For the entire journey, Patricia could not bring herself to disobey Astrid by moving or covering her modesty. In equal plight was Ralph Cane, for his elder daughter, having spoken briefly, maintained a silence that remained unbroken. Thus his gaze flitted constantly from the view beyond the carriage window to that between Patricia's open legs. In consequence, his condition did not abate, as was plain to both the girls. Upon descending at last on their arrival, his gait was seen to be somewhat awkward.

'I would speak with you, Astrid', he declared hoarsely as they entered the house.

'You may have audience with me, Papa, yes. I need time to change. Attend my room in our hour', she responded grandly, and without a further word swept upstairs to Jemima's room, whence plaintive squeals and the steady slapping of a palm were to be heard for quite five minutes.

Some miles away, meanwhile, Ronald had been the first to stir. Something tingled and throbbed on his person and this he found, to his unutterable amazement, was his cock, whose knob was lodged at a slight angle between the lips of his mama's slit. Gaping all about him in a bleary fashion, he then naturally espied all-his mama's bewitching nudity and that also of Clara, who lay doubled up beside them, her shapely leg having slipped lazily down from over his own. Naturally, deeming himself to be experiencing a most vivid dream, Ronald groped tentatively about Belinda's superb thighs and found the feeling much to his liking. Awkwardly thrust as it was between her drawers, his leg ached a little and he most slowly and wonderingly freed it by pushing her most intimate garment down farther until it had been worked off over her shoes.

At that, Belinda stirred and moaned, much to the frozen horror of Ronald, who remained breathlessly poised over her, the crest of his penis moist from the warm exudations that had oozed from her cunny during their unconscious state. To his vast relief, however, she opened not her eyes but in fact opened her legs the more, as though to seek a cooling draught of air between them. This, the exposure of her entire dark bush to perfection, merely made her son's stiff cock twitch the more. Moving by stealth and quite fearful of the consequences, he laid himself full upon the sumptuous resplendence of her nudity and with increasing wonder and excitement began to lick around her nipples. Passing his left hand out tentatively at the same time, he sought also to caress his sister's warm, round bottom, which was well poised for such an exploration.

As for Belinda, her mind was bubbling with dreams, most of which were of an extremely erotic nature. Emerging a little into consciousness and feeling the weight of a naked male body upon her, she deemed it vaguely to be that of her late husband and sought to caress it. Foraging with her hand blindly between their bodies, she found Ronald's stalk and moved her be-ringed fingers about invitingly. This alluring touch naturally being quite explosive to Ronald, he moved his cock lewdly in the loose clasp of her fingers, which by instinct then nudged it down against the rolled lips of her slit.

Not unnaturally, Ronald now deemed the invitation to be complete and without thought or caring as to how the three of them had got into such an exciting situation, he urged his cock within the delicious furrow while by teasing movements of her fingers his Mama blatantly encouraged him to do so. In a trice, his pego well inserted in the hot, moist haven, Ronald passed both hands under the glorious globe of her bottom and began fervently caressing it while meshing his lips into his mother's own ripe ones.

At this, Belinda became more fully awake. Her eyelashes fluttered and her own two hands in turn sought his muscular buttocks and drew him into her more fully. Her nipples, erect and tingling, brushed beneath his chest. Inserting his tongue in her mouth, Ronald began to pant loudly while moving his penis back and forth in the heavenly clutch of her well-furred nest.

'Oh, darling, fuck me nicely', murmured Belinda hazily, at which point Clara came to and espied the gentle heaving of their bodies. Belinda had her thighs spread wide and her knees drawn half up so that her shoes could take purchase on the carpet in a manner that allowed her to churn her big bottom about in a manner as lewd as it was exciting.

'You naughty things! Oh!', exclaimed Clara, who then with a little shriek found her own moist cunny explored by her brother's fingers-a caress which caused her to fall back again so that her bare shoulders touched those of her mama.

'Clara, you silly, let Papa do it', husked Belinda, remaining in the land of the past until she then opened her eyes and saw who was upon her. Alas, the dear lady was by then in such a pitch of fervour that naught save the entire assemblage of local society viewing the proceedings could have stopped her. Her arms fluttered wildly, her mouth wet and open under her son's.

'Oh! Oh! Oh! R... R... Ronald! You naughty boy-oh!', she blathered to the accompaniment of the slight squelching sound of his prick easing back and forth in her juicy cavern.

'Ma... ma... MA!', groaned Ronald, whose searching fingers were also deliciously moist from foraging all about in Clara's slit.

'OOOH! AAAAAH!', they groaned together, neither ceasing to wriggle their bottoms in the hazy lust of the moment as the tempestuous peak of their pleasure waves approached. Couching himself more fully upon her bumpy curves, Ronald flashed his buttocks faster, causing his balls to slap resoundingly under her bottom. Unable to resist, Belinda wound her arms tightly about his slim but manly form and responded with equal jerks of her hips the while that their tongues ran greedily together. In a trice nothing could prevent the throbbing outpourings of Ronald's gushing tribute, nor that of Belinda's, who soaked his cock and balls as well in the frenzy of the moment.

After much heaving and kissing, all then was still, and a pleasurable silence reigned. Clara herself joined in, having attained to orgasmic bliss herself in the excited melee. Their eyes then confronting each other's more fully than had been possible in the mists of passion, all were a little more subdued and Belinda was forced to urge Ronald from off her so that she could sit up.

'What is afoot? Oh, I do not understand!', she cried while Ronald boldly passed one arm about her waist and with his other hand caressed her swollen titties.

'Hush, Mama, for no one has seen', he murmured, which appeared to mollify both mother and daughter, who rose up and gazed all about at their abandoned clothes.

'What of Mr. Cane then-and his daughters-OH! did they SEE?', Clara wailed, only to receive a slap from her mama, who found her ample bottom pressed warmly against her son's cock as he stood behind her. The touch of it to her groove being not unpleasant, she pretended not to notice its presence.

'Of course they did not, you fool. They are long gone. We must all have partaken of far too much wine, though how we came to be in this condition I know not', Belinda uttered. Giving then a simpering laugh, she endeavoured all too feebly to escape the clasping of her son's arms about her waist for she could feel already the renewed stirring of his prick which, by most blatantly her bulging bottom invited. Putting one finger in her mouth-a posture she had always found to be delicately inviting-Clara giggled.

'Mama, you are both very naughty. Why, Ronald's cock is sticking up again at your bottom'.

'Indeed, darling Clara, and it will stick up against yours soon enough', her brother laughed, thrusting out one arm to draw her to them. His mama's evident acquiescence increased his boldness while his cock, now fully risen, urged its tempestuous desires against her out-thrust cheeks. With those words also, Belinda deemed with many inward quivers that he sounded not unlike his Papa, which revelation she found as astonishing as Clara.

'Oh, Mama, Ronald must not do it to us, must he?', simpered Clara, her bare tummy now being pressed to her mother's hip as her brother held them both. That her question was really an invitation was easy enough for all to divine, and hence Ronald hesitated not to forage with one hand under his mania's plump cunt while fondling Clara's pert bottom.

'No, really, Ronald, we should not let you. Oh, pray, let us dress', Belinda murmured weakly while her belly urged the titillation of her fingers, which found her mount sticky still with his sperm.

'In a moment, Mama, but, come, let us sport a little first, I beg you', demanded Ronald hoarsely, for being young and vigorous his balls were ready yet for a second and third bout, and his excitement at the glorious turn of events was such that he began urging them step by step towards a sofa.

'No, no, no, Ronald! Oh, Clara, do stop him!'.

'I cannot, Mama, he has hold of me, too. OH!', exclaimed Clara, who then found herself tumbling down onto the silk-covered seat with her mother's weight de-sending upon her.

'Ah, Ronald, NO! Oh, you dare not!', cried Belinda, whose bottom, being lifted as it was to straddle her daughter, became prey to her randy son's intentions.

He, scarcely knowing what he was at, saw only the bulging invitation of her hemispheres and worked the flaming crest of his weapon eagerly between them, bringing a moaning cry from his mama.

'Wh... wh... what is he at? Oh!', cried Clara, who was now half-smothered by the agitated pair, her mother's knee being pressed up between her legs.

'He is in my b... b... bottom-OOOH! Stop it, Ronald, what a naughty thing to do! T... t... take it out! WHOOOO!'.

'Oh, Mama, let me get it right in', groaned Ronald, who found his stiff penis most invitingly half-buried in a tighter orifice than her cunny had presented. Gripping her weaving hips, he rammed manfully forward and with a quivering sigh found himself so fully sheathed that Belinda could only moan her pleasure while. Her pins having all fallen out, her hair clouded all over Clara's face, tickling her mouth and nose so that she sneezed. Taking the opportunity of the moment, and having no need to hold his mama, who was fully corked on his prick, Ronald held himself full in her hot, clenching bottomhole and raised his sister's legs about his mother's waist so that Clara hung beneath, her cunny teased by his fingers. At that, he began to pump his charger back and forth to the perfect delight of Belinda, who found it an even more comfortable fit than her husband's, had been.

So, panting and gasping, they ran their second course, uttering at the last the most abandoned cries while the sofa creaked and shuddered and Ronald's flaming rod injected Belinda deeply with his bubbling sperm. Her features hot and perspiring, Belinda then allowed him to withdraw his cock slowly to the sound of a faint PLOP! as the gleaming knob emerged and all sank down, Clara squeaking her protests until she was allowed to wriggle out from under them.-

Naught sounded then but the ticking of the drawing room clock while all three finally disposed themselves and stretched their tired limbs not without a certain satisfaction.

'Indeed, Mama, you are the naughtiest of all', exclaimed Clara pertly, for she was rather a little put out that Ronald had not fancied her charms the more, though her eyes noted well enough that his cock would evidently soon be ready for a third entry. Seeing her sly glance resting upon Ronald's cock and balls, Belinda laughed indulgently. The cares of the world seemed to have melted from her for the moment and memories of all her past pleasures had been wickedly revived by what had occurred.

'Perhaps I am and perhaps I am not, Clara. It was ever my pleasure to watch you being well fucked, dear, and I am quite sure that dear Ronald will sport between your thighs ere another half-hour has passed. Come, you silly, put your lips to his cock as you were wont to do with dear Papa and bring him well up again!'.

Ralph Cane, meanwhile, had fretted for one long hour. Whatever Astrid was about, it could not possibly take her all this time to wash and change her attire, he told himself pettishly, yet he dared not stray from his study until the sixty minutes had passed. Unknown to him, of course, the period of waiting imposed by Astrid was a deliberate one. She had enough to think about in terms of plotting and planning, for all was now clear to her and she had few doubts as to how Belinda would have succumbed by now to the lascivious call of Nature.

Undressing slowly and having laved and dried her lovely curves, she drew on first a pair of black-silk stockings, which she drew up tightly by means of suspender straps that dangled from a fetching little corset. This latter garment left her breasts fully bared, as she intended it to. Drawing on then a pair of black-silk drawers in the directoire mode, which left an enticing gap of thigh flesh between the material and her stocking tops, she arrayed herself finally in boots and surveyed herself in the mirror. All that she saw pleased her. Drawing in her slender waist even more tightly, the corset gave full flow to her hips and an even more impudent thrust to her bottom. Above, where it encircled her snow-white skin, a rim of black lace flared, tickling the under curve of her bared tits slightly, in a way that made her nose wrinkle with pleasure.

At the junction of her swelling thighs, the drawers fitted tightly and sufficiently so to indicate the rich plumpness of her mount and the bunching of the wad of curls that surmounted it. Though naught of her cunny itself, nor the cleft of her bottom, was revealed, all was clearly delineated in the most teasing manner. Applying perfume to her armpits, where further curls showed, Astrid then loosened her hair. Letting it fall about her shoulders, she brushed it luxuriously, delighting in the sheen that the bristles produced until all was to her satisfaction. Teasing her veiled cunny with her fingers in the lightest manner, she stood open-legged before her mirror and regarded herself frankly.

'With whom shall you pleasure yourself, Astrid? Whose prick shall your cunny and bottomhole receive?', she whispered with mischievous languor to her reflection. Jemima's bottom had come up a perfect rosy pink under her spanking and by the gradually softening of her howls and the twitching of her pretty legs and tummy, Astrid knew well that she had come. Dear Jemima must have the juicing of a male soon, one whose balls were full and would inject her richly. Patricia must equally be served, for the darling girl had displayed herself well in the carriage, even though with her drawers on.

Leaning forward, Astrid implanted her lips upon those of her reflection and swirled the moist pink tip of her tongue in a slow circle around the glass, leaving a clouded imprint upon it. In doing so, her eyes hazed and her finger moved faster between her thighs, rubbing the silk all about her aroused clitty. Having imbibed a full half-bottle of wine in her room since her return, Astrid found herself caught between two itching sensations. She wanted both to come and to piss and, with a sense of curiosity that aroused the sharper points of her seeking mind, both seemed equally inviting.

Thrusting her hand down into the front of her drawers, she felt her wet cunny luxuriously and churned her hips. A dizziness came over her, making her wobble on the high heels_ of her boots. Then of a sudden she gathered herself and, withdrawing her hand which was sticky and moist, adjusted her drawers tightly once more and drew in a deep breath. The image of Julia seemed to appear in the mirror before her.

'Control-always control', Julia appeared to whisper, and then her vision faded.

Astrid shook herself and still her trembling. Yes, it was true. The greater prizes were to be won thus. There would be orgies in which they could indulge themselves, as Julia had said. Would she wish to? I am not necessarily as Julia is, Astrid told herself pertly, and was then surprised by the thought, which gave her much to reflect upon. Striding to the bell pull, she drew upon it, which in moments brought Crissie hurrying in.

'Have my father come to me', Astrid announced, her breasts jiggling firmly as she drew on a filmy black robe, the hem of which flirted about the tops of her stockings.

'Yes, Miss', responded Crissie in awe, for, despite all that had passed, she had never heard the young lady of a household give such an order before. Stern fathers were not called to the presence of daughters, but vice versa. The world was all a-tumble.

At the maid's flurried exit, Astrid tightened the robe about her so that it left each and all of her curves revealed. Her breasts gleamed milkily through the gauze of the robe and her bottom uttered itself with bumptious arrogance, the light material moulding its bulge closely. Moving to her bed, she shifted a pillow and drew from beneath it her black-handled whip of many thongs. Then, standing motionless and with her legs straight and apart and her demeanour proud, she waited for the door to open again.