'Whoo-hooo-hooo!', Patricia screeched. Hung over the side of the bed with her drawers forcibly taken off and her bottom jutting out as Crissie sat astride her back, she received again and again the stinging sweeps of the thong. Astrid spared her not. Whereas she had merely toyed playfully with Jemima, the slightly larger bottom of Patricia was made to squirm and squirm. Again and again and again the hissing thong tips bit into her richly fleshed posterior, which in but a dozen strokes had already assumed a rosy hue. Crissie, open-mouthed and with her knees clamped excitedly against Patricia's hips, felt her awe of the occasion turn to excitement. How lovely it was, she thought, to see the naked bottom of such a proud Miss wriggle and rotate each time the thongs fanned across it. A warmth made itself felt in her loins and her cunny tingled.

'NOO-OOOH-OOOH! Astrid, don't, DON'T!', Patricia howled.

'At the end of this, my dear, you will listen better', Astrid declared, underlining her promise with an even fiercer HUI-ITTTT! of the whip, which brought a shrill, moaning cry from her sister.

Alas, or not, it was at this juncture that their father decided to intervene. He had heard oft enough cries and giggles coming from one or other of the girls' rooms, but never such as these. Striding from the study on the floor above, he made his way quickly down and thrust open the door from behind which the beseeching wails came.

Astrid it was who shrieked first, though not in fear but as one highly disturbed by any interruption. 'Father! Out! Go!', she cried. Crissie yelled and fell back, daring not to be seen by her master in such a position upon one of his daughters. As for Patricia, whose bottom was fully on view to him, not to say her long stockinged legs, which had parted haplessly to show the peeping of her cunt, her shriek was the loudest. Freed of Crissie's weight, she rolled frantically first one way and then the other, betraying the whole of her treasures to his dazed eyes before slumping backwards onto the carpet, where she made the most frantic efforts to veil her charms.

In contrast then to the sudden cries that had rent the air came a curious silence. It was as if all were momentarily frozen in their attitudes while an extremely pink flush stole over Mr. Cane's features. Had he wished perhaps then to recover both his wits and his authority, it was not to be. Advancing upon him with panther-like steps and with her eyes blazing, Astrid all but prodded the black handle of her whip into him, which threatening motion caused him to step back hastily.

'What is the meaning of all this, Astrid, eh?', he endeavoured to demand while Patricia crouched upon the floor and sobbed, and Crissie hid behind the farther side of the bed. Alas, the tone in which he intended to utter his question was not the one he would have sought, and became unaccountably a veritable croak.

'We will go to your study, Father. Come, please, let us not have a scene!', Astrid uttered coldly while ever crowding him through the doorway until, to the vast relief of Patricia and Crissie, he was no longer immediately visible to them. To their ears came a mumbling and then the sound of retreating footsteps. Taking swift advantage of the situation, Crissie removed herself from hiding, skirted nervously the slowly uprising figure of Patricia, and skipped through the door, there to see her master and Astrid going slowly upstairs. Half-closing her eyes ostrich-like fashion that she might not be seen, Crissie made to descend but was brought to a sudden standstill by the whiplash voice of Astrid.

'CRISSIE! You will go to my room and stay there until I come down. This instant!'.

'Yes, Miss, yes-oh, dear!'

'Astrid, my dear, what am I to do? If this were some game, I apprehend that your poor sister was the loser of it. What means this whip you are carrying? I demand an explanation!', declared her father as soon as the study door had closed upon them. Leaning against it, thereupon, in a manner which was far from that of the demure young lady he had so recently known, Astrid withheld a reply for a long moment. Julia had advised her never to speak in such moments but always to leave the questioner hanging upon a silence. Such would invariably discomfort them, Julia had said, and in this case her prophecy proved correct. Most uncomfortably-indeed, to in horrified dismay-Mr. Cane became aware that his daughter's eyes were running searchingly over the front of his trousers, where a very distinct hump had appeared.

'Punishments are deemed appropriate on occasions, Papa', Astrid said slowly at last. 'The pity of it is that their bottoms-and I refer to Jemima also-have gone neglected'.

'N... n... neglected? What talk is this? Have you left your senses?', demanded her father, who under her gaze had begun to edge towards his desk. He hoped, by taking his seat, to conceal the evidence of his erection, which Astrid's revelations of desirable flesh had occasioned. Taking note of his intentions, however, Astrid moved the swifter, and with feline steps intruded herself between his person and his intended retreat,

'No, Papa, I have not left my senses, but rather I have gained them. A young woman's bottom needs occasional attention, though you have no thought fit to see to it. The flesh grows plumper and richer under the stimulation it requires. Patricia's bottom is already superb, yet it will improve now a little more under my ministrations, as also will Jemima's. You had cause to see Patricia's well. Do you not agree with me? Her cleft is tight and will become even more so with a slight swelling of her cheeks'.

'My God, Astrid, how can you speak thus? I have never heard such talk!'.

'Better than to hide in the darkness of one's mind, Papa. The evidence of your own thoughts shows clearly enough. Pray, let us have no more hypocrisy. Your prick hardened at the first sight of your daughter's delightful derriere. I blame you not. This is Nature's way. She is ripe for attention. My presence has but excited you the more. I think it best that you remain in here, Papa, until I call you'.

A croaking gurgle came from Ralph Cane's throat. That he would wake in a moment to discover this a vivid dream he had scarcely no doubt. Such things could not be, nor could such words be spoken. All the worse, his cock had failed to subside. Indeed, the very words be spoken. All the worse, his cock had failed to subside. Indeed, the very words that Astrid had uttered had caused it to stiffen the more so that the shape of his knob was all but visible through the dark cloth of his trousers. Incomprehension and dire embarrassment mingled in his mind amid the chucklings of the devils of guilt.

'I have NEVER in all my life!', he began portentously.

That I do not doubt, Papa, but it maybe that you are about to. I shall give the matter thought. Pray, do not attempt to follow me for I intend to lock the door. I do not wish either Patricia or Jemima to see you as yet in this condition'.

So saying, Astrid swept out, neatly removing the key from inside the door ha her passing and thereupon locking it from the outside as she closed it. With that, she could not help letting a mischievous smile flit across her richly curving mouth. All too unexpectedly her dear Papa had cast himself willy-nilly into her net. That which she had deemed would be her hardest task had been presented to her by fate. Passing down, she made for her own room, where Crissie sat huddled but started up at her entrance. The whip that Astrid still held swished against the side of her skirt.

'Oh, Miss, I ain't done nothing-nothing save what you told me to do! You'll all whip me now, I knows you will!'

'Not all, Crissie, just I. And I will be quicker about it than I presently mean to be if I don't have you doing exactly as I say. If but one word passes your lips about this to the other servants, I promise you triple the whipping that Miss Patricia received. That she required it is obviously not your concern', Astrid added carefully, mindful of the hierarchy that Julia had spoken of.

'Miss, you mean she wanted us to do it?', squeaked Crissie.

'Have you never been spanked, Crissie?', Astrid responded, moving toward her.

'Yes, Miss, I have-that's the truth of it. I didn't like it-not the way it were done. His hand were real heavy and blasted me proper'.

'Really? How crude! Nevertheless, you got some pleasure, I trust, from the outcome of it? What need have you to blush? Were you not pleasantly fucked afterwards? As I thought, for I can read it in your face'.

'I never meant him to, Miss, but I never wore no drawers so that made it easier for him. None of us could afford drawers, we couldn't. He got rare excited. I tell you, I got spanked more than I deserved and then he would put it in me while I was a-howling still'.

'Well, then, you are at least in good part converted, Crissie, which is all for the better. Here's a sovereign for your pains today, but think not that it will excuse you from a whipping if it so pleases me. How much does Papa pay you? Ten pounds a year and all found? I think I may find it possible to improve on that, but you will be paid upon performance. No, you silly girl, not your domestic duties. I have things more favourable in view for you. Attend upon me here in my room immediately after dinner'.

'You are still going to whip me though, Miss. I can see you are!'.

'Good instincts become an attractive young woman, Crissie. We shall say nine o'clock sharp. Go now'.

Upon the maid's departure, Astrid repaired to the room of Patricia, who had not only got upon the bed, but within it, her face being hidden beneath the sheet. Upon Astrid's entrance she huddled up tighter and was completely invisible, forming a shapely hump beneath the covers. Seeing not who it was but sensing that it was her older sister, Patricia remained still while uttering a little cry as she sheet was drawn down to reveal her flushed face.

'I am disgraced forever! What am I to do now that Papa has seen me!'

'Consider yourself well looked upon and some benefit perhaps to come from it. All is well now, Patricia. You have taken your punishment and I have no doubt are all the better for it'.

'Why did you whip me? Oh, that I should be held down by a common servant!'.

'Hush! We will have no more questions nor remonstrances nor objections. These are three rules by which you are to abide, Patricia. Come, let us lie together as we were doing before I had to correct your rebellious behaviour. Place yourself on your back with your arms behind your head. There, now, you are more acquiescent, are you not?'.

Patricia's eyes blinked. Relentlessly once more her dress was being drawn up to her hips until, still without her drawers, she lay naked from her navel down. Feeling the tip of Astrid's forefinger brushing about her clitty, she wriggled but did not otherwise move. Her lips pursed together, a soft whistling sound emitted as by hazard from them as the finger teased. Caressing her fondly, Astrid passed her free hand beneath her sister's bottom and felt its throbbing warmth. Thereat, Patricia jerked and would have brought her arms down but was stayed by a warning murmur.

'D... d... d...! You are p... putting your finger in there!', came a stutter.

'Yes, my darling, where the Major put his prick. Do not pretend to me any longer that it is not to your liking. Roll upon your hip now and pass your upper leg over mine that I can attend to you. Wind your arms about my neck but loosely and pass your tongue between my lips. Your bottom is pleasantly hot for the exercise, my love'.

Hissing through her nostrils with an excitement she could no longer deny herself, Patricia kissed, tongued, and worked her hips lewdly as simultaneously Astrid's fingers inserted themselves, the one in her bottom and the other in her slit. Warmly their breaths flowed together, the moisture from their lips and mouths sweet to one another's.

'Papa had his cock well up for you, my sweet. It is the best of signs'.

'Astrid! Nooooo! Oh, do not speak of... AAAH! OOOOH!'

'His eyes were languid with desire, his balls full. He spoke of your bottom, your cunt, your thighs. Had I remained in the study a moment longer with him he would have delved into my drawers. How wicked of him! I have locked him in'.

'HAAAAAR!', Patricia sobbed. Her legs straightened full down, her toes straining. She held Astrid's finger in her rosehole full to the second knuckle while her sister's other hand beneath her quim brought her to the very peak of fulfilment. Just as it is said that a drowning person sees his whole life flash before him, so Patricia obtained the most vivid glimpses of the licentious behaviour into which she had been driven with the Major. All now had changed in her life and to nothing but the present could she retreat. Licking the pink, wet tip of her tongue against Astrid's, she released the spilling flow of her juices with utter abandon, heated the more by the insensate whisperings of her sister into her pleasure-wobbling mouth.

When quiet then reigned, and knowing her sister to be in a thoroughly receptive state, Astrid spoke quietly to Patricia of all those things she had never thought to think. Murmuring impulsively from time to time, and uttering soft exclamations of surprise, Patricia imbibed all.

'But what if ...?', she interrupted again and again, or posed her questions in other ways. But all this time were answered. Not until the early evening came did they rise, Patricia revealing the most thoughtful cast upon her fine features. 'Shall it then be so-really so- all of that which you have spoken, Astrid? What of Papa?'.

'The fault is mine, darling. You have been too flushed with excitement and pleasure this past hour to absorb all that I have said. Papa shall play his role as surely as any male must. The erection of his penis at the sight of your naked bottom was truly impressive. You have yet to know the power and the pleasure of such an engine. Even his balls showed clearly through his trousers. A female tongue and fingers will delight you in a thousand ways, but you must surrender more fully to the cock than you have yet been brought to'.

Patricia paled, then flushed, for she no longer had the will to oppose her sister. The whip lay ever as a reminder at the foot of her bed. Even so, the thought of what was to be made her tremble.

'Astrid, there are matters of which you do not know!', she exclaimed impulsively, while at the dressing table her sister toyed with a brush and comb.

'You cannot avoid the issue so, Patricia. Come, embrace me, you are all of a tremble. It is natural that you should be so. You have yet to be mounted, darling, and well fucked. The moment you feel the divine throbbing of the prick and absorb its gushing juices, you will be as eager to toy with Papa's as any. Say no more of it, for I know how best to bring you to it. You are a sensible girl. Your cunny hungers for a lewd encounter'.

'No, Astrid, you fail to understand. Papa has a lady friend. I am much afeared on the outcome of it'.

'A woman friend? Tell me all. Who is she, what is her name?'.

'It is Lady Belinda Smithers. She is widowed, as you know. Jemima and I believe her truly to have designs upon Papa, for she has been here several times, though not to your knowing. Upon your absence, Papa hied himself to her, for I so gathered this from the coachman. They were long engaged together. It was midnight before he returned'.

'This is the selfsame one whose daughter I have always so disliked?'.

'Clara-indeed, yes. The son is foppish and takes on airs, as you know. It is said that they have dismissed two of their servants due to certain economies. I fear then you see the nature of Lady Smithers' designs, for she knows well enough that Papa lacks not money'.

'How right you are, Patricia. It alters my plans a little, but not so that they are finally disturbed. Indeed, they might benefit from it. She would dispossess us if she could, I do not doubt that for a moment!'.

'I know, Astrid, I know. What are we to do?'.

'All the more reason you have for obeying me now, Patricia. Have I not been wise to act as I have?'.

'Oh, yes, you must be strong! Dear Papa is in the best of health, yet what if under her designs he were to alter his will in her favour?'.

'Precisely, my pet. It shall not be. I will contrive to alter her plans, though I need a little time to think about the matter. I shall need your assistance, as also perhaps that of another. By the morning I shall have found a solution'.

'You will speak to Papa? Oh, do not tell him that I told you!'.

'What silly fears you obtain still! It is he who shall be servitor to you in many respects, though at tunes I will put him on a longer leash if it amuses me to do so. Papa need no nothing of my intentions, nor of your complicity. We shall engage his senses in ways that will divert and utterly confound him. Have I not brought him already a little to heel? He remains locked in his study until it pleases me to release him. This you may pretend to know nothing of for the nonce. However, I do see that I must forward your initiation, else you will be in even greater wonder than you are. Come to my room tonight after Papa and Jemima have retired. I must see at present to Papa's well being, though I am not sure that he deserves it'.

Leaving thus her sister to endeavour to collect her raging thoughts, Astrid repaired to the study and opened the door. At her entrance, her father sprang up and look utterly bemused.

'We shall see you at dinner, Pap, but not before. It would not be seemly, and neither do I wish it. I see that you have been comforting yourself with port. That will do you no harm. Dinner will be at eight, for I have things to do afterwards. I will see you at table. We shall have no matters to discuss there save trivial ones'.

'But, Astrid...!', came her father's cry, as then once more she closed and locked the door.

'My plans, John, are a little altered', she was saying to the valet but a few minutes later. 'You will attend upon me as instructed. That which you may then discover before you may occasion you some surprise, but you will utter not a word or the most severe retribution will fall upon you'.

'I shall do as you say, Miss, like I said. You have my word on it'.

'Make sure that I do, John, for it is not I you are going to mount, but another!'