All seemed but a dream now to Astrid. Never had her body felt so fulfilled, though her mind continued to rebel. At one moment the two maids had assaulted her lewdly and, at another, they were assisting her to dress with all the meek subservience of servants to which she had become long accustomed.

'You have not yet been put fully to your trials, my dear, but you will not be long in doing so', Julia murmured to her once order had been restored and Astrid found herself clothed and quite pampered by Amy and Marie. Once her hair had been attended to with loving fingers, Astrid surveyed herself fretfully in the mirror, wondering with astonishment why she did not look different. Expecting her visage to look haggard, she found her reflection in the mirror a perfect picture of healthy, young womanhood.

'You will meet now Esmeralda-yes, the very one whose bottom you saw offering itself to pleasure. She is about to depart, I believe, but must truly have the pleasure of your company for a moment. Come, Astrid, accompany me down', said Julia.

'Oh, I cannot! The very thought of facing her-I beg you do not make me!'.

'Tush and nonsense, girl. She knows not that you were witness to her pleasures. She may wish to kiss you, though. She has a fondness for beautiful girls. You will not resist? It would-be unseemly were I or my maids to have to hold you-particularly in front of her nephew-would it not?'.

'Oh!', blurted Astrid. The maids had departed and they were alone. Tears sprang into her lovely eyes at the thought of further such humiliations in front of strangers. That the pair she had seen fucking together were aunt and nephew blazoned itself on her mind. I do not...w... want....', she began weakly, but already her warm hand was taken and she was led without. Unable to deny to herself the strange sense of complicity that was already burgeoning between herself and Julia, she allowed herself to be meekly led down, there to be greeted by Esmeralda, who looked as fresh and well-coiffured again as anyone might ever have seen her.

Formal introductions being effected, Esmeralda placed herself on a chaise longue beside Astrid, who gazed with uncertain tremblings about her, though she did her best to look calm and possessed in front of Anthony. He, being fully dressed once more, sat observing her shyly, much as one might gaze on a young goddess.

'Truly beautiful!', Esmeralda murmured, passing her hand under Astrid's chin and stroking it lovingly. 'I have seen you before, my dear, I am sure. May I kiss you?'.

At that Julia joined them on the seat on the other side of Astrid, who felt the warning nudge of her elbow in her side. Moving from beneath her chin, Esmeralda's fingers caressed her peach-like cheek and, drawing Astrid a little sideways, placed her mouth on her own in so demanding a manner that the girl quivered throughout her frame. Softening her mouth while feeling her hand taken in a firm, warm clasp by Julia, Astrid submitted to the kiss which she had expected to be a brief one. Instead it endured. Slithering snake-like into her mouth, Esmeralda's tongue found her own while the weight of her body trapped Astrid's other arm behind her.

'So nice, so warm, so sweet', Esmeralda husked. Feeling down, she sought Astrid's skirt and commenced working it up fold by fold, causing Astrid to splutter as the lovely curves of her legs were inch by inch revealed to the eyes of both women, as also to Anthony.

'NOOOO!', Astrid moaned, receiving a slap from Julia, who hissed, 'Did I not warn you, Astrid?'.

While Astrid squirmed, Esmeralda's hand sought higher, slipping beneath the rucked-up skirt to taste the milky splendour of the girl's thighs, which the slow uncovering had now revealed. In a moment her fingertips touched the silk drawers that Astrid wore and moved them gently aside, there to savour the plumpness of her mount and the springy hump of curls that crowned her cunt. At that, Astrid jerked more wildly and sought to free her hands, for, as luscious as Esmeralda's ripe mouth was, she was thoroughly shamed at being exposed before such a young man, whom she knew was viewing all.

'Leave her!', snapped Julia of a sudden. 'I will not have my guests scorned so. It seems indeed that she has learned little'.

With a last regretful flurry of her hand, Esmeralda disengaged herself and sat up, leaving a flushed and trembling Astrid to do the same while quickly covering her legs.

'She should be put to him', Esmeralda said, inclining her head towards Anthony.

'No!', shrieked Astrid and covered her eyes, blushing fiercely, and little knowing with what understanding Julia was gazing down upon her.

'To such as he? He is but a whippet!', sneered Julia, casting her most fearsome gaze upon Anthony, who thereupon appeared to shrink. 'He does well enough to lubricate your bottom, my love, but is scarce fit for such a task. Astrid is to be better mounted than that'.

'Oh, how can you speak like this!', Astrid moaned behind her fingers.

'Easily enough, as you one day shall, too', Julia answered crisply. 'Esmeralda is about to depart truly wounded, as she is bound to feel'.

'Not at all, Julia. You have had them even more troublesome than this. She is in a pettish mood, the poor dear. You will soon enough get her out of it, I am sure. Get up, Anthony-UP, sir! Julia, my love, I shall return, with your permission, in a week or two'.

'Perhaps. I fear I indulge you too much, Esmeralda. I shall require more of you than this. 'Tis an amusing thing to keep this young stripling in training-and well he must be-but you have other tasks. Have I not spoken to you of his mama? There now is a quarter to which you must lend your talents, albeit that they are weaker than my own. Domestic interferences must be dispensed with. You will attend to this before I afford you any more pleasures. You know what to do. Have I not schooled you sufficiently?'.

'Yes, Julia', said Esmeralda, though doubtfully. She was one who took as much pleasure in giving as receiving yet she had never attained the masterful heights of Julia, whose power to command seemed illimitable.

'You will see to it. Let the thought grow upon you, Esmeralda. I bid you adieu. Amy will see you out. Come, Astrid!'.

Feeling curiously crestfallen rather than outraged, the girl obeyed, passing behind the departing visitors in the hall to proceed through the morning room and into the grounds. Julia stepped ever a pace in front of Astrid, thereby leading her on as though by some invisible cord.

'Where... where are we going?', Astrid asked hesitantly with a humbleness she had never previously felt.

Passing through the rose garden, Julia did not deign to reply before passing the summerhouse and entering the paddock through a gate.

'I shall say nothing of what is to happen, Astrid', she replied, passing neatly over the rough turf, where after a few minutes they approached a large stable. There Tom, the manservant, was attending to the polishing of saddles, girths, and various straps, seated upon a stool near the open door. Seeing him, Astrid wilted and would have lagged back had not Julia seized her arm and dragged her forward. Seeing this, Tom rose and came towards them, knowing well his duty in such matters. It was never often enough for him that some proud young lady was stabled. In a trice he had taken Astrid by the waist, causing her to shriek with alarm as he hoisted her off her feet and held her dangling as he might have a newborn lamb.

'Is not Alice here?', asked Julia.

'Yes, Ma'am, I be here', came a voice from within the stable. A young woman of some twenty-eight years appeared attired in a rough country dress with a cap askew on her tousled head.

'Good. You will see to this one, then bring her back within. You are happy, Alice?'.

'Oh yes, Ma'am', replied the young woman, who had been wed to Tom but three months. 'He does my bidding and I does his. We gets along well'.

'Excellent, Alice', replied Julia, who believed in the bonds of holy matrimony more literally than others. Both were of her training, and Alice was as wont to birch her husband's buttocks as he her own more attractive ones. Many nights had passed in which Julie had had them bound naked together, face to face, before they were wed, with Tom's cock throbbing hot and hard between their bellies, neither able to move. While Marie and Amy were truly Julia's house pets, as she ofttimes privately called them, she was prouder by far of these two who served her well and faultlessly in all respects. Tom's prick was by far one of the doughtiest in the county. Julia herself had tasted its pleasures on many occasions, of which Alice had frequently been witness, sometimes bound to a post in the stable at others left free standing with but a thick leather collar about her neck and tethered to the selfsame upright.

Alice it was who frequently whipped or paddled Marie and Amy. She had no fears about Astrid, though she knew her by her dress and appearance to be of the upper class. 'It matters not to me so long as they have tight, furry cunts. I loves to see 'em squeal and watch 'em wriggle when Tom puts it to them. He has a rare old pumper', Alice would say proudly. She herself fell to the services of Julia when required, licking up along her fine stockinged legs before delving into her cunt. Sometimes Julia would have Alice fucked or buggered slowly while she was doing it, by one or another of the males who were brought for training.

'Did you not have a good creaming, Alice?', Julia would say to her afterwards.

'Oh, yes, Ma'am, and I loved it', the young woman would reply fondly. Sometimes if Julia were in lust she would caress and fondle her and then take her down upon the carpet in the drawing room, there to wreak her own desires upon her. They would coo and peck as sweetly as two sisters, though Alice never forgot her place and was subservient when all was done.

'We'll have her inside then, Tom', Alice spoke now, assisting him in carrying a frantically struggling Astrid within.

'Save me! Julia, save me!', shrieked Astrid, endeavouring to cast the wildest of glances back. Julia however had already begun to depart. It were best that Astrid were left to them. Her wilfulness might then be finally overcome. 'No! What are you going to do with me!', she could hear Astrid crying from within the stable. Without further ado the young woman found herself cast face down over a bale of straw, her legs kicking in a way that troubled the pair not a whit. While Tom held her down with the least effort, Alice raised her skirt and, going 'round to the farther side of the bale, swiftly cupped Astrid's chin in both hands and brought her head firmly between her bared thighs. As Alice's legs were strong, Astrid found herself trapped as certainly as any rabbit in a snare while Tom, roughing up her skirt and petticoat, exposed her drawers to view.

'Let's see her bottom, Tom-get 'em down. My, ain't she got a lovely one, so white and round', Alice uttered to the wailing despair of Astrid, whose drawers were swiftly removed and cast to one side. 'I got her Tom-tickle her up with the strap first', chuckled his wife, who could already see his big penis straining up under his breeches at the sight of Astrid's cleft.

'No! Oh, my God, no!', screeched Astrid, her ears already burning in the masterful grip of Alice's thighs. No sooner had the cry left her throat then THWA-AAAACK! Across her yielded bottom seared a four-inch doughty strap that made her hips jerk madly. SPERLATT! THWACK! SMACK! To each one Astrid ripped out a wailing sob, tightening her defenceless cheeks as best she could while Tom sturdily wielded the strap from side to side, thumbing open the buttons of his breeches as he did so.

'Three more, Tom, and then you 'ave her!', cried Alice, who knew well enough herself the burning of that selfsame leather.


'Oh, yes, my sweet young miss, you ain't the first across the bale to put it to 'im. He's got balls as big as a bullock's, my Tom 'as, and a cock fair fit to bring all the cows out of the pasture'.

'YEEE-OUCH! Stop it! Oh, you filthy beasts, how dare you do this to me! OW!'.

Her bottom thoroughly hot and rosy now and ready for a tupping, Tom laid the strap aside across the neighbouring bale and with a mighty snort produced a veritable broom handle of a prick, which stood a full nine inches up his belly. Hand-made as the bale was just for this purpose, it brought a young lady's bottom up to the height he needed. Flexing his knees, and with his heavy balls hanging out, he gripped Astrid's hips as in a clasp of steel and pronged his knob up beneath her cuntlips, the very touch of it producing from her such a scream as echoed to the roof.

'I beg you, I beg you, I beg you.... OOOOOH!'

'Now, me dear, I 'as you nice and slow as I bin taught to by the Lady Julia', Tom grunted, squeezing his swollen plum between the pouting lovelips while Alice leaned forward as far as she was able to observe the amorous event. Trapped between her legs, Astrid screeched, cried, sobbed, and pleaded while inch by inch the fleshy staff urged within the velvety sleekness of her grotto.

'Is she nice, Tom? She looks a rare 'un!'

'Luscious as a peach, me dear, though no ways a touch on yours', Tom said gallantly, though in all truth the spongy gripping of Astrid's cunt was prime and fair ready to draw him in despite her wild screechings. Half in, he held it there for a long moment just to let her feel the ticking and throbbing of it as Julia had taught him to do with young rebellious misses so that they might better get the feel of it.

'I don't want to! No!', came Astrid's cry, though the renewed insurgence of such a doughty tool was beginning to overwhelm her with the delicious sensations it brought. Her bottom waggled, causing Tom to breathe more heavily. Another couple of inches and he'd be right in, home and moist.

'Give us a kiss,- love', Alice laughed merrily, for she knew too well the ways of young women to fret about any of Astrid's pretended suffering. Come another half a minute and the girl would be panting for Tom to finish her off. Then like the little hypocrites they all were, she would dissolve into sobbing and pretend she had never had the pleasure of it.

'NAH-AH-AH!'. It was Astrid's final wail before the peg sank full within, bringing her rounded bottom-cheeks to nestle into his belly while above her came the sound of smacking kisses.

'Pump her up, Tom. Give it to her nice. Oh, she wriggles a lot, don't she! Bringing you on, is she?', Alice asked, working her tongue in and out of his mouth much as his cock was striving now in Astrid's quim.

'She's a tight 'un. Luscious, though. A fair peach, this one. Wait till I get it up her bottom-she'll wriggle proper then'.

'Oh, the beast you are! The Mistress didn't say as you could. Faster now-I'll hold her bottom!'.

Her cheeks seized by Alice, who could just manage to reach them, Astrid rocked and sobbed. With each plunge Tom seemed to be filling her up right into her belly, his big balls smacking under her bottom with every stroke and even brushing the outer lips of her cunt, which was fully stretched by his tool. Ceasing to hold her bottom, which in any event was by now unnecessary since Astrid seemed to have succumbed to the inevitable and was in the first throes of coming, Alice felt beneath the young woman's body.

'Lovely tits she's got, firm as melons. Tom. Oh, you devil, you're coming. I sees it in your face!'.

Tom indeed was. He had meant to last longer, but the luscious clinging of Astrid's cunt had overwhelmed his senses. He had never fucked a nicer one, though he wouldn't dare tell Alice that. A sporting girl she was, but liked to consider herself the best treat for him, and that was right and proper in Tom's eyes, since they were married. His neck muscles strained, his face became florid and pale by turns, his jaw sagged, and then with a rumbling groan he rammed his prick full in and gushed out his pleasure in long thick streams of sperm to the accompanying moans of Astrid who, gripping the thick root of flesh between heir lovelips, received every spurt and drop.