For a moment Astrid could not bring herself to speak. Her lips parted from Julia's and appeared to remain frozen.

'P... P... Patricia?'.

The same, my dear. I shall not take it badly if you decide to whip me for it but hear my tale first. There is a certain gentleman of my acquaintance, a major, who is wont to enjoy little games on his own without my permission. I will not have this, of course. Secrecy may be occasionally amusing but is not to be carried to excess. A particular penchant of his is to entertain young ladies with accounts of his adventures. The susceptible cannot help but listen. He has a way with him-an avuncular way, one might say-that teases their imaginations further. Perhaps they feel safe with him, believing him only to be a wicked story teller. Little by little he overcomes their prejudices with his lewd tales and puts them soon enough to his cock'.

'But men may do this of occasion, surely? You see, I am still confused a little'.

'Indeed they may, but I, being his true mistress and having well trained him through the years, expect him to first come into my confidence. It is a great pleasure for me to be present on such occasions and, moreover, the rascal misses his own punishments with such young fillies who, having been birched, believe that is all there is to it'.

'But how could Patricia? She is so demure!'

Ha! You are a fine one to speak, my girl! So indeed were you, yet you were soon enough converted and brought to it. I had decided, you see, upon a ride in your absence, and took my way along the lanes. There I encountered the Major, though from the rear, and hence he knew it not for I kept a fair distance to see what he was at. A trifle undignified as it was, I was later forced to follow him on foot across some fields which neighbour upon your house. Thus did I come upon them in a hut which they had chosen for a trysting place. The rascal had already tied her to a chair and blindfolded her. Having then upped her skirts so that he could see her thighs and drawers, he began-as he imagined-titillating her by recounting one of his partly invented tales of India. Upon my approach to the hut I heard him speaking of Semira, who indeed was entertained at my house a year before. She is a beautiful young Indian girl whose father is a Commissioner in London. To what purpose he had sent her to me, I leave you to guess. Upon her departing from the course through which I put her, she waggled as naughty a pair of hips as ever you might see and was as fully lusting for her nightly fill of cock as you or I.

'The Major of course adorned his story to Patricia and would have had it that he alone arranged her seduction in the far-off land of her birth. What nonsense! I saw to all, as is my wont. Indeed, he fucked her well and with my whip at his buttocks the while. Such details he would have omitted from his story to your sister in order to engorge his ego. Naturally enough I could not let this pass. I therefore entered and surprised them'.

Astrid put her hand to her mouth and said, 'Oh!'.

'Oh, indeed, Astrid. I should perhaps have made play of rescuing Patricia, but one must judge the situation as one finds it and, besides, I thought it might make it a trifle easier for you on your return'.

'Easier? But I would have never...!'

'You fool, of course you must. Would you see her pass along forever on the path of dullness and convention? And what of Jemima? You must see to them, Astrid. The household must be brought under your control. You cannot ever run to me. You must have your own domain'.

'Yes, but Papa... .'

'ALL, Astrid, ALL'.

'I w... w... would not know how!'. For a moment all confidence appeared to drain from Astrid.

'You will know. Instinct will drive you to it, for you must I do not permit furtive behaviour, Astrid. The strength to command is yours. Were you any other than I already know, I would demand your word upon it. I do not need to. Once beyond my influence, you will be as unbounded as you were with Harriet and Will'.

'Oh, but I do not wish to desert you! You have taught me all!'

'No more you shall, foolish one. We shall engage ourselves in many delights, not least of all some orgies, for we may permit ourselves those occasionally in our own circles. However, I must continue my narrative. Patricia was already in that state of apprehension and excitement that we both well know. Upon my entry- unexpected as it was-her screams were such as you can imagine. I was forced to gag her. What should I have then done, Astrid?', Julia asked cunningly.

'Er... ah... you should have whipped him soundly for being so naughty with Patricia'.

'Yes, quite. What of Patricia, though? I induced from her, you see, the confession that she had listened freely to him twice before without being bound and had been much excited thereby'.

'Oh, the bad girl!', exclaimed Astrid.

'Precisely. So you see, all was not as simple as first seemed. He had not merely leapt upon her and bound her as a complete innocent. Naturally, however, I dealt with the Major first. He is thoroughly craven in my presence and bared his buttocks timidly for my crop, though not before I had removed your sister's blindfold. Her astonishment that I did not first release her was obviously great, but I fear that the gag gave her little chance to express herself. Making him bend over the table but somewhat away from it so that his cock was well exposed, I gave him quite a severe cropping, which caused him to moan and grant and bellow no end. Her eyes uncovered, Patricia had full sight of his penis which, being already upstanding, was kept so by the stinging of my crop. Then, bidding him sternly to remain as he was, I took Patricia up and forced her to assume the same posture beside him but with her drawers down.

'Fear not, Astrid, for I afforded her only a little cropping. Quite a light one, to bring her up a little. She sobbed and wriggled exceedingly. I had removed her gag while warning her that any undue noise would result in my informing her papa of my discovery. Some fine pink streaks lay across her lovely bottom-cheeks, I can tell you, by the time I had finished. She has a delicious cunny, but I did not want it breached by one as churlish as he. The Major knows my signals well enough by now. While Patricia howled and cried, expecting me to swish her bottom more, I clicked my fingers, causing him to rise quickly and present himself to her. Ah, what a shriek as he bent over her and got his prick in-into her bottom, yes! I permitted him however but one long, slow thrust until all was sheathed within, then made him hold it there.

'Such cries from Patricia you would never believe! There was no help for it, however. She could not get up. His weight was upon her and her rosy hole had already contained his prick to the root. I made him hold it there an entire two minutes, at the end of which Patricia had ceased to cry out and had dissolved into softer moans which betokened, I thought, some enjoyment of the naughty engagement of her bottom to his cock. However, the entire punishment was not really to be hers. Imagine his dismay when I commanded him to draw out and stand to attention! Had I not moved aside quickly when he did so, his sperm would have splashed all over my skirt. Ugh! Her bottom was so warm and tight that he could not contain himself, you see. Quite briefly then I dismissed Patricia, telling her that she had learned as fine a lesson as ever she might be taught. Pretending to tears again, she covered herself and ran out, being as well aware as I that there was no one to whom she could confess the matter since the original sin was hers'.

'Oh, then you achieved all! She has had a prick up her bottom. She has not been ridden, but was taught a fine lesson, as you say! How marvellously you accomplished it! What a perfect balance of events!'.

'You are not displeased, then? I am glad. I have prepared the route, as I told you, and caused her to think much about it. She will have felt his cock a-throbbing in her bottom all day'.

'How restless she will be, the dear girl!', murmured Astrid pensively.

'The rest is for you to accomplish, my sweet. You are as one who may play chess now with your subjects. You will bring them all to love one another even more fiercely in the bondage of obedience'.

'May I? Oh yes, of course I may!', Astrid said excitedly, but then to Julia's pleasure controlled her expression. 'Am I to be as cold with them as you first were with me?'.

'As you will, my pet. You are young, strong, and beautiful. The fire of it will lick through your veins. Thoughts more wicked than ever you could have thought to entertain will be translated into reality. What of your servants now, for you must have true servitors as I have Marie and Amy-not to say Tom and Alice!'.

Astrid pondered a moment. 'There is John, the valet. He is strong and not displeasing of face. I feel certain that in my new mood I could bring him well to heel. He has cast sly eyes upon me often enough. As to the maids, there is Crissie. She is but nineteen, quite pert if one lets her be, smallish of stature but strong from her work, I suspect. Her ankles are slender, her breasts full. I have seen not much of her yet in her physical aspects, but shall do so now'.

'They will do for the moment', Julia interrupted her. 'Bear in mind at all times the necessary hierarchy, for apart from being important of itself it maintains the balance of things that you must ever watch with care. It must be much as you have witnessed here. At the uppermost rank and mistress of all will be you. Your papa and your sisters will occupy the middle ground, so to speak. The servants remain ever such and must be trained to know it. Consider Tom and how I had you put to him, yet well he knew your rank and that in all his actions he was but a male serf acting upon my pleasure-as also yours. But this you know already, for you performed magnificently with him in this very room. Upon this very sofa, indeed. Had you told him to withdraw his cock at the very moment of his orgasm, he would have obeyed'.

'That is true. I might then put Patricia to John in the same wise, but as to Jemima she is a little young as yet'.

'Tush and nonsense! She is ripe for it. More than you know, perhaps. In India, and in other Far Eastern climes, girls of but fifteen prove the most adept of houris, for their tits are already as polished and firm as their adorable bottoms. Have no fear of it but that she will enjoy her pumpings. Of course, you must spank her first!'.

'Oh, I shall! And afterwards, too, perhaps', laughed Astrid, to whom all things now seemed possible. Rising, she drew up her knickers and smiled at her apparent awkwardness in doing so. 'I may go then? Shall I?'.

'With less mischief and excitement in your voice, my sweet, yes. That you may reserve for me and, later, for Patricia and Jemima, once they are fully inducted into our pleasures. How quick it has all been!'.

'Yes, has it not? But I would never have learned without you. I thought you so hateful and cruel when first I arrived'.

'At which moment, then, did you think other?'.

'When I was first bound. Indeed, I screamed and cried still, yet all the while I knew myself drifting into a world of pleasure and... oh, how strange it is to say it... of safety!'

In saying such you have learned all', Julia sighed. 'The baby is tightly swaddled and can scarce move its little limbs. But then being so, it is cuddled and kissed by its mama and so already learns the pleasures of both conditions. Thus to our origins do we endeavour to return. What are you smiling at?'.

'The thought of having a prick in my bottom. How wicked I am, and yet not. I wonder much at Patricia's reactions in the matter'.

'Those you will learn soon enough. I will have a carriage called for you, my dear. Your cunny is still a little on fire, I imagine. Your bottomhole veritably winked upon my finger when I put it in! This is all to the good. Imbued with desires, you will be impelled to act as you instinctively wish, yet all that I have taught you will control your actions when the moment comes. Is there anything else you would have wished here?'.

'I would love to have whipped Marie and Amy!'

'That, my love, you shall do on your next visit, and more, for they are such delightful minxes that you will not wish to stop at that, I know. As to your accoutrements, you will need a martinet, some cuffs, a tawse, and, let me see, what else?'.

'Determination?', sparkled Astrid with a silvery laugh.

'Your very manner of using the word betokens that you have it. Come, let us see to your departure'.

With that, and amid many kisses and fervent promises, Astrid finally departed, little able to believe that she had been different on her arrival than now. Thoughts brooded in her darkly to the swaying of the carriage, as its sides occasionally brushed the hedges of the narrow lanes. Then, lifting her face and gazing out upon the verdant fields, the trees, and the herds of cows, she smiled at the thought of Patricia receiving her due. It was surely a sign that she had done so, and under the aegis of Julia. The best was yet to be. With that thought, she at last arrived. She entered the house to the great surprise and delight of her sisters. Coming downstairs later, for he knew not the reason for the commotion and was quite put out by it, Astrid's father drew upon his face a pleased look and made to kiss her cheek.

Astrid however avoided his touch. 'No, Papa, not now, for I am a little weary', she said, adding much to his surprise. 'I will see you later. You are working in your study?'.

'Why, yes', he exclaimed awkwardly, bemused to find that a flush had appeared upon his cheeks. What a strangeness of behaviour had seized his elder daughter, he could not imagine.

'Good. I trust you will remain there, for your work is no doubt important, Papa', Astrid rejoined languidly while Patricia and Jemima positively gaped at the manner in which she had spoken.

'Where have you been then?', Patricia asked with some attempt at jollity.

'I have been learning, Patricia. Do we not all sometimes-whether here or elsewhere?', asked Astrid in a voice so lightly cutting that Patricia bit her lip and appeared to be in great contemplation of the pattern in the carpet.

'I do not know what you mean, Astrid'.

'Ha! As to that, you know more in one respect than I, my sweet. Where is John now?'.

'In the pantry, I do believe. Why do you ask?'.

'I have some matters to discuss with him-household affairs, you might say. Have Crissie lay out my black-silk dress. I have a fancy to wear it tonight'.

Sweeping out before Patricia could reply, but having left her on a purpose with a simple duty to perform, Astrid sought out the valet, whom she found idling through a copy of Sporting Life.

Well, John, what are you at? Is there not silver to be polished and my boots perhaps to be cleaned?'.

'Oh, lord, Miss, I didn't hear you coming. You could have rung and I would have attended on you'.

'You will do that soon enough, John, in many respects. How impudently you gaze upon me sometimes! Do you like what you see?'. Quite amused at the reddening-up of his face, Astrid eyed him carefully for a long moment, not failing to espy a certain growth in the front of his plush breeches. 'Well, John, I asked you something!'.

'Oh, yes, Miss, you are very beautiful. The pride of the county, I reckon. Such a... .'.

'Nice bottom, John? Here, you may feel it. Come, don't be shy. I shall tell no one. Put your hand all around and under it for a moment. Does it feel firm and round?'.

'Lovely, Miss. Can I keep my hand there! Ain't you lovely and warm, full solid flesh, as they say, but it gives to my fingers a bit, as it should'.

'Really, you must be an expert, John. Your cock has risen, I see. No, do not try to hide it with your jacket, man. I want to see. Feel right under my bottom, John, for the moment will be brief enough, but you may have your pleasure of it. What would you not do to get this truncheon of yours up between my legs, say?'.

'Oh, I couldn't never imagine such a thing! I would faint, Miss, I think it would be so nice. Especially with your stockings on, for I likes a woman who rubs her stockings under you'.

'You do, do you? Quite a connoisseur! That pleases me. Take your hand away now, you have had a good feel of it. I intend to ask you something, John, something that is not to be put around either in the house or in the servants' quarters, upon pain of your immediate dismissal and my informing all the households in the county that you are a useless servant'.

'No, Miss, I wouldn't say nothing, I promise. God's honour on it, no matter if it were tried to be beaten out of me'.

'That is the talk I like to hear. Stick well by that, for you will have need to. My requirements-indeed my demands-are very simple. You will obey unquestioningly all that I tell you to do in future. No more, no less than that. No harm will come to you and you will have much enjoyment of it. Have you worked your cock often in a woman, John?'.

'Not as much as I would wish, Miss, and hereabouts there's not much chance. The old pecker comes up stiff for it as soon as I wakes'.

'Let me feel it, John. Open your breeches, I want to see the size of it. My goodness, it's a fair one, isn't it, and such a glowing head! No, do not move, John. Attempt to touch me and I shall scream and there will be a rare scandal of it which would surely end with you in prison'.

'Oh, Miss, you are torturing me like this-your hand is so soft and warm. I don't know as if I can hold it back from coming, it's that excited. Push your fingers along it a little more!'.

'No, John. Did I not tell you that you are to obey? Listen to me carefully, arms at your sides! Think only of this: that, provided you control yourself now and do not come, I shall let you put it in me tonight. There is another condition, though. You will enter my room quietly after midnight. You will not speak. I shall bind your wrists first, for at present I have no desire for you to touch me otherwise. Your prick will then be inserted and you will be given forty strokes in and forty out eighty in all, John!-before you spill your sperm. I shall then untie you and you will return to your quarters. Do other than this and I shall tell Papa you have attempted to rape me'.

'Oh, Miss, yes I'll do it! I never thought to hear the like of this coming from you. I'm trying to hold back now, but it's that excited. Will you be naked, Miss?'.

'I shall wear my boots and stockings only. We shall have a good fuck, John, but forget not that all such matters will be under my control. Put it away now and keep it fit for a long pumping tonight. If you come before I tell you to, it will not happen again. I have a lovely, tight cunt, John, I promise you that'.