Astrid awoke with a start to find Julia unwinding the rope that held her legs together. Her eyes blinked and she stared all about.

'Oh, where am I?', she asked.

'In the best of hands-one might say the most knowing, in your case', her hostess replied, making her sit up.

At this, all recollection flooded back into the young woman's mind. Such entreaties as Julia had ofttimes heard from her pupils flooded from Astrid's lips. 'Papa will seek you out and will surely punish you. He knows that I am here', Astrid trembled, but even as the words left her lips Julia, sitting upon the bed beside her, took her chin and kissed her lips.

'Let us be clear about one thing, Astrid. Your papa knows full well, though you did not, that your stay in my care would be longer than you had anticipated. He will not therefore come seeking you for he knows better than to do so. Come, move off the bed and stand up. I am about to further your education'.

Of course Astrid struggled fretfully, but with her arms bound to her sides was ill put to disagree as to what should be done with her. In a trice she was on her feet, naked to her stockings, her dismay heightened by the fact that Julia now applied a black-velvet gag to her mouth, causing Astrid's eyes to bulge and her head to shake furiously. Julia would have nothing than that her will be obeyed, and commenced urging Astrid from the boudoir and, to the young woman's apprehension, forced her to mount the stairs to the second floor.

'Have no fear, no ill is to come to you', cooed Julia, though Astrid's resistance grew at every step and Julia was once or twice forced to give her charming nether cheeks a hearty smack, making her stumble in her ascent. Tears glistened in the proud young woman's eyes, for in addition to all else she could not bring herself to believe that she had been betrayed by her own dear papa, who she had envisaged arriving in a day or two to rescue her. Some instinct, however, told her that Julia was not lying and possessed too much confidence to be doing so. Convinced that she was being led to some further punishment, though what she knew not, Astrid continued making attempts to impede her progress but was ever pushed forward until the door of the 'Attendance Room' was reached. Fully expecting Julia to open it, Astrid stood in trembling wonderment as a small piece of wood in the door was slid aside, revealing what looked like a large knot hole.

'Look-peer within-that is all you have to do', Julia murmured, keeping one hand on the back of the rope with which she had pinned the young woman's arms. At the same time, she knocked gently three times on the door in a signal that Marie well knew. Picking up the paddle that her mistress had dropped, Marie applied it smartly to Anthony's buttocks, causing him to squeal and grimace while at the same time the stinging impact of the leather made his hips jerk. Thus, to a bubbling moan from his aunt, was his fleshly peg driven another two inches into her bottom.

Her face pressed forward and one eye applied to the peephole, Astrid saw all and was transfixed. Never before had she seen even a male penis in erection, and most certainly she had never seen a nude female and a nude male in such amorous conjunction. Viewing as she did in profile the bent figure of Esmeralda, naught was hid from her, and few things are so lewd or exciting than to see a sturdy young pego in fine, erect condition, half-embedded in a lady's fulsome fundament. The deep blush that came to her cheeks invaded also her neck. A trembling seized her and she would have started back had not Julia pressed her face into the door.

'Look carefully-observe all, Astrid', Julia intoned, softly gliding the fingers of one hand under the maiden's silk round bottom and feeling her cunt.

Astrid wriggled rebelliously at that, yet had no alternative but to obey and suffer the caress. As it seemed to her at first, both participants within were being put to some dire torture, though in fact Esmeralda and her nephew were ascending the heights of pleasure with every slapping stroke of the paddle. Tight and hot as Esmeralda's bottomhole was, she by now clasped three-quarters of Anthony's weapon within,, while he-caught between heaven and hell-uttered whimpering cries of pleasure as inch by inch his pego corkscrewed in-between those luscious cheeks until his aunt's big bottom mounded into his belly. Both quivered, both shuddered divinely.

'In, out, in, out, Master Anthony!', hissed Marie, who was now according him a rhythmic slapping of the leather such as made his hips reply with febrile jerks.

'WHOOOO! No! He mustn't!', moaned Esmeralda, who of course desired nothing more than that he should and was perfectly delighted to find her plea ignored. Unable to move his feet, and with his wrists strung high, Anthony's young form was supple and the constrictions of his extremities did nothing to prevent his agile loins from working back and forth under the stimulation of the paddle. From moment to moment Astrid could see his knob emerging almost fully from Esmeralda's bottom only to piston deep within again.

Muffled by her gag, Astrid could do no other than gurgle in her throat, as now she felt the tip of Julia's forefinger insinuating itself into her own most secret orifice.

'You shall have such as she, my love, and frequently. Come, work your noble young bottom on my finger-I will have it so', said Julia, working her digit in to the first knuckle while Astrid writhed, her tummy smacking gently against the door panels, though all within the room were too absorbed to hear. While Esmeralda continued to moan, the sounds that issued from her throat were now softer, and with each inward plunge of her nephew's cock the breath hissed hotly from her nostrils for she knew no greater joy than to be bottom-warmed and corked. Even so, she knew better than to encourage Anthony other than by protruding her nether cheeks as deeply as she could into him.

He was but a young male slave providing her with such pleasure as she sought and now had truly gained. As for Anthony, this also to him represented the very pinnacle of attainment, for his adoration of older and mature women was intense and whether his virile cock was put to their cunts, their bottoms, or-most rarely-their mouths was almost a matter of indifference to him. So severely had he been warned by Julia of the sin of Onanism, that he knew pleasure only when his prick was handled by another.

His bottom-cheeks were by now a deep pink from the splatting of the leather, yet this stinging pleasured him secretly, too, and made his cock the stiffer. Sometimes when he was younger and his mama had spanked him, he had frequently rubbed it over her thighs, but she never appeared-to notice. Now that he was being made to do all these things, his heaven was complete.

Astrid, meanwhile, moaned into the velvet which covered about her mouth. Again the most unexpected sensations were assailing her. She knew that it was truly wicked to watch what was happening within, yet Julia did not need to hold her eye to the peephole now. At the same time the urging movement of the finger in her own bottom was causing her belly to melt and her cunny to moisten. Having established the latter condition by feeling under Astrid's pulpy slit, Julia was well pleased. Standing sideways to the girl, she began tickling her clitoris simultaneously, making Astrid buck her hips helplessly.

'How many males will sperm your cunt and bottom, my love', murmured Julia, knowing full well the power of erotic speech at moments such as this. For reply, Astrid gurgled deeply. Her mind swam hotly with the lewd and luscious scene before her. As Marie quickened the pace of the paddle, so Anthony whipped his loins the faster. He had felt his balls sprinkled several times on his forward strokes by his aunt's effusion and now to all his sensations was added the glorious release of shooting his come up her bottom. His knees buckled and shook, his eyes rolled.

'Spout! Spout in her!', commanded Marie, who knew all the signs of his straining neck muscles and the ever-deeper flush on his young face,

'HAAAR!', moaned Astrid in the same moment. She was coming again. The wicked woman was making her come, working both fingers back and forth until her juices rippled and spattered over Julia's hand. Simultaneously-as seemed nigh perfect for this lubricious occasion-Anthony ejected the spermatic bubblings of his joy. Every jet of his sperm was deliciously felt by his aunt, who caused her tightening bottomhole to suck so greedily on his embedded took that he, drawn in her to the root, was stilled and transfixed. It seemed to him she absorbed every ounce of his strength, leaving him weak and febrile. As indeed Astrid herself almost felt as Julia led her back down the stairs, fondling her nether cheeks as she did so.

'How you came, my dear! I am glad', Julia murmured. Once installed in the boudoir, she loosed Astrid's gag as also her bonds, allowing the young woman to sag and to sit weakly on the edge of the bed. 'We shall have wine', Julia said comfortingly, and rang for Amy by giving three tugs of the bell pull. The girl arrived in short time, bearing refreshments which she placed down, and then departed wordlessly. 'You have viewed your first entertainment, Astrid. I call them such. There will come a time when you will arrange your own'. With that, Julia poured the wine and settled some small tea cakes on a plate in the girl's lap before sitting beside her.

'Never! Oh, I could never do such horrible things!', Astrid replied. 'Those poor people-how were they made to do it I cannot imagine!'.

'Those poor people indeed! You shall meet Esmeralda-Lady of her own manor, my dear-soon enough, and, as for Anthony, whose cock you have now well viewed, he is but a puling young male who will obey whatever commands you give him. Know you not that some men are born into bondage and have little delight in anything else? No, do not interrupt me, Astrid, or I shall gag you again and you will do without your refreshments. Males are but penis bearers, my dear, though I confess that there are times when in our imperious wisdom we submit body and soul to them briefly in order to know and enjoy the experience. Likewise there are females enough whose greater pleasure is to be put to the whip and made to do all manner of things'.

'Oh, I do not understand you-I do not understand at all! I do not wish to know', moaned Astrid, her lips flecked with crumbs.

'What you believe you wish to know-which is less than little-and what you are going to know are two different things, my dear. Were you incommoded by your bonds? Was it so fearful as you thought? Come, answer me!'.

Her chin lifted by Julia's hand, and her eyes held by the woman's fierce but loving gaze, Astrid returned her stare speechlessly.

'Ha! What have you to say in all reality, Astrid! Drink your wine, girl. You came as splendidly on my finger as any have. Your excitement could not be denied, and well you know it. Your sphincter accommodated my finger more eagerly than you would have wished me to realise. The dual sensation is delicious, is it not? I have known women to faint with pleasure when put to two cocks at once, one fore and one aft. Were you have to been left in the calm and placid condition of your otherwise useless life, you would have known nothing of these things. Rather, you would have been made bitter and frigid by some cur of a husband who would fuck you once weekly and then enjoy himself better with a gay girl more knowing of his wants.

'Oh, don't, don't, don't! What horrible things you say!', sobbed Astrid, real tears upon her cheeks.

'I shall say naught nor do naught but what you should know and are to learn and experience, Astrid. What think you of the male once he has fucked and expended his sperm? That he remain an overlord-a mighty stallion still? What nonsense is that! Once his manly cock has spilled, he is as weak as a kitten. As for the woman who has lain under him and received his sperm, she herself is fit to take a dozen more. Yes, and will ripen in the process. I have known women whose skin was ever as creamy and smooth as my own by virtue of the sperm of young boys which they rub into it each morning'.

'Stop, stop! I cannot hear such hateful things!'.

'Can you not?', Julia laughed, rising and confronting Astrid, in whom a great apprehension rose. Reaching out to the bell pull, Julia drew upon it, summoning a waiting Amy within. 'Turn her about and hold her down, Amy!'.

'NO!', Astrid shrieked, but all in vain, for even as the wine spilled over her thighs and her small plate clattered to the floor, the maid pressed her back and spun her over, landing with a thump on her shoulders. From a wardrobe Julia hastened to produce a whip of many thongs, whose black-ivory handle was formed in the shape of a huge penis. 'YEEE-OW!', Astrid shrieked as within seconds the hissing thongs assailed her pouting derriere.

'You disobeyed my injunctions, girl? You will rebel?', asked Julia scornfully, sweeping in the whip once more in such wise that a thousand streaks of fire seemed to course through the girl's bottom, making it heave and writhe.

'HOO-HOO-HOOO!', Astrid sobbed, feeling more and more like a schoolgirl. 'Will you stop? Oh, stop, I cannot bear it!'.

'What a ninny she is!', Amy laughed incautiously, receiving such a glare from her mistress that she blenched and fell quiet. She was riding like a jockey on the heaving back of Astrid, whose bottom-cheeks reddened anew as the thongs bit into her as might a passing horde of bees.

'YEE-EEE-EEEK!', she screeched again and again, her cries going completely unheeded by Julia, who thoroughly adored whipping a bottom as round and desirable as Astrid's. Twisting the small whip this way and that, she ensured that not an inch of that luscious flesh was left unassailed. Spots of pink appeared on the flawless half-moons, merging them into an overall glow. 'HAAAAR! I cannot b... b... bear it!', sobbed Astrid, quite unable to unsaddle Amy. The maid's own cunny had in fact moistened much during the delightful conflict, and by positioning herself more artfully she was able to rub it through her dress against Astrid's spine.

Having at last afforded the writhing maiden a good thirty strokes, which left her bottom glowing, Julia tossed aside the whip and slid from beneath one of the pillows close to Astrid's head a slender, velvet-covered dildo, which she sprinkled with sweet oil from a little phial on the bedside cabinet. At that, Amy flung herself forward, and to Astrid's utter, screeching dismay, held the springy cheeks of her hot bottom well apart to expose the crinkled hole that was now Julia's target.

To a thin, high scream from Astrid, the smooth round knob of the enticing instrument was introduced into her virgin sphincter, its passage being so soothed by the oil that in but a few seconds it had burrowed up within. Astrid felt as if all the air were being expelled from her body. Clamping her knees on either side of the girl's waist, Amy held her firmly, watching with greedy eyes the now unimpeded progress of the imitation prick until over six inches of it were sheathed.

'NOOO-OOOH-OOOH! Take it OUT!', Astrid shrieked, as Amy's palms settled firmly down into the small of her back, forcing her bottom to orb up to the wicked offering. The slow insertion and withdrawal of the dildo burned and itched, complementing strangely the agonised burning in her cheeks and causing her belly to ripple and her mouth to sag. Such cries as she subsequently uttered in the increasingly rhythmic pumping of the luring instrument were then more muffled. Shamefully screwing up and then closing her eyes, she worked her derriere fretfully to each in-and-out motion of the dildo, now and then issuing a sob or a gasp as her sensations mounted.

Wise to every tiny movement of the girl's hips, as also to the tenor of her cries, Julia motioned with her head to Amy, who thereupon slid completely off and stood by the bedside. The maid knew, too,, that Astrid had passed the first barriers to pleasure and was now about to ride on the crest. Clawing at the bedcover in her newly found freedom, Astrid nevertheless did little enough to escape the steady pumping of the smooth, persuasive dildo which was affording her certain exquisite sensations she had never previously known. In her momentary frenzy, her teeth bit into the silk bedspread beneath her. Her nostrils flared. Breath hissed from her mouth and nose.

'She is about to come! Quickly, now!'.

Amy moved swiftly at Julia's command. It was not the first time that she would have helped her mistress accomplish such a feat as. With the dildo buried full within her sphincter, Astrid found herself twisted about until, laid on her back, her legs were slung over the shoulders of the maid, whose long, wet tongue sought the bubbling crevice of her cunt. Lying beside Astrid and holding the dildo in beneath her, Julia commenced again working it back and forth.

'WHO-OH!', Astrid moaned, assailed now in both her parts. Her face lolled sideways as Julia cupped her chin. Her lips parted, receiving Julia's tongue. Their lips meshed. Astrid's hips worked violently, seeking as though to receive as deeply as possible both tongue and dildo. Violent tremors shook her and a gurgling sounded from Amy, whose flashing tongue was of a sudden coated and splattered with a salty rain sparkling like a brook from Astrid's slit. 'B... b... b ...!', Astrid mumbled incoherently. Her legs, hooked over Amy's shoulders, jerked, her arms enfolded Julia's neck. Extreme quivers rippled through her, another salty effusion flowed into Amy's mouth, and then all was still. With a faint 'PLOP!' the dildo was slowly withdrawn. Amy rose to her feet, leaving the girl's legs to slump lazily down. Julia was kissing Astrid still. Their mouths worked dreamily together.

Closing the door quietly, Amy tripped upstairs to assist Marie.