Having prepared her ground plan with some care, Astrid took herself promptly the morning after Patricia's initiation to see Julia, to whom she naturally divulged all her news. Listening intently to her pupil's every word, and even to the different nuances in her voice, Lady Tingle expressed her appreciation of all and even gave her student a few further hints which she knew would be thoroughly absorbed.

As to the matter of Lady Smithers, a frown grew upon Julia's beautiful features. But that was rapidly dispelled when Astrid relayed to her the scheme she had decided upon. Indeed, Julia was much pleased to hear her use that very phrase, for it showed that Astrid's steely intent was no less than she had supposed. Even so, there was one service that Julia could patently offer and this she did without demur-in fact, with mischievous pleasure.

'This, my dear, will solve your outstanding problem', she averred, handing Astrid a small phial containing a colourless liquid. Upon sight of it, and-learning of its powers, the voluptuous young lady all but purred.

'You will forgive me if on this occasion I do not stay, for I wish not to delay matters lest Papa entangle himself further', she remarked, receiving thereupon a kiss for her words.

'You have but to relate to me all that passes and that will be reward enough, Astrid. The temporary obstacle of this tiring woman being removed, I have no doubt that you will then enter fully into your domain', Julia observed in seeing her visitor-who so short a while before had been carried kicking upstairs in that selfsame manor-to the door. Julia's pride was thus great in Astrid's rapid advancement, both knowing well enough that each would share the other's future pleasures.

Alas for Astrid, her return was much delayed by virtue of a broken hub at the rear of her carriage, which caused her to return as lunch was being served. Being met on her entrance by Patricia, she learned then that their papa had gone out shortly after Astrid's departure and was thought even now to be in Lady Smithers' domain. Receiving this intelligence, Astrid flushed with annoyance but then gathered her thoughts.

'Even so, we shall pay our visit', she decided. And since matters were as they were, she partook of a leisurely lunch with her sisters, Jemima being much disappointed that she was not to join them on what she thought was but an afternoon's drive.

'You will have your pleasure later, Jemima, though perhaps sooner than you think', Astrid consoled her. Becoming pettish at this, Jemima tore from her arms and ran upstairs, slamming the door of her bedroom. 'Oh, dear, she will have to be spanked', Astrid observed sadly to Patricia, though with such a twinkle in her eye that her sister laughed.

'Who shall do the spanking, Astrid? She has such an adorable bottom'.

'A chore, my dear, that must be undertaken. Perhaps I shall give the task to Papa, but much depends on how he has behaved. We shall see', Astrid murmured as the two made their way to their carriage. John escorted them, casting hopeful eyes on both their swaying bottoms ere at Astrid's bidding he deposited a box on the spare seat of the carriage.

'Shall you be needing me tonight, Miss?', he asked upon seeing them settled within.

'What need could I possibly have of you, John?', responded Astrid in a distant manner which quite caused his face to fall as the carriage wheels rolled forward. Inwardly excited at the manner of her plan, she was yet outwardly cool, which caused Patricia to dissolve into a waiting silence for she had still not fully accustomed herself to her sister's manner and all that had befallen. One question, however, could not but help tumble from her pretty lips as their journey began.

'If Papa is to spank Jemima, what might befall?', she asked, recalling all the conversations of the previous night.

'Why, my dear, what would you expect to fall? His breeches?', Astrid laughed. 'No, my pet, he will not be in such freedom as that, but fret not upon such details. For the nonce we have other matters to attend to. If Papa is already there then I think it wise that we should not make a frontal entry, but make our enquiries of his presence more discreetly. As I recall, we may circumvent the house and approach it by way of field and grounds at the back'.

'Should we not look foolish, though, if we are discovered?'.

'I, Patricia, will never look foolish', Astrid replied grandly. 'We have come to play a little surprise, have we not, upon dear friends and acquaintances we have not seen for long. Were we to be discovered, it shall be seen as playful'.

'I still do not know what we are really at, Astrid'.

'Oh, you sillikins, I have told you repeatedly. We shall make our gift of wine-the very finest from our cellars-and await events. Wait upon them and profit from them. It may be as well, perhaps, that Papa is there', Astrid said, narrowing her eyes.

'Oh!', declared Patricia in utter surprise, though she did not dare venture any more questions and indeed was still rather wrapped up in the fervent memories of John's prick shunting back and forth most pleasurably in her cunny the night before. It fretted her a little that Astrid seemingly did not intend to repeat the performance immediately at least.

'Another twenty minutes or so and we shall be there', Astrid said comfortably, for there was rising confidence in her at the success of her mission not to say a sense of mischievous excitement at what she intended to bring about. Not only would she succeed in severing any bonds that might obtain between her father and Lady Smithers, but she might henceforth have the lady herself subject to all her whims, not to say Clara as well as young Ronald Smithers. The whole idea made her hug herself with pleasure. The countryside all about them looked more verdant and inviting than ever.

It was not at that very moment the countryside which to Ralph Cane's eyes presented itself as inviting, but the attentions of Belinda and her daughter, Both had imbibed not a little wine in order to prepare themselves for the event the while that Ronald had been given strict instructions by his mama to remain in his room. Dutifully he obeyed, though ever wondering what the presence of Mr. Cane might mean. His mama frequently overawed him, for he was two years junior to his sister, who accorded him less of her time than did his mother. So he busied himself with his books rather than with thoughts of pleasure, which he was certain he could never obtain while he was under their eyes.

'You have not been a naughty girl today, have you, Clara?', Belinda was asking coyly, having arranged herself on one side of her intended inamorato while Clara herself perched on the other, her cheeks not a little flushed.

'A trifle, Mama, but surely I shall not be strapped for it? I am sure that Mr. Cane is a kindly man and would not wish to sting my poor bottom'.

Quite amazed, Ralph listened to these brief discourses while being unable to prevent his eyes from roaming occasionally over the twin pumpkins of resilient flesh that the low-cut front of Clara's gown revealed. They were as enticing a pair as ever he had seen, though once more he was torn between the desire to master such a fetching young lady and the opposite one of being mastered himself.

'Her papa had to strap her regularly, you know', simpered Belinda, laying her hand on his thigh quite close to a certain prominence that had arisen in his trousers.

'Yes, he did', expostulated Clara with a pretended pout, 'and he took my drawers down and made me hold my dress up to my waist. I had to turn all about in front of him while he lectured me most severely and-oh, Mama!'.

'Yes, dear?', enquired Belinda, who had rehearsed this moment with her thoroughly the while that they had been tippling.

Thereat, making much ado of being shy, Clara turned and buried her face in Ralph's shoulder, so permitting him an even deeper view of the delicious chasm between her tits. Indeed, one of her perky brown nipples rose to his view from out of the confines of her d├ęcolletage even as she spoke. Conical in shape and seemingly ever erect, it looked most enticing and caused his prick to quiver the more.

'M... M... Mama, Papa would make me stand in front of him with my dress held up and he would pat my bottom with one hand and t... t... tickle me in front with the other'.

'That, my pet, was merely to make you pay attention. Do you not concur, Ralph?'.

So saying, Belinda passed her hand lightly but boldly over his penis which by now was threatening to burst his trousers, this causing Clara to giggle and to press her lips as though by accident to the side of his neck.

'Ah, yes, perhaps, indeed!', stammered he.

'Mama, I always wriggled when Papa tickled me', Clara murmured, passing the tip of her tongue between her lips so that it tickled Ralph in turn and made him feel quite dizzy.

'Of course, Clara, it is fitting that a young lady should do that in the private presence of her Papa. It were better perhaps that he had taken your drawers off completely that you might present a better posture for your strapping'.

'Oh, he did, Mama, frequently, though I would blush exceedingly for his hands would then pass of necessity all about my bottom and thighs and I would clutch at him in my shyness while he then divested me of my gown and chemise for he ever insisted that I need wear nothing but my stockings and boots for chastisement'.

'AH!', exclaimed Ralph at this juncture, for by devious squirmings of her fingers Belinda succeeded in loosing three of the front buttons of his trousers. She then passed her fingers over his stemming cock beneath, though her movements were so gentle and subtle that all seemed to be happening most naturally.

'Well, my dear, to be taught to present yourself properly is fundamental to a young lady's deportment. Do you not think so, Ralph? Get up, Clara, and show us how well you were taught, for it may well be that a future papa will need to have knowledge of your aptitudes in disciplinary matters', declared Belinda boldly.

There upon a positive gurgle escaped her intended swain as Clara rose from the seat on which the three had huddled and, turning about, upped her skirts to offer closely to his view as perfect a pair of bottom-cheeks as ever he had seen. Belinda then released his upstanding pego fully and massaged it gently in her grasp.

The effect upon Ralph was naturally electric, for so well did Clara bend and dip her back that not only her proud nether cheeks but also the fig of her cunt were presented to his heated gaze. Passing her fingers down under his throbbing tool and feeling for his balls, Belinda drew them out in turn and cradled them lovingly on her palm.

'What think you, Ralph-should she not be taken to her room and strapped for this? The naughty girl drove her papa to distraction, I do believe. Move back a little closer, Clara, since you have been well taught to do so', uttered Belinda while Clara artfully brought the backs of her knees to touch Ralph and thereby all but presented her nether cheeks to his mouth.

'Why... I... I... I... ah, my dear, ooooh!', stammered he, feeling Belinda's hand grow ever more persuasive.

'Splendidly formed, is she not? But then her frequent strappings and indeed her papa's other fond attentions did much to ensure the perfect conformation of her bottom, dear', murmured Belinda. 'She had good cause to sit upon her papa's lap often enough for certain comfortings after her chastisements, did you not, Clara? Come, be truthful, girl, for I am sure that for all our future benefits we would both wish you to be so'.

'Yes, Mama, I was a little naughty', uttered Clara in a would-be trembling tone, 'for I frequently sat upon papa's p...p...p... LAP... like this- OOOOH!'.

Having accompanied her words by actions, Clara- to the throbbing joy of Ralph-now ensconced herself fully down upon him so that his stout penis, which Belinda quickly released, stuck lewdly up between the tops of her stockinged thighs and poked its purplish head enquiringly about, causing him to jerk with pleasure.

Thus, in fact, was the tableau that obtained when a knocking was heard upon the door down the hall. Bereft of servants who might answer it-for Belinda had knowingly dismissed them for the day-all three sat for a moment as if frozen in their attitudes, though there was little cold about the conjunction of Clara's warm thighs with her would-be stepfather's pulsing cock, causing her to have many excited memories of the past.

Without, stood Astrid and Patricia, the latter blushing and the former calm. They had seen all via the latticed window which they had reached silently from the rear of the house, being as much assisted by the absence of servants as Belinda had thought herself to be. Astrid weighed the visions of what she had seen warmly in her mind. Her papa's tool was as thick and doughty as she hoped it might be, but it was not for these two wantons within to enjoy it and hence she raised the knocker again and let it fall resoundingly, while nudging her sister.

'Straighten yourself, Patricia, and endeavour to look calm. What you have seen is the future and not the present', Astrid declared somewhat mysteriously, though the more that Patricia thought about the remark afterwards, the more she blushed. A certain scuffling was heard within and then at last the door was opened, presenting a much-flushed Clara to their view.

'Is Papa within? We heard that he had visited', said Astrid, who unknown to Clara was as well aware as she that she was wearing no drawers.

'Why, yes, he is conversing with Mama-upon business, I do believe', replied Clara, who appeared to be guarding the doorway rather more jealously than politeness allowed.

'Indeed, yes, I imagine so. We will not dally long, Clara. We thought only to bring you a present of some wine. Shall you accept it?', Astrid asked. Turning about as she spoke and not waiting upon a reply, she motioned to the coachman, who shuffled forward from the rear and deposited a box upon the steps. 'It is rather heavy-a dozen bottles-Papa will carry it. Fetch him', said Astrid then in a slightly sharper tone which made Clara stare at her and then step aside.

'Oh, yes, indeed-a dozen bottles-heavy', repeated Clara somewhat stupidly, for she knew not how to act in such a contretemps.

Brushing past her, Astrid strode towards the doors of the drawing room, which Clara had left revealingly open, though not so much so that Ralph did not have time to cover as best he could the evidence of his erection.

'Papa, dear, I have brought some wine for our dear friends', exclaimed Astrid while donating a smile to the bemused Belinda, who endeavoured to regain her wits and would as soon have seen Astrid at the other end of the world at this moment.

'Wine, yes, ah', repeated Ralph stupidly, his cock prodding so fiercely up under his trousers that he was at great pains to try to conceal it from the gaze of both Astrid and Patricia, who had now joined her.

'Wine? How sweet of you', cooed Belinda, though the words stuck in her throat.

'The very best, for I know you have a taste for it-as we do also', added Astrid hastily. Moving within, she seated herself demurely and gazed as if appreciatively all about while her father, scuffling and somewhat red-faced, laboured with the box and knew not where to put it.

'In here, Papa. I am sure that Lady Smithers will not mind', called Astrid gaily.

'Why, good heavens, no, what a pleasure it is', responded Belinda, who even in such a moment could not resist examining the label upon the first bottle she drew out as Ralph deposited it upon a table. 'Chateau neuf du Pape, 1862-a splendid year, such a fine bouquet!', Belinda said.

'A rich body, too, I believe', responded Astrid coolly, casting her eyes slowly up and down Clara as she spoke.

'You must of course partake of a glass', Belinda said, seeing here-despite the inappropriateness of the interruption-a fine chance to inveigle herself with Astrid and Patricia. Indeed, the more she quickly thought about it, the better it became and all at once she began to fetch glasses from the sideboard.

'If I may, I will take sherry-it becomes me better at his hour. You, too, Papa', declared Astrid, casting as fierce a glance upon him as ever she had bestowed. The very piercing of her eyes betrayed better than any words the fact that she had not failed to espy his uprisen condition.

'Ah, yes, sherry, if we may, Belinda', he gurgled.

'Of course. Will you open the wine, dear? What a pleasant family party this can be', cooed Belinda while turning about to attend to the sherry and to smaller glasses for the three.

'Dear Ronald, is he not here?', Astrid asked casually, which question caused Clara to flutter as if she had just remembered his existence. He was at his studies, as ever, she declared, but would be fetched forthwith. Soon enough indeed-even as the glasses were being filled-he appeared, rather taken aback that he was permitted to join in anything and being much taken with the appearance of both Astrid and Patricia, each of whom were careful to give him the most winning glances.

'Well, what a pleasant surprise this all is', averred Belinda, who already saw herself now all but at the head of the two families with an obedient Ralph being occasionally diverted by the allure of Clara's bottom.

'Is it not?', responded Astrid warmly, adding to Belinda's surprise, 'I have long thought that we should all be closer together. How pretty Clara has become. Her dress suits her admirably for it shows off some of her best attributes. Have you not noticed, Ronald?'.

This remark taking all a little aback, so boldly was it uttered, that a little silence fell. His cheeks flushed, Ronald nodded and gulped down more wine. The twin halves of Clara's tits, rising from the low cut neck of her gown, did indeed present him with a more revealing view of her beauties than he had ever been vouchsafed before. Stimulated as he was by the wine, his cock stirred a little.

'Ah, yes, it is perhaps a trifle daring', Belinda ventured uncertainly, though thankful that both she and her daughter had not got to the point of taking their dresses off when Astrid and Patricia had arrived. Her voice sounded oddly blurry.

'Not at all, Lady Smithers. A girl should learn to display herself. We are all perhaps too modest in our ways, do you not think?', Astrid asked.

That something strange was occurring was evident now even to Ralph, who for long moments past had been trying to gather his wits and to quell the urgent thrusting of his cock. Perhaps it was his imagination, but Belinda seemed suddenly to have slumped in her chair, her hands becoming vaguer in their movements. Her eyelashes fluttered, a sigh escaped her, and then to his immense surprise her arms drooped and her glass- fortuitously empty-fell to the floor.

'Ma-ma-ma-ma', came then a plaintive wail from Clara, who felt the walls revolving around her and her vision becoming distinctly dim. Ronald, too, appeared to have sunk into a torpor.

'By jove-what?', exclaimed Ralph foolishly, possessed momentarily of the thought that it was he who was drunk and seeing visions.

They are tired perhaps, Papa. Their exertions have been too much for them. Pray, wait outside in the carriage. I will see to them. Your own coachman may proceed. We will all travel back together', Astrid said crisply and stood up.

'Exertions, yes, what?', responded her sire stupidly, for now all three of their hosts were utterly inert and appeared to have passed into a deep sleep. Hustled outside, he was only too glad to escape and made little of the fact that the front door closed behind him.

'Now, Patricia, make haste. Undress Clara while I see to her mama'.

'Oh, Astrid, yes', Patricia stuttered. She could not believe it was happening, though her sister had described all to her thoroughly enough. To her pleased surprise, Clara was easy to undress, wearing as she did only her gown over her stockings and boots. Having slid to the floor, she lay there, breathing softly, as in turn did Belinda, whose heavier curves caused Astrid a trifle more bother at first until she had denuded her in turn, though leaving on her drawers, which she carefully drew halfway down her legs.

Blushing and suppressing giggles as she surveyed their two voluptuous forms, Patricia was then urged to assist Astrid in making Ronald ready. Lighter of form than his mother, his laced-up boots proved more troublesome than anything, but finally all was done and three naked figures lay inert.

'Now, my pet, to the main purpose of the exercise. He is to be put half upon his mama, with his left leg well entangled in her drawers. Come, help me push his foot down between her drawers and her legs-so!', declared Astrid triumphantly, lifting and rolling and pushing Ronald until he was positioned as she wished him. His face lay upon his mother's large, pale breasts, his mouth so placed to one of her thick, brown nipples that the merest movement would suffice to bring it between his lips. His cock, a limp worm, nestled its knob close to the mouth of her cunny while his balls rested on her right thigh, a sight which caused Astrid's eyes to gleam and Patricia to titter.

'Oh, it is small!', Patricia uttered.

'It will grow bigger', Astrid replied confidently. 'Bring now Clara closer to them both, indeed right beside them. Lift her right leg and lay it over theirs. Good. What a fine tangle! Come, Patricia, we must not linger. The effects of the potion do not last long. Ten minutes more and they will be stirring. Go and see to it that Papa is not restless and I will follow'.

'Yes, Astrid. Oh, what unimaginable things are happening!'.

'Nothing is beyond imagination and few things beyond attainment, Patricia. Go, dear'. Pausing then for a few moments, Astrid bent far over and,, inserting her hand between Belinda's lush thighs, gently stroked Ronald's cock. To her perfect delight, it stirred faintly and within seconds showed the first signs of both thickening and extending itself. Gently, then, the movements of her slim, tapered fingers continued, much as one might caress a kitten. As she had suspected, Ronald's penis, although small in repose, had much to commend it when stimulated. A hollow groan escaped him as the pink-purplish knob of his weapon emerged gleaming from the tautening skin that surrounded it and poked blindly against the rolled lips of his mama's slit.

Telling herself that she had done far more than her duty demanded, and that the stronger powers of Nature would now take their course, Astrid wiped her fingers delicately on a napkin and made her way out, closing both doors of the drawing room so that the three were truly immured in their temporary stillness.

Striding out to the waiting carriage, her footsteps seemed to her lighter than ever before. On one seat sat a rather bemused Ralph, while, facing him, but not daring to give him many glances, was Patricia, whom Astrid settled beside.

'There are matters, Papa, we must discuss', Astrid declared as the coach then rumbled forward. 'Lady Smithers is, I fear, given to somewhat unseemly behaviour'. So saying, Astrid laid one hand, in the lap of Patricia's dress and by devious but slight movements of her fingers caused the hem of her dress to begin to rise. Feeling Patricia stiffen in surprise, Astrid gave her a little warning pinch that first made her jerk and then sit still again, her cheeks flushed.

'Ah!', exclaimed Ralph, for whom the world was once again turning topsy-turvy.

'Particularly unseemly', averred Astrid. 'I would not deem it-proper were you to visit here again. Such behaviour cannot be countenanced. You will not, I am sure, wish to arouse my displeasure'.

'Eh? What? No!', gurgled her papa, who from his vantage point opposite was endeavouring not to fix his eyes too obviously upon the deliciously rounded knees of Patricia as they now slowly emerged while Astrid most casually continued gathering up Patricia's skirt.

Her lips wobbling as if she wished to speak but could not do so, Patricia dimly heard the voice of her sister coming to her as first her stocking tops were revealed, then the creamy pallor of her thighs, and finally the crotch of her drawers.

'A quite wanton woman-totally unsuited, Papa.

Gulping, Patricia felt her thighs being urged wider apart, and she closed her eyes tightly.