Returning to the drawing room, Astrid found only Jemima there, curled up in a chair and looking somewhat fretful. Concerned lest her pretty little sister should be of dull spirits, Astrid sat on the arm of her chair and kissed her fondly.

'Are you well, Jemima? You look a little peaked'.

'I am well, really, Astrid, but life is so boring, isn't it? Scarce anyone comes to call, and Papa seems especially broody so that there is nothing to be got out of him at all'.

'Well, darling, I intend to see that changes are made about the house now and that we shall indeed have a merrier life. As for Papa, you may be sure that we shall get plenty out of him. I mean to make it my duty to see so. Did Patricia tell Crissie about my dress?'.

'No, she didn't. She is all of a mood, too, and said she did not see why she should have to do it for you'.

'Not to fret, Jemima, I will ensure that she is put into a better frame of mind. Be a good girl and go and tell Crissie for me. Before you do, there is a package I hid behind the stand in the hall. Will you fetch it?'.

'Are there presents in it?', Jemima asked excitedly, but before Astrid could reply she had run into the hall and returned carrying a small, black-leather valise. 'What is in it-oh, do tell me! Is it a secret?'.

'It is rather one, pet, but I will show you first. Come, let us go up to your room for we shall be more private there and need have no fear of interruptions'.

All aglow with interest, Jemima followed her sister upstairs. Having entered the bedroom and locked the door, to the great intrigue of Jemima, the bag was opened and its contents laid out. Jemima's expression took on one of astonishment. 'Oh, what funny, horrid looking things!', she exclaimed.

'Really, Jemima, they are not horrid at all. Come, sit with me and I will explain. First we have these two pairs of leather cuffs, which fit closely but comfortably around the wrists or ankles. Then we have this broad leather strap, which is called a tawse. The end is split into two, and makes a fine slapping noise. There are several lengths of cord, as you can see, some longer straps for the body, and finally this little whip, which has a full twenty thongs, all very slim, with the ends are tied in a knot'.

'Oh, Astrid, are they for naughty girls?'.

'For naughty girls and naughty boys, dear. Have you been naughty while I've been away? I'm sure you have a little. Let's pretend you have and play a game. I will just slip these cuffs around your wrists, so. No, don't struggle, silly, or it will spoil things'.

'Really, what are you doing! I don't want to! Why are you pulling my dress up? Oh, stop!'.

'Shush, Jemima! You must not make so much noise-that is one of the rules of the game. If you struggle so hard I shall really spank you. I am just getting your drawers down for a moment. There! What an adorable bottom! To think that Papa has never so much as smacked it'.

'OUCH! What are you doing? How hateful you are, Astrid! I shall tell Papa of this, and Patricia, too!', squealed Jemima, as Astrid drew her across her lap and gave her two quite light smacks landed on the resilient cheeks of her chubby bottom. The cheeks were prettily dimpled and of perfect whiteness. Beneath the cleft orb showed an already promising fluff of curls, the whole seeming to invite such titillation as Astrid intended to give it. SMACK! fell her palm again, the impress of her hand leaving a most attractive imprint upon the plump little half-moons. This brought a further yelp from Jemima, who wriggled madly, though, her wrists being bound behind her back, she could little to effect her escape. 'BOO-HOO!', she sobbed, and would have rolled off Astrid's lap had Astrid not caught her. 'If you don't st... st... stop, I shall scream and scream!';

'Very well, Miss, if that is to be the case I shall have to dun your cries, will I not?'. With that, Astrid took a black cloth from the valise, which lay open at her side, and promptly gagged Jemima, rolled her upon the bed, and made her draw up her knees.

'No, no, NO!', her sister endeavoured to screech but only a thin sound came from behind the gag while her dress and chemise were drawn up high over her hips and her bottom more fully bared. With that, Astrid reached for the little whip of many thongs and began swishing it quite gently across Jemima's bottom, for she had no desire whatever to cause her pain but only to let her feel the first urging of the burning tips, the tiny knots at the ends ensuring that they nipped like bees.

'OOOOH-WAH!'. Jemima could hear her own voice echoing in her ears. Her back being clamped down firmly by her sister's hand, her bottom squirmed and bounced while the tips seemed to seek between her cheeks and even occasionally beneath, to tickle her cunny. It did not hurt her half as much as she thought it would, but it was a most funny sensation, and made her nether cheeks grow hot all over as again and again- and now and then with a little more force-the thongs swirled like striking snakes all about her delightful posterior.

'Now, Miss, I propose to give you a fine sixer to polish you off', declared Astrid, who was delighted to see what charming hues of strawberries and cream her efforts were producing. It would do no harm at all for Jemima to be well heated, she decided suddenly, and by no means against her better judgement, for she knew she could wield the thongs as delicately as any or as strongly as might be wished.

'NEEE-YNNNNG!', came Jemima's muffled cry. SWEEE-ISSSH! came the thongs again and again, causing Jemima hips to rotate delightfully while all over her bottom appeared splotches of pink. Her knees jerked, her face grew ever more flushed, and her bubbles seemed to swell until the sharp tips of her nipples pressed through the cotton of her dress. SWEE-ISSSH! WEEEE-ISSSH! SWEE-ISSSSH!.

'Up with it, Miss-come on-two more!', Astrid sang with a most bewitching smile playing about her lips. No sooner had she accorded them, and brought her sister's bottom to a full, rosy glow, then she acted with all such speed as she knew was required. Slipping a sobbing Jemima's gag, she fell on the bed beside her which, being narrow, caused them to lie closely together.

'OH-WOH-WOH!', Jemima blubbered, while Astrid, cupping her hot bottom firmly, held her tight against her so that their titties bulbed together and her mouth softly silenced her sister's cries. Feeling smothered and squirming still from the stinging, Jemima sobbed into Astrid's mouth the while that Astrid reached far under her bottom to tickle and tease her cunny.

'BLUB!', mouthed Jemima, who was now seized by so many different sensations at once that she felt even hotter and headier. Little by little as Astrid's persuasive finger moved and, while her tongue twirled all about in Jemima's mouth, her sister quivered, gasped, and then began to cling to her as with her free hand Astrid loosed the cuffs.

'There, darling, there-does it not feel nice now?', Astrid soothed. 'Lift your leg up, darling, so that I can feel your pussy better. There! Ooooh, how moist it is! Don't be afraid for I am going to make something very nice happen. Ah, now I can feel your clitty. What an adorable little bud it is! Shall I rub it more while I hold your bottom?'.

'NOOOO! Y... yes... yes! Oh! I feel I'm melting!'.

'You are coming, pet, you are coming. Lie on your back now and open your legs well. There's a good girl! Give me your tongue now! Ah, how you are gushing! How lovely and sticky-wicky it feels all over my fingers'.

'GOOOOO!', quivered Jemima. The hot stinging of the thong tips made her bottom bounce still, which of course is exactly what that instrument is designed to do, so that the maiden is brought to respond to the delights that follow. Her legs, held wide open, straightened, and her toes curled while Astrid so artfully kept on brushing her clitty with the lightest of fingertips. Jemima once more spurted and then again until, with a huge contented sigh, she lay still, her eyes wide open in an expression of innocent delight.

'You see? Was it not nice? Keep squirming your bottom, dear, for you may come again, if you wish. Come-tell me that you liked it, for I know you did'.

'It st... st... stung me-oh!', replied Jemima, blushing but at the same time keeping her pretty legs apart.

'It is meant to, for it brings you on. What a delicious little mouth you have-fresh as a peach. Confess to me, you little minx, that you enjoyed it despite all'.

Jemima giggled and hid her face, for she felt both naughty and excited at the same time. 'Yeth!', she lisped, and gurgled quite happily as Astrid passed her lips suavely across her own while feeling the straining of her nipples through her dress. 'You must not do it again though, Astrid, must you?', Jemima asked naively.

'If I do not, darling, you will only wish that I had. I have lots to teach you and you will find it very exciting, I do promise. Let us keep it a secret, shall we? Papa has never spanked you, which is very remiss of him'.

'Ooooh, but I don't want him to!'

'We shall see, Jemima. Now pull your knickers up and change your dress, for I want you to look at your prettiest always. I shall see to it that Papa buys you many new things this very week and I shall help you choose them myself. A little corset will draw your slender waist in even more and make your hips flare. Indeed, you look womanly already. A perfect little Venus, as they say'.

'Papa will never buy me new things-I know he won't', pouted Jemima, rising from the bed and almost tripping over her drawers which had been worked down to her ankles.

'Papa will do as I say and so will you', Astrid replied firmly to the great astonishment of Jemima, whose navel twinkled as she covered herself. Obey me in all things henceforth, my sweet, and you shall have your heart's desire'.

'Oh, do you mean it? There is such a change in you I know not what to think!'.

'What one thinks and what one does are occasionally two different things, as I have been surprised to learn myself. But all this you will know also in due course. Your prefect obedience is all I seek now, Jemima', Astrid said, lifting her sister's chin.

'I promise-oh, I do!', Jemima replied breathlessly.

'Very well, dear, and I shall keep you to it. Attend to your appearance now, for, whatever befalls, a woman must always look at her best'.

With that, Astrid departed and went straight to Patricia's room, where she found her sitting hunched up in a chair. At her entrance, Patricia glared at her and looked away, pretending to be much busied with her contemplation of the sky through the leaded panes of the window. In truth, though, she sensed that Astrid was going to upbraid her for not having given her message to Crissie. Moreover, Patricia was exceedingly restless. Her apprehensions as to the identity of the woman who had interrupted her tete-a-tete with the Major had not lessened, and she feared lest she might appear at the house and reveal all. At the same time, the sensation of having the Major's cock in her bottom was also ever present. At some moments it filled her with shame and yet at others it excited her.

'You did not then give Crissie my message', Astrid said, placing herself before Patricia and thus effectively forcing her to look at her.

'No, I did not, Astrid. What a bothersome, silly thing for me to have to do when you could perfectly well do it yourself.

'You have much to learn', Astrid sighed. 'Perhaps your amorous occupations in my absence have befuddled your mind a little'.

At this Patricia naturally displayed great dismay and wonder. Her hand flew to her mouth, her eyes opened wide. 'What? I do not know what you mean!', she stammered.

'Patricia, you know perfectly well what I am about, though you have no need to fear that I shall divulge your escapade in the hut. Neither have I any wish to make the Major's acquaintance. He is not the type I wish you to consort with'.

'You know of this? Oh, my God, how do you know? Who has told you? Have you seen him?'.

'A good stiff cock up your bottom, indeed! Well, I am sure it benefited you, and is as good an introduction to the amorous arts as any young lady might have. How did it feel? You must tell me', Astrid said in her softest voice while quite ignoring her sister's questions. So saying, she stepped back and allowed Patricia to spring up.

'You will tell no one, Astrid-I beg you!'

'What have you to fear, my dear? All men are possessed of cocks and all women with the appropriate apertures for them to poke', laughed Astrid, turning her back on her and surveying the placid gardens beyond. Feeling Patricia's hand imploringly upon her shoulder, she stiffened, much as if to brush it away.

'I beg you, please-promise me, Astrid! Oh, the shame of it-I would die of it! That dreadful woman who forced me to the act-do you know her?'.

'Tut, tut, so many questions. Patricia! Let it suffice that you have at least been rodded at last and in a perfectly appropriate place. Sit down on the bed, for I wish to speak to you'.

'I cannot, I cannot! Oh, you will tell Papa-I know it! What am I to do?', wailed Patricia, wringing her hands and looking much more pitiful than Astrid knew she really felt. Amid then such agonies of remorse as she was endeavouring to confess, she found herself pushed backwards by Astrid who, having turned, pressed her down upon the edge of the bed which. 'I will never do it again, I promise!', she declared wildly.

'You will not? Of course you will-and much more pleasurably, I trust Indeed, I shall see to it that you do. Listen to me carefully, Patricia, for I shall not repeat myself. Should I be forced to, you will find yourself in quite an inescapable position in which you will have no help but to listen. I give you my word that Papa shall hear naught about this, nor Jemima either-provided only that you do as I say.

'Oh, yes, I will promise anything! Papa would surely cast me out were he to know!'.

'Papa will do nothing of the sort, my pet. Come, dry your tears, for they quite spoil the natural beauty of your eyes. There is much to be changed here. I count you a sensible girl, whose acquiescence I will not find it hard to obtain. However, we must have a little honesty first. My decisions will rest much upon your confessions. How was it then when you were put to him? Delay not your reply, Patricia!'.

'Oh, must you know? Do you not know the shame of it? My drawers were removed and I was thrust beneath the weight of Mm. He had been whipped soundly, I can tell you. But to my infinite astonishment that seemed only to serve to increase the length and girth of his... his big thing'.

'His cock, darling. Be not shy to use the word'.

'I screamed, I cried, I struggled-truly I did Astrid, but there was no one to come to my aid. That awful woman commanded him in all he did. He held my b... b... bottom-cheeks and parted them. My shame was too intense to describe. I felt the hot glowing of his... his cock... and then it was pushed in. Ah! I could not get my breath-I was being split in twain. I cried for mercy but to no avail. Spurred on by her crop he pushed it up me inch by inch until-I know not how-I contained it all'.

'Fiercely throbbing, was it not?'.

'It pulsed, it burned, it tickled-I could feel every inch of it and every vein upon it. How long he held it in I do not know, for I had all but fainted. The woman lifted his shirt front to ensure that my poor bottom was well pressed into his belly. "Remain!'", she instructed him, and so I was held'.

'You were bottom-corked', Astrid smiled. 'Tell me truly, for we are sisters and can divulge all manner of secrets to one another, was it awful or did you not have some pleasure from it once your bottomhole has eased?'.

'Oh, how can you say that!'

'Did you not, Patricia? Remember what I told you. Truthfulness is all-not to say, obedience to my wishes, which I desire most'.

'Perhaps a trifle. Pleasure, that is to say. OH!', exclaimed Patricia at making such a confession, and hid her burning face against Astrid's breasts.

Smiling to herself, Astrid stroked her hair and soothed her. Her arms tightening about her sister's shoulders, she held her firmly and began to whisper to her. Now and then Patricia uttered gasps and wildly shook her head. All these gestures and exclamations Astrid ignored.

'You have been initiated-in small part, at least. That is the strength of it. Such delights we occasionally call "exercising , though the term applies more to males than females. The fearsome lady you encountered is none other than a dear friend of mine, who chanced upon you by accident while grazing her horse. Knowing the excited condition in which you were, she saw to it that you were at least briefly accommodated. Oh, yes, you need not look surprised. Being well aware of who you are, she was mindful to see that you were not as thoroughly and crudely pumped as the Major would have wished. Indeed, she saved you from that, remember. Had you been less than you are-and, indeed, not as beautiful, as she observed to me-he would have been allowed to spout in you at his will. As it was, she afforded you but a glimpse of the pleasures that now await you'.

Even in her confusion, Patricia could not hide a quick smile of pleasure as Astrid brought her face up to the light. 'She said that of me? Oh, but, Astrid, what a change has come over you!'.

'Do you think it for the worse? I do not! In your womanly heart, Patricia, the image of that yearning prick rises ever before your eyes, and indeed you can feel the probing of it at your nether cheeks, which are full ripe for such an adventure. Let us refresh ourselves with some tea, for I have much to talk to you about. I have but to ring and Crissie will bring it up. She is a pretty girl, is she not?'.

'Yes, I had not thought of it overmuch, but now that you say so there is a great attractiveness about her. Why did you say that? I cannot keep up with your thoughts!'.

There is a reason for it, as you shall discover. There is great innocence in you but, now that your bottom has been breached, it will quickly dissolve into a much more exciting vista'.

'Oh, what words you use, Astrid! I never thought to hear you speak such!'

'What a perfect silliness we have about words which are merely to describe that which we may see before our eyes! To deny the words is not to deny the existence of the objects. A man's cock and balls are the very pride of his being. They seek the orifices that we females alone possess. Therein lies the secret of many a pretty game that may be played, as I intend that we shall play them. Your thoughts are already much changed, as mine are. Have you not wondered now about having a man's stiff prick in your cunny?'.

'No-yes-oh, I have, though I should not say it'.

'Stuff and nonsense. I intend to make you as bold as possible in such matters. Suppose I presented Papa's cock to you, as ruddy and stiff as well it might be. Supposing, too, I were tickling your quim at the same time and that your legs were open'.

'Ah, you must not say such things! How wicked! OUCH!'.

'I shall smack you again, Patricia, and much harder if you interrupt me with such silliness. Ah, here is Crissie. Fetch tea and cakes, Crissie, and be not long about it. Miss Patricia and I will be staying in her room a while'.

'Yes, Miss, I'll get it on the double'.

'Get up and pull the curtains, Patricia. The sun is too strong across my eyes. Draw them more tightly together. That's it. What a pleasant gloom there is. How nice and secretive. Come, lie down with me'.

'What a strange mood you are in, Astrid! Crissie will wonder what we are at'.

'There is no strangeness about pleasure, Patricia, as Crissie herself is shortly due to discover. I mean to unveil her bottom and give her a fine whipping this evening, as I shall you, my pet, if you prove obstinate. Yes, you may well look astonished, but I mean to have all things as I intend. Stop fluttering your hands, you silly, for I am only caressing your legs a little. What beautiful smooth thighs you have! I must have Papa buy you some prettier garters. Blue upon white stockings would suit you best. I may allow him to put them on your for a treat'.

'Oh, Astrid, stop it-you are tickling me-don't say such things!'

'Very well-you insist upon such attitudes? What a little hypocrite you are! Julia did not fail to observe, you know, that you wriggled your bottom quite a lot when the Major's cock was plugging you. Crissie? Yes, you may enter. Put the tray down and go immediately to Miss Jemima's room. You will find a black valise there. Fetch it on the instant!'.

'Oh, my goodness, yes, Miss!'.

Eyes wide, Crissie scurried forth, not believing quite that she had seen what she had seen-Miss Patricia with her dress up and Miss Astrid's hand held under her drawers. Scurrying like one possessed, she found the valise in the bedroom, that Jemima had vacated, and returned holding it.

'Now, Crissie, I mean to punish Miss Patricia for her naughtiness. Give me the whip from the bag and then come and sit upon her shoulders when I turn her over. Hurry, girl, for I mean it!'.

'Oh, Miss!'.

Pealing forth cries and screams of outrage, Patricia was firmly held down while Crissie's trembling fingers drew out the black menace, whose thongs hung limp about her wrist. From his study, Ralph Cane heard the screeches that then ensued and pursed his lips. The girls were forever playing about. He would have to summon up the courage to put a stop to it.