seized her waggling hips and rammed his charger full into her so that her heated bottom-cheeks balled tightly into his belly. Casting out one strong arm, he seized his wife's wrist and he pulled her down beside them.

'Ah, Harold, no!', Belinda cried, finding her face adjacent to her daughter's while her robe was manfully thrust open and her own cunt offered to her husband's hand.

'Yes, Belinda ', croaked he, determined not to be deprived of his final pleasure in this ardent moment and, indeed, to add to it. His wife's sturdy, black-stockinged legs, kicking wildly, contrasted erotically with the white ones of Clara, who could do nothing but moan as his pestle continued to pound her. All was then lost in the wild passion of the moment.

Tom between outrage and arising passion, Belinda succumbed, knowing well enough that she had no other course to take anyway other than to totally disrupt the very relations that ensured her steady supply of caviar and champagne. Thus did opportunism reign. Joining mouths and tongues wildly together in the haphazard squirmings and wrigglings that ensued, all three ran a delirious course until a softly breathing quiet obtained. Continuing to soak his rammer in the frothing quim of Clara, who by then lay flat beneath him, Lord Smithers afforded his wife the most passionate of kisses and continued to caress her own pulpy slit.

'Oh, Harold, what are we at!', murmured Belinda hotly.

'Naught but pleasure, my pet, and who is to say us nay. But come, let us all to the boudoir where we may have a larger bed on which to spread ourselves'.

Withdrawing then his still-thick penis from his daughter's come-soaked nest, he aroused the pair to their trembling legs.

'Oh, Mama, what are we to do! I cannot!', Clara wailed, covering her blushing face.

'What nonsense, Clara, you have done it with Papa once and you might as well do it again', declared Belinda rather to her own surprise. Swept up in her father's arms, Clara was then carried to the nuptial bed, kicking and sobbing theatrically, as she felt it necessary to do. In this, Belinda saw well enough her opportunity for some revenge at least, and persuaded her husband to spank the wicked girl soundly in their bedroom until. If not quieted, she was at least sufficiently subdued to find a panting pleasure in his thoroughly re-aroused cock, which both mother and daughter then dutifully fondled. Thereat, their lord and master threaded them both in turn, much to their shameful delight, as each again witnessed the other in the throes of desire. By morning, indeed, Belinda had been thrice pumped and Clara twice more, so that each received their due, the sheet being much puddled with all their liquid treasures.

Not wishing however to let her daughter take an upper hand in the matter, Belinda thereafter saw to it that Clara received the parental cock much less frequently and always in the most discreet manner, which she took care not to observe again. Thus a strange but knowing relationship existed between Clara and her mama, which the latter was determined to use now that a further opportunity arose to better her own position while maintaining her daughter's. Casting herself in Clara's confidence, though the minx knew well enough what was afoot, Belinda declared her intentions more boldly in respect of Ralph Cane than might otherwise have obtained.

'You will be very nice to him, Clara-VERY nice- you understand?'.

'Oh, yes, Mama. If he should wish to kiss me, do you mean?'.

'Yes, my dear'.

'And, Mama, if he should wish to... .'

'Tut, tut, Clara, there are certain things we need not discuss. Should Mr. Cane find it necessary to-er- discipline you on occasions as your dear papa was wont to do, then naturally I shall raise no objections thereto'.

'But, Mama, he may wish to strap me, and, oh, dear, if he does so I shall have to take my drawers down'.

'I do not doubt it, my dear, but that is a problem which has caused you little offence in the past and need not do so now. The better that you present your bottom, the more engaging will be his interest. Naturally, you will report all such occasions to me'.

'Yes, Mama, as I always did'.

'Always, Clara?'.

'Well... almost always, dear Mama!'

With that neither could suppress a laugh, for both had certain fond memories of all that had passed and were as lewd in their minds as ever they had been, though all was cloaked in the most discreet of conversations as is proper in society. Only when bibulous did they let their tongues run on a little, for both had a great taste for fine wines. That, though they little knew it, was to prove their undoing.