In the drawing room, where Julia had long sat regarding him silently, Will was in a state of mystery and apprehension. Harriet had told him nothing of the purpose of their visit save that there was a lady she wished him to see. Never before had he been alone with a strange woman and he felt distinctly in awe of his hostess, who appeared so commanding and beautiful. Even so, he wished that his sister were there, for he felt most safe with her.

At the opening of the door, he jumped visibly and saw that it was one of the maids. That which she carried in her hand brought a distinct blush to his cheeks, as Julia could not fail to notice.

'Miss Astrid says as I was to bring these down, Ma'am'.

'Thank you, Marie. Rather plain, are they not?', said Julia, examining the white drawers the maid handed her. Running her fingers through the material and testing the tightness of the elastic that but moments before had encompassed Harriet's waist and thighs, Julia rose and stepped towards Will's chair, the drawers dangling from her fingers.

'Have you ever worn these, Will?'.

The young man's jaw dropped. His eyes obtained a glassy look. The blush on his face was as deep as a red, red rose. He knew them well enough, as he did all of Harriet's drawers, whether white, blue, or pink. She had many times caught him peeping through her bedroom door when she was in a state of delightful dishabille and had admonished him severely, for the door would frequently creak as he clutched it nervously, peering through the jamb. But a week before she had caught him thus. She was deliriously attired in her black lace-up boots, white-silk stockings, these selfsame drawers, and a chemise that left half-naked the large, milky gourds of her breasts.

'Is that you, Will? Oh, what are you at?', Harriet had exclaimed whereupon, unable to contain himself, Will had entered her hallowed boudoir and had cast himself at her feet, inhaling the scent of the leather of her boots while his hands clasped her ankles so imploringly that Harriet had been unable to move.

'Do not, Will! How dare you enter when I am unclothed! Desist, Sir!'.

Such a rage of desire had seized him that, while Harriet rocked and struggled to release herself, he had licked slavishly all around her boots and then ascended his lips to the glorious roundness of her knees. But then, seeming to become aware of the enormity of what he was doing, Will had risen and fled, pursued by Harriet's sobs. That selfsame night, when Harriet was otherwise occupied, he had stolen into her room and filched the very pair of drawers that Julia was now dangling before him. In bed he had worn them, envisaging his sister's bottom where his own pressed, though it was not so ample as hers, and rubbing his cock through the cotton where her cunt had nestled.

'Well, Sir?', Julia demanded. 'Take his wrists, Marie!'.

Frozen in his attitude, Will limply let his arms be taken. That Harriet had told them all he did not now doubt, nor that he was to be punished for his secret lusts. Above where he sat, Julia fluffed out the drawers, expanding the waistband, and in a flash drew it down over his head so that Will found himself neatly enveloped in the intimate garment which fully covered his head and face. Breathing excitedly, he inhaled the most intoxicating of scents, for the drawers were naturally still warm from enfolding Harriet's cunt and bottom. Something stirred about his wrists and he jerked. A laugh came to his ears.

'He is well manacled, Ma'am', Marie announced.

'Bring him to his feet and loose his trousers, Marie'.

Mouth open in astonishment in the veiled darkness of the drawers, Will felt deft fingers laying open the front of his trousers and drawing them down until his cock and balls were denuded.

'He's coming up, Ma'am. He likes the smell of them all right!'

'I don't doubt it, Marie. Bring him forward a little and then make him stand still. The crop to his buttocks if he will not!'.

'Yes, Ma'am. He's got a real corker, if you'll forgive the term. It's right up and a-quivering now, as you can see'.

Will's prick indeed was. The rubicund knob glowed, the veins stood all about on it. Wildly did he nuzzle as best he could the divine scents that the cotton drawers contained, even to the faint aroma of urine that met his nostrils.

'Her effluvia pleases you, does it not, Will?', Julia asked. Brushing her maid aside, she cupped his balls firmly, though taking care not to brush her fingers against the rigid stem of his weapon. Like huge plums, they nestled in her palm. With every intake of breath the cotton of the drawers sucked inwards to his mouth, causing him to groan, for he could not dare bring himself to reply. 'You are to lie down, Sir! Sink first onto your knees and then arrange yourself perfectly still on your back, legs together!'.

Guided down by Marie, he lay in a moment as commanded, his quivering tool seeming to be trying to reach to the ceiling, on which, most appropriately, white-plaster Cupids played. Knowing well what was to follow, Marie stepped behind her mistress and drew up the folds of her skirt at the back until the glorious orb of her bottom was revealed in her tight, silk drawers. Then, taking up her stance with her feet splayed on either side of his body, Julia slowly lowered herself until, facing Will's feet, the plump cheeks of her moon impressed their fleshy weight full over his covered face.

'PMFFFF!', Will gasped. Not only were his mouth and nose squashed, but the most ultimate scents of his sister and of Julia's bottom now mingled. Hot already in the enclosure of Harriet's drawers, his face suffused, he fought for breath while Julia languidly settled herself even more firmly and regarded her nails.

'You may return upstairs, Marie. I will bring him up in due course'.

'Yes, Ma'am'.

Save for the extraordinary tableau which now showed itself on the carpet, the drawing room was empty. Julia gloried in this queenly posture, which is indeed known to aficionados as 'queening' a male. Many were the men who had gone under her thus and had adored her for ever after, taking whatever opportunity thereafter came to them to sniff at her skirts. Her rump squirmed a little until she had satisfied herself that Will's nose poked up between her nether cheeks, whose plumpness was splurged over him. Hearing a gurgling croak, Julia lifted herself a little then settled back again. He had tune to suck in breath for a moment through Harriet's drawers. It would be little enough but it would have to suffice until she lifted again. Resting her knees firmly on either side of his body, she patted her coiffure and gazed with pleasure at the fine erection Will was haplessly displaying to her. It was more than possible that it had never been milked save by his own quavering hand.

In the long minute that then passed, an almost suffocated Will grew dizzy. His ears roared, his breast heaved. Heated by his out bursting of breath, the effluvia in both Harriet's drawers, and Julia's grew stronger. His wrists strove at the cuffs, which encircled them. Agitatedly they shook. Regarding the movement with distant amusement, Julia raised her bottom anew, listening to his snuffling as trickles of air once more reached his lungs. To tease him further now could do no other than enflame his desires. Bending forward as his shrouded nose buried itself once more into her cleft, she delicately ringed his throbbing pego with thumb and finger and allowed her mouth to absorb the juicy knob but lightly.

Will's legs trembled visibly as she did so. Julia's mouth was warm and moist and he could not resist drawing up his knees a little to endeavour to engage a farther inch or two of his engine twixt the clasping of her lips. No mouth had ever touched his yearning cock before, nor even a feminine hand, much as he had longed for Harriet to so caress him. To invite her to have done so would have horrified her, for, refulgent as were her curves, she was also prim and had only once let him touch her bottom with his hand. Frustrated beyond endurance, he felt Julia's mouth withdraw at the first pleading jerk of his loins, as also did her derriere from his face.

Then came the rustling of her skirts as once more she stood over him, having turned about so that her feet placed themselves on either side of his hips.

'Oh!', groaned Will from beneath his hood while Julia silently contemplated him. It would have amused her to queen him for a full half-hour as many of her male subjects cravenly sought her to do. But it was a full week since she had taken a prick in her cunt, and Will's would suffice her well. In a trice, Julia knelt facing his head and wreathed her drawers down to her ankles. His cock was so stiff and well poised that she had no need to position it. Instead, she reached under herself and with both hands parted the richly gleaming lips of her slit. She manoeuvred gently onto him until, with an ardent, muffled gasp, Will felt the crest of his charger absorbed between her cuntlips.

Leaning forward over him, Julia pressed her hands down on either side of the drawers so that they were tightly stretched over his face, outlining his not unhandsome features. Now more than ever he would experience the headiness of so being covered, and would veritably swim in the nostalgic scents in Harriet's drawers while he was being ridden. Controlling her every movement, Julia sank her hips down little by little, the clinging, spongy walls of her vagina parting like reluctant waves to receive the horny shaft.

In the sweet agony of that delirious moment, Will curled his toes in delight but no longer dared to move his legs lest she unhorse him. Much as Julia had suspected, this was the first time his cock had entered a woman's dell. Feeling his swollen knob nuzzle up within, Will all but swooned with pleasure while the tip of his tongue licked avidly against the crotch of Harriet's drawers. Pulsing mightily, his prick was at last fully received, and with a sigh of pleasure Julia rested her bottom on his thighs. The St George was one of her favoured positions, though in her lewder moments she preferred being plugged from the rear. Divine tremors coursed through her form while she sustained the throbbing and ticking of Will's pego within her honey pot. In unspoken concert with Astrid, Julia's first thoughts were that Will should be brought to mount his sister, for she ever held in suspicion those females who wished their male kin trained and knew best whose bellies it should be upon. The suction of her cunt being strong, every quiver of Will's body conveyed itself to her as she rose and fell with the majestic action of a mistress who means to extol the juice from her lover's loins in the most imperious way.

Puffing and groaning each tune that Julia lifted and the sank down again, Will could feel the sperm curdling and bubbling already in his testicles. Warm and juicy, her naked bottom-cheeks settled alluringly on his thighs before lifting again.

'Do not come yet-I forbid you!', Julia husked, even as her first exquisite seizure sprinkled his cock and balls. 'I forbid!', she repeated, hearing the answering groan from his lips, all but outlined under the veiling drawers.

'HAAAAR!', Will sobbed, for at any second now he felt that the liquid treasures of his balls would erupt. He strained, groaned, gasped, nipping the cotton between his teeth while he endeavoured to control the outpouring of his lust. Her pubic hairs tickled amid his own, the gentle smacking sound of her bottom-cheeks meeting his thighs sounded to his ears the most heavenly music. Julia's own breathing quickened, though he knew it not, for it was never her custom to reveal her pleasures to a slave during his initiation periods. Pursing her ruby lips in a soundless moan of pleasure, she expelled again her salty spurtings of joy while Will, totally dominated by her, strained every sinew not to return the compliment. His teeth chattered, the veins on his neck swelled, and then to his vast relief he heard her imperative, 'NOW!'.

'HAAAR!', he shuddered again under the bubbling cotton. But this time the sound conveyed his uttermost limits of sensual delight as the spongy gripping of Julia's cunt tightened, her bottom falling SMACK! onto his thighs. The fierce jets of his spermaceous outpourings flooded her being on and on in a swimmy haze of pleasure until their glutinaceous parts stilled themselves. Like a velvet vice Julia drew from him the last pearly drops.

Resting only momentarily, she then uncorked her well-soaped slit and rose to cover herself.

'UP! Up now, quickly', she commanded, which effort caused Will great pains since his bound wrists permitted him little to lever himself to a standing posture. The last seeping of sperm emitted itself like a tear from the crest of his half-limp tool. Therewith, Julia whipped the drawers from his head and regarded him distantly. What a pathetic object he looked, still fully dressed and with his trousers at his ankles! Men looked ever thus after they had been put to a lusty female. Deftly she unfastened his wrist cuffs and tossed them onto the sofa before taking her seat there.

'You are fit at least to service females. Tell me how you have comported yourself with Harriet these past months. Omit nothing, for I shall gain the truth from her', came Julia's voice coldly while Will turned about to face her as he knew he must.

Julia listened to his halting recital, threadbare as it was of lascivious details. He had seen Harriet's thighs, her knickered bottom, often in his peepings. He had espied several times her breasts naked when she thought herself not observed. Yes, he had worn her drawers, and licked and sniffed her shoes and boots.

'That is all? You have never put this instrument of yours into her hand, even?'.

Will shook his head dumbly. Such a dream had occurred to him often, but he had never dared. Yet frequently Harriet's eyes had passed across his trousers when the nearness of her voluptuous form made his prick erect itself.

'What dullards you are, to be sure', Julia sighed. Divest yourself of your attire. Do you not know how stupid you look? Quickly now-I have not time to waste!'.

Hollow-eyed as he felt from the suction she had applied to his fervent pego in the first fuck he had ever experienced, Will obeyed, though totally convinced that he must be dreaming all this. Meek as he was before females, he was no dullard. If such were to be his training he would enter into it gladly, though Julia's oft cold expression conveyed to him that not all would be pleasure. That there would be pain and sweetness in the denials of his desires he had no doubt. Awkwardly removing his boots, and conscious of the fact that Julia's eyes were mingled with amusement and interest upon his cock and his dangling balls, he stood at last naked. 'Good', Julia said simply, and rose. 'Whatever happens now you will remain silent. That is to be understood. Your buttocks will be mightily burnished with a birch if you are not. Come!'.

Taking his thick but now limp prick, she led him out. As she expected, there was a silence about the house, a muteness that seemed to float from above the stairs like a cloud. Longing to ask, to speak, and yet not having the courage to, Will could but allow himself to be taken up, much as a dog might be led by its lead. Conscious of this, he yet felt neither shame nor embarrassment but only a strange sense of pride that a woman should so handle him. The rolling of Julia's hips attracted his eyes as they ascended. The stairs echoed the quietness. Upon reaching the second floor, Julia entered where Harriet lay, drawing Will with her.

Happily, from Julia's point of view, Harriet was gagged. Too much noise was unseemly on such an occasion. Her skirt and petticoat tightly wreathed up about her curving hips, Harriet lay in an extraordinary posture. Her wrists were tied to her ankles, which thus forced her to hold her legs back so far that the whole of her furry quim and the cleft of her bottom were displayed. At her brother's entrance her eyes grew wild, her head twisted from side to side as if a fit had taken her. Will, for his part, appeared mesmerised by the lewd and totally revealing posture in which she was placed. His lips grew dry, his eyes bulged. Nudged and pushed by Julia, he was made to stand in a corner, facing his sister, who from the hue in her cheeks appeared about to have apoplexy.

The maids, having helped to secure Harriet, had gone. Astrid stood expectantly, her eyes dwelling slyly on Will's penis. 'You will STAY! Move, Sir, at your peril!', Julia snapped, and then-somewhat to Astrid's astonishment-motioned her out and closed the door.

But a minute passed-one might have counted indeed scarce fifty-five seconds. Upon the re-opening of the door, Will, though still immobile, was seen to be hot-cheeked, with his cock again as rampant as when he had first indulged himself in Harriet's drawers.

'It will be for the best', Julia murmured. Seating herself down beside the frantically squirming Harriet, she placed one hand firmly beneath her chin and so held her while Astrid untied the cords that allowed the young woman's legs to fall. To fall and kick wildly indeed, until a sharp SMACK! across her bared thighs caused Harriet to try to double herself up as she sobbed mournfully under her gag. Julia, however, would not have it so. Another sharp slap brought Harriet to stretch her legs once more, albeit that she kept them tightly together, thus displaying only her dark bush to her brother's eyes.

'Hold still, Harriet, for no good shall come of your struggling!', hissed Julia. 'Will, you come here! Lie upon her!'.

Had Harriet's gag not impeded her from screaming, her voice might have carried across the surrounding acres as the hardened cock of her brother pronged down upon her bared belly and his thighs settled heavily upon her own. Obeying then the wiser counsels of Julia, which had been swiftly conveyed to her outside the door. Astrid commenced binding the pair together, first their thighs and then their waists until they were trussed so securely that neither could move any part of his body save toes and heads.

'We will so leave then', Julia said. 'Remove first her gag, Astrid. I think Harriet will know better than to scream full in his face, and to no avail whatever. You hear me, Harriet? I will have no disobedience!'.

Utterly red in face, and with her eyes totally wild, Harriet stared up at her while Will, either from intense excitement or embarrassment or a mixture of the two, hid his face in his sister's neck.

'I believe you understand, Harriet', Julia continued quietly. 'Neither of you shall be freed until I have obtained from you a full half-hour of silence. I am quite capable of keeping you both tied together for the rest of the day and all night if necessary. Very well, Astrid!'.

Bending over the pair, who moved not a muscle, Astrid slipped the gag slowly and drew it away from Harriet's mouth. 'I beg-oh, I beg you, how can you so shame me!', Harriet moaned. With that, however, Julia turned about and led Astrid out with her, closing the door quietly and turning the key in the lock.

'You understand?', she asked her companion softly, whereupon Astrid shook her head. 'You would have had him fuck her, would you not, my dear? That would not be the way with such a pair as this, Astrid. The bonds that hold them will scarce melt her heart, but truly they will stir her emotions. With each second that Will's cock ticks and throbs on her belly, so she will come closer to her desires and his. In such cases patience is called for. One must employ that divine instinct that women possess in far greater abundance than men'.

'What shall you do then when they are untied?'.

'Send them home', Julia responded, as if surprised by the question. They may need some refreshment, of course. He will have come over her belly before that. She will know the power of his effusion. His sperm will warm her skin. What a glorious body she has-such thighs, such breasts! She will be a sister unto us-a sister in sin!'.

'I am still bemused, though'.

1 doubt it not. Be not disappointed that you are, my dear Astrid. You were put through your courses more swiftly and successfully than any I have known. Therein is a certain victory for you, yet you have scarce had time to reflect upon it all and certainly not to absorb all you have learned. You have yet to take up the finer strands. Harriet will not rise like a tigress, as you suspect, but will be as bemused as yourself. Never again will she see her brother other than a male animal whose cock becomes fiercely erect for her. Let it be so. She is one who will fulfil her most secret desires by being forced to indulge them. In essence, that is true of us all. We are all children who wish to be made to be naughty and then, in addition, desire to be punished for it'.

Had I then put him to her, I would have spoiled it?'.

'I do not know Harriet deeply enough yet to say so, but that is indeed possible. She is like one who must be teased by the sight and smell of food before she is allowed to taste it. Saw you how sweetly rolled and closely clipped together the lips of her cunny are? She will be a superbly tight fuck for her brother, but she must be allowed to moisten slowly first'.

'As she will be doing now, I am sure', Astrid laughed as they entered the drawing room. Her eyes were hot, her hips rolled, the fragrant dew upon her lips pleaded for a kiss, which Julia all too tauntingly gave her.

'Ah, Astrid, how you are going to be fucked! But you must learn to monitor your desires!' averred Julia fondly. 'Now above all is such a moment when your loins are hot. I shall bring Tom to you'.

'Oh, no, I could not! I do not wish to be held!'.

'You will not be. Therein shall lie your trial of strength. I vow that if you do not come through it I shall truly whip you soundly and have the maids hold you firmly the while. You are to receive Tom's cock as any lady might her serfs. He will be put to you dutifully, for he will know well enough your station now. From you I require nothing but imperious silence, to be broken only by such curt words of instruction as you give him. Whatever the excitement that his ploughing of your furrow gives you, you will evince no pleasure save perhaps by some urging, some sensuous wriggling of your bottom, to draw him one. He will perform the service that you require and demand. This shall be so with all males in future, Astrid'.

'Always? Oh, but I do not think I could always so control myself.

Julia smiled. 'You may permit yourself certain dispensations, my pet, but not with servants. Only with those of equal rank will you fully sport, and even so you must then show that a certain distance obtains between you. For though there may be moments when you will wax hot and when your tongue answers the call of your writhing bottom, there will be yet many more when your cold disdain shows. However much you may desire a second course after you have been well threaded, never toy with a man's cock when it is soiled by your combined spendings. Order him first to wash and prepare himself for a further bout. Thus you do not become his puppet. Rather he will go in awe of you'.

'Shall it be so also for Harriet, then?', asked Astrid.

'Perhaps, at some future date. But for the nonce, no. Despite her pretence of arrogance, she is made from different stuff. You, Astrid, are of the highest female rank. Once her cunt has been juiced by her brother's cock, she will become somnolent and lustful, obedient to his whims'.

'As he to hers?'.

There speaks my Astrid! Precisely! I will appoint you their visitor, and in so doing I accord you a rare honour'.

Their visitor?'.

To their home. You will monitor all-their actions, then: desires, even such frustrations as it amuses you to put upon them from time to time, as for instance binding them naked back to back. The heat of her bottom will invite, yet he will not be able to reach it. You may toy with them, erecting his cock, twiddling her quim. You may make lewd suggestions to them that they must obey. Bound to each other, they yet shall be bound to you also'.

'Then I may join with them in their lusts? Must I not show coldness?'.

'Such shall become the finer strands of your understanding, Astrid. These are not as others. Pairs may be handled differently than single persons, in particular when they are of different sexes and have been already joined. These nuances will grow upon you. There is scarce a wish that you may not indulge. Prepare yourself now. Remove all save your stockings, shoes, and chemise. I shall fetch Tom to you. Here, yes, upon the sofa. You will present yourself to his doughty standard with your bottom well raised. He is permitted now no kisses or caresses other than you instruct. I doubt that they will be many. You desire him only to pleasure your loins. Upon reaming you for as long as you wish, he will expel his sperm and then withdraw not only his steaming prick but his person-unless you wish him afterwards to kneel in obeisance to you'.

'I may!'. Astrid's eyes sparkled merrily, her trembling fingers endeavouring to control themselves as she commenced unfastening her gown. 'Bring him to me!'.