Having entered her dressing room to don a pair of blue-silk directoire drawers and to cast about her voluptuous form a tea gown of matching material, Julia descended with a pleased smile upon her lips. The venture had gone as well as she had expected it to, and perhaps a trifle better. Every scornful of those whom she considered the oafs of Society- whether poor or rich-Julia admired above all young women of high-tempered spirit such as she now knew Astrid to be. The girl would be a perfect treasure.

Upon reaching the foot of the stairs she was met by Amy, who now wore an expression of greater humbleness on her face, for while their mistress allowed them certain pleasures she could also be exceedingly strict.

'Lady Dunnit is here to see you, Ma'am'.

'Alone, Amy?'

'No, Ma'am, she has her nephew with her-the one who...'.

'That will do, Amy. You may bring in some wine', Julia interrupted, for she was aware that the maid was about to attempt some familiar reminiscing. Lady Dun-nit was an infrequent visitor, but the occasions that she spent with Julia were often memorable, as they were for her nephew, Anthony. He had attained now to the age of seventeen and was a slender youth with a somewhat girlish face and blond hair, which Julia had insisted must be allowed to grow. Not having seen him for over a month, she was pleased, upon entering the drawing room, to find that it now almost reached his shoulders and went rather fetchingly with the blue velvet suit he wore.

Lady Esmeralda Dunnit was a lady in her early forties, who led the local hunt with her husband. Despite her commanding looks and her fiery figure, she acceded to Julia in all matters. The two had been at boarding school together and knew each other's ways. Embracing fondly, they kissed, pecking and cooing at one another's lips while Anthony sat silent and not a little fearful in the presence of their hostess.

'He looks a trifle pale. Have you been over-milking him?', Julia asked distantly while taking good care not to look at Anthony directly.

'Why, no', simpered Esmeralda. 'There has been very little opportunity for it. His mama is too often about and keeps a most careful eye on him'.

'Oh, tush! You should have brought her to rein long ago with as much ease as you do your horses, Esmeralda. It would appear that I shall have to intervene in that. You have been lost for pleasure then, I suppose?'.

A perfect shyness then appeared to come over her lady visitor, who had the grace to blush a little. Julia knew her well enough, however, not to pursue the matter too vocally and merely whispered something in her ear which caused Esmeralda to tremble inwardly with pleasure. At this moment, Marie entered with the wine, which, being a good Chateau neuf du Pape, afforded Lady Dunnit the sense of headiness she preferred to enjoy at such moments in Julia's presence. On purpose, nothing whatever was said to her nephew, who was but given a glass of milk while the two ladies sat and chatted as two might do in any English drawing room. After his second glass, however, Julia saw fit to take action. Summoning Marie again with a small hand bell, she nodded to Esmeralda, who, with excitement pulsing in her veins, rose and followed the maid out.

Esmeralda knew well enough where she was to go and having ascended to the second floor-unknowingly skirting the very door behind which Astrid lay-entered a room that was most curiously furnished. The walls on three sides were covered in rucked velvet drapes of dark blue, which completely concealed the windows, thus making it necessary to have lamps continually burning within. Upon the other wall, which was painted smoothly in cream, hung an assortment of whips, crops, leather paddles, and other devices that included chains, cuffs, and elaborate leather gags, some of which caused a ball to be held in the mouth of such miscreants as must be kept silent. Along one wall was a huge divan whose velvet surface offered comfort and ease. This, however, was not to be forthcoming until one had suffered certain torments, as Esmeralda well knew. The principal object of her attention was a whipping horse that stood in the centre of the room. Its bulk, supported upon four stout legs, resembled a huge bolster, covered in leather and cylindrical in shape. Its length was almost five feet and its diameter two feet. By a cunning mechanical device, the legs were adjustable in height and could be wound up or down at will. To one side of this apparatus was a more simple but stoutly built wooden trestle that but for its padded top might have been taken for a sawing horse, its triangular legs fastened securely to the floor.

'Madam will remove her dress', Marie said. She had dealt with Lady Dunnit before and knew something of her tastes and whims. Like many fine ladies whose exotic and lewd ideas could not be fulfilled in their own domestic surroundings, Esmeralda sought the assistance and encouragement of one as knowing as Julia, who, being as wealthy as herself, required no fees for her attendances, as she was pleased to call them. Having stripped the voluptuous dame of her dress, Marie next removed Tier petticoat and her knickers, which she drew carefully off over the tight-laced boots that Lady Dunnit wore. That left her attired in black, patterned stockings and a small corset, which left nothing of her monumental bottom and breasts concealed.

Stepping back, Marie surveyed the wondrous half-moons, which gleamed pale and full, nobly supported as they were on her stout thighs.

'You may turn, Madam', she said, whereat Esmeralda did so, displaying her fine black bush of thick curls beneath a swelling belly.

'You may lick me, Marie',

The words came softly and pleadingly in a tone that the noble dame would never otherwise have used to a servant. Here, however, she had knowingly entered a different realm, one in which she could play a submissive or supplicating role in order to appease her amorous desires. Her legs quivered visibly as the maid knelt and first sniffed appreciatively under Esmeralda's quim.

'How nice you smell, Madam. Have you received a cock here lately?'.

'No, my dear, for my husband is lax in his attentions. Put out your tongue now, I beg you, and slip it up between the lips. Ah! How delicious! A little farther in. Now twirl it around! Oh, what a good girl you are. Yes, press your lips up close. Ah, you make me tremble!'.

'My mistress will see to you properly in but a moment, Madam. Tom may be put to you also, if you wish, though that is not of course for me to say. Ah, Madam, you are coming! What a lovely spurting! The very thought of their cocks makes your juices flow, does it not', spluttered Marie, whose tongue continued to work steadily within and about the rolled lips of Lady Dunnit's cunt the while that her mouth and the tip of her nose became oiled with the damsel's effusions.

'Oh, my dear girl, do it more!'.

Esmeralda's legs stiffened and widened, her head falling back and her fingers coursing about her thick, brown nipples, which stood out upon her gelatinous gourds as she awaited the second coming of pleasure which seemed to set her belly and cunt on fire.

Meanwhile, downstairs, Anthony had, under Julia's command, removed all save his shirt and the batiste knickers, which she had been pleased to find he was wearing under his trousers. His limbs were strong but slender, the skin shaven everywhere and as smooth as a girl's.

'They are your elder sister's, I trust', Julia said, while making him stand to attention.

'Yes, Madam'.

'Expose your prick to me, you wretch, when I address you thus! Does she not make you get it out?'.

'Yes, Madam', Anthony trembled. He fumbled in the knickers which, being slit at the front as well as the rear, permitted him to work his penis out, where it lolled in a half-erect state, his balls remaining hid. The very presence of all females awed him. Those over twenty years of age seemed as veritable goddesses to him. He was as helpless in their hands as he now was with Julia. As she moved about him, much as one might examine a young stallion, he could glimpse through the gap in her gown the legs of her drawers and the luscious rims of her white thighs above her stocking tops. His jaw sagged and a squeal of surprise came from him as with one hand Julia wrenched his head back by taking hold of his hair and with the other cupped his balls tightly through the drawers.

'You are of service to her, Anthony?', she asked coldly, maintaining both her grips.

Anthony gulped and tried to nod. He dare not tell anyone the awful things that his sister, Maude, did to him. She was six years his senior and had been well-tutored by Julia, though he knew it not. Sometimes she would steal into his room at night while he slept and, drawing up his nightshirt to his armpits, bind him tightly from shoulders to knees while he lay in trembling dismay. Never speaking, Maude would then straddle his prone figure and raise her own nightdress to just above her hips. In the gloom he would see the whites of her thighs and the dark, mysterious triangle of hair about her plump mount. The bed would creak slightly as his sister settled her knees firmly, her cunt poised above his cock. Anthony always feared that the sound might arouse his parents, but no one ever came. Maude's hips were wide, and her tits-which he had never yet seen-were heavy. A musky perfume would come from between her thighs, making his prick stiffen rapidly.

Maude would never touch him until she deemed him stiff enough for his task, but would remain immobile, gazing down upon him. Anthony always tried to suppress the moan of pleasure that rose instinctively to his lips as then her warm clasp took his erect pego, brushing it under the waiting lips of her slit while her eyes appeared to burn down into his. Then with a contented sigh Maude would commence settling her cunt slowly on his cock, never bearing her weight down so much that he slipped in easily, but always keeping every tremor of her hips under control until at last the silky walls of her vagina absorbed him fully. Sheathed in her to the root, Anthony would feel the full impress of her round bottom on his thighs while she imperiously so held and contained him.

Sometimes Maude would bend over him and he would long for their lips to meet, but such never occurred. Straightening, she would commence jogging up and down on his prick, her motion slow and sensuous. Each time her breath hissed out through her nose, Anthony would know she was enjoying the delirium of orgasm, for his embedded tool would become wetter with her juices which would flow down onto his balls. He himself was not permitted to ejaculate his sperm until Maude uttered the single word 'NOW!'. Then at last the pent-up passions in him would find release and he would lie shaking and quivering in the tight enclosure of the ropes while his sperm jetted and throbbed within her.

Only when she had extolled the last drop would his sister dismount, wrinkling her nose in distaste at the spectacle of his sodden and weaking tool as it slipped from between her lovelips. Silently untying him, she would give his buttocks a sharp smack and tell him to go to sleep before departing as quietly as she had come.

Once, as Maude got off the bed, Anthony had heard to his frozen horror the voice of his mother coming from a farther bedroom.

'What are you doing, Maude? Is that you?'.

'Anthony needed a glass of water, Mama. I have seen to him'.

'Very well, Maude'.

His prick dripping into the sheet, he had then slept, though fearful that Maude might return in an hour or two, as she sometimes did, to waken him and put her to him again. This he knew was what was meant by being of service to her. The warmth and suction of his sister's cunt was heavenly and he longed to clasp her and kiss her while she was doing it, but such was never permitted. He was an instrument to be used for the pleasure of ladies. The very thought made Anthony feel swoony. Now when Julia stroked his cock while still holding his head back severely, tears of pleasure flooded into his eyes. Then her hold on his pego tightened and she led him out by it and upstairs. Hearing a scuffle from within the Attendance Room, Julia smiled and hesitated for a moment before entering. As she did so, Marie rose from her knees and Esmeralda quickly turned away.

'You have been naughty, Esmeralda', Julia intoned. Closing the door, she relinquished her grip on Anthony's cock and motioned him brusquely to stand in the corner. Marie wiped her mouth and smiled. Her shoulders quivering, Esmeralda dropped her head.

'Oh, how can you say such a thing!', she expostulated, though without any conviction whatever, thoroughly aware that her nephew's eyes, were feasting upon the exposed globe of her bottom as well as her tits, which he could see in profile.

'Marie-put her over!', came then Julia's crisp command, whereat Esmeralda uttered such a wail one might have thought she was being consigned to purgatory. The maid took her elbow firmly and led her, with her bottom cheeks wobbling heavily, to the trestle. '

'I beg you no! Oh, pray, do not whip my bottom! T shall never be wicked again, I do promise!', howled Esmeralda, though making no attempt whatever to escape her fate, as Marie bent her firmly over. Her belly was settled on the padded top, her wrists secured by clamps to the legs, thus forcing her arms to spread. Thus positioned, her bottom rose like a harvest moon glowing gloriously and exposing the full cleft for all to see. Beneath the lower bulge could be espied the smaller cleft of her cunt, whose ruby lips glistened in their nest of curls. Anthony, forced to stand with his arms at his sides in the corner, felt his cock quiver passionately. He had fucked his aunt but thrice before, each time on visits to Julia, and was ever eager to plunge his prick into whichever of her orifices was ordained for his attention.

'Your legs, Esmeralda-keep them full apart or by heavens I shall scorch your bottom until you scream for mercy!', said Julia, who had pondered which of her many instruments to use. For her own pleasure, as also for Esmeralda's, she sometimes brought the birch to her or even the cane, but in front of Anthony such would be unseemly. She therefore chose a paddle which was of thick leather, a large oval shape attached to a small, black handle. It made an exceedingly satisfying noise as well as affording a female sensations she could never otherwise obtain.

'Spare me, Julia, please!', Esmeralda whimpered, as out of the corner of her eye she saw her friend taking up position at her rear.

'I may spare you even your nephew's cock if you do not be quiet', Julia responded cynically, and therewith raised the leather paddle and brought it with a most resounding SMACK! and SPLATT! full across Esmeralda's full and fleshy bottom, causing her to yelp. Her nether cheeks contracted under the splatting smack which burned full into her. Her mouth open and her nose all but touching the floor, Esmeralda received with a screeching gasp a second and a third. Her hips waggled wildly, the heels of her boots digging frantically into the carpet. A pink glow spread across her cleft globe, the attractive hue merging into the pallor of her cheeks.

SPLATT! SMACK! SPLATT! SMACK! came the paddle again, each time bringing a more high-pitched cry from Esmeralda. Her hair drooped down one side of her face as her pins loosened. 'NOO-OOOH-OOOH!', came her plaintive wail, but all was ignored in the passion of the moment to which the deeply satisfying sound of the leather meeting her ardent flesh gave its salute.

The darling bitch was enjoying not only the sensations she was being afforded, but the spectacle she was giving, as Julia well knew. The very thought strengthened her arm and wrist. When Esmeralda received the next three it was first upon either cheek, from the side, and then beneath, causing her to jerk her hips up even more lewdly as the leather sought and seared into the lower and plumpest part of her bulge.

'Do not, Julia, do NOT! OW!', cried Esmeralda in such alarm as those are wont to offer who have appealed for punishment and yet feel themselves unable to sustain it. Her arms strained, causing the manacles which held her wrists to clink.

'Prepare the young male', Julia said curtly to Marie, who all the time had watched with deeply glowing eyes. Moving toward Anthony, who was trembling mightily, she removed first his drawers and then his shirt, leaving him naked for the fray. As was her custom then, she ringed his upstanding pego in her fingers and with her free hand cupped his balls, holding him steady while yet Julia, continuing to apply the paddle with expert sweeps of her arm, brought Esmeralda's ample derriere to a fine glow. The cheeks indeed looked positively glowing with heat and even larger than they had first appeared, their wriggling and writhing movements- accompanied by Esmeralda's ever-wilder cries- making Anthony's prick throb urgently in Marie's palm. She, however, merely tightened her grip upon it, causing his eyes to screw up.

'Ah, stop! Oh, stop! I cannot bear it, Julia! No-no more! Have pity!', came Esmeralda's screech, for her bottom felt now veritably like a brazier, her heaving cheeks clamping tightly upon one another in a hapless attempt to drive out the heat that was truly scorching her loins.

Julia then cast the paddle to one side, where it fell with a slight thud on the carpet. This was the signal for Marie, who led Anthony forward while his aunt's sobs filled the room. Her hair now cascaded full about her face upon which two pearly tears showed. As Anthony approached with his stiff pego pointing towards his aunt's hot rump, Julia stepped in front of her. So far over was Esmeralda bent that Julia had but to open her stately legs and then close them again in order to secure Esmeralda's back under her crotch. Leaning forward, she then parted the richly fleshed cheeks of Esmeralda's bottom and thereby fully exposed the crinkled brown ring of her anus.

'No! My god, not there!', came Esmeralda's croaking cry, which choked off into a hollow moan as Marie neatly placed the crest of Anthony's prick against the rounded aperture. A slight pressure then of his loins and the rubbery ring was forced, yielding to absorb the knob while Esmeralda's cries fluttered upon the air.

'Hold!', Marie instructed him, thereupon taking both his arms and bringing them up above his shoulders until she could attach his wrists to manacles which dangled from two chains that hung from the ceiling. Bending swiftly while Anthony grimaced with pleasure at the containment of his knob in his aunt's bottomhole, Marie applied clamps to his feet so that the only movements he could now make were with his loins. Face flushed, the maid straightened and received an approving nod from her mistress, who ever delighted in such libertine tableaux. Unsaddling herself from Esmeralda's bent back, she moved behind to inspect the insertion of Anthony's cock. The helmet was but just within. His aunt's anus appeared as might a baby's mouth around it. Giving his smooth buttocks a sharp little smack, Julia caused it to bury itself a farther inch within, which gesture of homage was received with a low moan from its recipient.

'STAY!', she commanded Anthony in a voice such as one would use to a gundog. 'Marie-you will see that neither moves so much as a half-inch or both will be put to the birch and worse. Contain them in this posture until I return!'.

'JUL-I-AP, came Esmeralda's pitiful cry at that, but only the opening and closing of the door made reply. Anthony's upraised, arms already ached and his cock twitched in the delicious, warm containment of his aunt's plump bottom, yet he dared not move a muscle, no more than she, for they knew that Julia's warning had been fully meant.