The plaintive moan came oft from Harriet's mouth as she strove to avoid the seeking of her brother's lips. Poised almost exactly upon her whorled navel, the swollen crest of his charger pulsed and throbbed, communicating to both their bodies an intensity of excitement that could not long be suppressed. Beneath the weight of his tightly clasped body, Harriet's rolled-up skirt rustled with every tiny movement that obtained between them. Most alluringly, from Will's point of view, his balls nudged up against the moist peach of his sister's slit, the lips of which had parted haplessly.

'Let me but kiss you, dearest!', Will husked.

Harriet's lips were particularly full and richly curved. Several times his own had brushed them feverishly, only to have them escape as her neck twisted this way and that. Her richly fleshed thighs were warm and plump beneath his own, and the ridging of her stocking tops and garters tingled under him madly. After long minutes, and unable to thresh her face from side to side any longer, Harriet surrendered the sweet wetness of her lips with a sigh.

'Do not, Will', she murmured more faintly, yet the words being said against his mouth served only to stir him the more. Savaged by his lips, she began to sob quietly, yet the sound was as much a measure of her erotic arousal as despair.

'What a glorious cluster of brown curls you have around your cunt, what a plump arse you have, what magnificent thighs! Ah, had they but bared your tits to me, Harriet!'.

'Do not speak thus-ah, no, do not! Grab!', choked Harriet, as now her brother's tongue intruded in-between her teeth and dived so deeply within that it met her own. Then did the red mists of lewd desire cloud upon Harriet for the first time, as Will mounded his testicles in closer to her cunt. 'AAAARGH', she choked the while that their tongues met and fought as merry a dance as ever a man's and woman's did.

'I have seen you in your drawers and kissed your thighs. Now, divested of the cotton that has veiled your cheeks, I have seen the magnificence of your bottom-cheeks. How proudly they jut! Promise me that I may fondle them and kiss your divine nipples when we are alone!', Will groaned.

'You... you m... m... must not speak thus, Will. Ooooh! Ah! Yes! Suck my tongue! Darling, I can feel your thing throbbing all the time! How naughty you are!'.

Silkily Harriet's belly rippled, causing her brother's prick to throb faster. Her upper lip rolled back as each sucked in turn greedily upon the other's saliva.

'Let me come, Harriet!'.

'You bad thing, yes, if you want to. Oh, you are flooding me! How warm and sticky it is! You must never put it in me, Will, your promise? Promise you will not!'.

So gabbled Harriet on and on, as with every word a fresh jet of spermatic bliss issued from Will's prick until a veritable pool of gruelly delight swam between his pulsing organ and her body. Unable to contain himself, Will covered her mouth completely with his own and issued another fierce jet that caused Harriet to tremble with delight throughout her ripe and nubile form.

Astrid, meanwhile, was sustaining an even greater pleasure. Naked to her shoes, stockings, and chemise, which was turned up above her hips, she received passively the grunting thrust of Tom's big prick, his hands being permitted to cup the creamy globe of her bottom as he did so. Kneeling as she was upon the edge of the sofa, Astrid rested her cheek and forearms as calmly as she could upon the rolled back of the seat, her low posture causing Tom to keep his knees well bent while he laboured valiantly in her honey pot. That he knew her stature now, she proudly had no doubt. Julia had led him in by his cock, his trousers so rolled down that he was forced to shuffle awkwardly. Closing her eyes briefly in that moment, Astrid had waited quiveringly upon his approach.

'The lady requires you, Tom. Bend your knees, man, cup her bottom for purchase and enter your knob just between her lovelips. You will hold it there until you receive her assent!'.

It was to Astrid as if she had waited long for such a moment. The plum having nosed within her was held. Thus was a servile male exercised, she thought, and moved her would-be ardent hips not a whit, while Julia, taking a seat to the rear of them, placidly took up a book and sat as if nothing were happening. Only then by an assenting wiggle of her bottom did Astrid invite the sheathing of Tom's organ, which fumed and throbbed mightily as it surged in-between the velvety walls. At the first nestling of his huge balls to her bottom, Astrid uttered coldly, 'Hold!', the command bringing a discreet smile from Julia, whose eyes engaged themselves with the page beneath her. A full two minutes passed while Tom snorted occasionally but dared not move, the silken, hot orb of Astrid's bottom almost making him come then and there.

'Continue!', came Astrid's voice at last. Peeping up slyly, Julia observed the trembling of his trunk-like thighs as he drew the knob down almost to the pouting of Astrid's cunt and then pistoned it again within. Dizzy with the pleasure that she could now thus command and obtain, Astrid churned her luscious derriere a little and then so tightened the walls of her slit that his thick, stiff penis was held as within a velvet vice. 'Be still now!', came her clear command, much to the fond amusement of Julia, who saw her pupil progressing mightily by the hour. For Astrid alone had decided upon this form of entertaining herself. She now slew her hips back and forth so that she it was who drew with her cuntlips and the interior of her grotto upon Tom's motionless rod.

But softly did Astrid's breathing sound as she continued the motion, glorying in the revelation that Tom dared not move or urge his cock an inch, his knees quivering and straining as he sought to maintain his awkward posture. With every forward motion of her hips, his gnarled staff was seen to be glistening with her juices, the emission of which in little sprinkling spurts caused Astrid to bite upon her lip and hide her face the more so that he might not know of her outward signs of pleasure.

Julia spoke not, though she dearly wished that Astrid would also roll her bottom. No doubt she would learn to rotate her hips soon enough. The minx meant the bout to last, and well she might, for thrice and four times did Astrid come, her body rich with pleasure, before she began pumping her bottom faster.

Tom's eyes were glazed. He longed to accompany her movements with his own, but to do so now would put him in dire disgrace with both his mistress and with Astrid, and would cause Alice to scold him severely, not to say to bring a horsewhip to his buttocks were she to learn about it. From victorious stallion, he had become again but a serf, yet both roles pleased him. And, if all were known, perhaps the latter more than the first. Frequently he had fucked Julia in this wise, and almost always in the silence that now obtained. Groan after groan escaped him, though he tried to mute the sounds.

It mattered little to Julia that males should grunt at such tunes, though they could well be taught not to. Astrid for the moment accepted it as homage and mewed softly in her throat. At any moment she would come again and-ah, yes-Tom then must. The rivulets of bliss must combine, their spendings must swirl together. 'Now, Tom, now!', Astrid gritted, regretting only the slight note of supplication in her voice. Then did his hips move, bottom and belly meeting in a resounding smack as he injected her with cannonade upon cannonade of his spermatic offering while his balls, wet with Astrid's fine salty sprinklings, slapped beneath her bulge. Compressing her lips anew for fear that she might cry out with pleasure, Astrid received her stallion's offering, clenching his rampant tool deep within her sodden grotto until the last thick pearls were expended. Even then she continued to grip upon him tightly until she was satisfied that every drop had been spent. Gesturing pettishly with her arm, she caused his cock to withdraw, glistening and fuming as it did so.

Straightening up his aching back, Tom then stood in waiting as he knew he must. Riven with pleasure in every limb and nerve and sinew, Astrid remained silent and unmoving for a long moment, the lips of her cunt literally frothing with his sperm. Tremulous that for some reason he had not fully satisfied her, Tom made as if to turn his head to gaze upon his mistress, but thought better of it. In this moment she whom he had pleasured was the female who obtained immediate power over him. Cock drooping but slowly until it resembled an enormous slug, he waited, still.

'Go! You are dismissed', Astrid murmured. She sensed a sweet apprehension in herself as Tom's sluggish footsteps took him out. Julia advanced upon her even as she curled up upon the seat, her features with deliriously flushed.

'My dear, you are indeed worthy. I now give Harriet and Will into your care', Mia breathed. Seating herself on the sofa and passing her hand under Astrid's cunt, she smiled appreciatively at the vibrant pulpiness she felt there.

'On my own-you so trust me?', sparkled Astrid. I have little more to teach you now, my pet. What has taken weeks with others has taken but hours with you. They must first be chastised, of course, then you will escort them home. I will send a carriage for you later. Dress now, for you are in the full bloom of a woman who has been well fucked and yet is ready for another'.

'Shall we then chastise them here?'

'Why not? I vow they are deserving of it', responded Julia, who had a distinct penchant for chastising male and female bottoms together. Having seen to Astrid's coiffure when she was again dressed, the two took themselves upstairs. Within the room where Harriet and Will lay was a silence broken only by faint murmurs from the pair, their faces shiny with perspiration as they lay together in their unsought bonds. Such a silence, however, was broken immediately Julia and Astrid entered. Harriet shrieked and then moaned, averting her eyes as best she could to the wall. Will, too, uttered a cry but then lay still, a vibrant trembling coursing through him as he felt Astrid's fingers at the knots of the ropes. When the couple was drawn apart, as Astrid then did, the drying pool of their pleasure was seen glistening on the belly of Harriet, who with an alarmed shriek interspersed with shamed sobs endeavoured to thrust down her skirt.

'No, my dear, you do NOT!', snapped Julia, catching the young woman as she made totteringly to rise. As for Will, he sat upon the divan in a daze, thus impeding his sister's efforts to escape.

'Will! Save me!', Harriet screamed. Her limbs being a trifle stiff, she was unable to evade being dragged up and turned about, thereby providing all three with a perfect view of her large and well-fleshed bottom, the cleft of which added a slight gingery tinge to the otherwise dazzling whiteness of the cheeks. Simultaneously, Will had his ear seized like a schoolboy. Uttering a yelp in Astrid's firm-fingered grasp, he found himself perforce made to bend over in turn so that the tautness of his naked buttocks complemented the more voluptuous roundness of his sister's.

'What are you at? Oh, my God, let me get UP!', cried Harriet, whose knees were firmly planted on the edge of the couch alongside Will's. Swiftly accommodating herself in front of them by virtue of mounting the erstwhile bed of sin, and with her back to the wall as she knelt, Astrid took purchase with each of her hands on the backs of their necks, so forcing their faces down.

So rapidly was all effected that only a few seconds passed before the alarmed and outraged cries of Harriet sounded as a martinet in Julia's hand scorched across her bulbous bottom.

'Hold her well-take her hair, Astrid! Will does not dare to rise or I shall put him to greater punishment, as well he knows'.

'You beasts! AH! It stings! How dare you, how dare you! OW! Do not!', came in frantic screeches from Harriet, whose thick, dark hair then was wreathed in Astrid's palms, effectively forcing her to remain bent over so that she could but writhe her reddening derriere madly.

'Be QUIET!', Julia thundered, 'or I shall put you to several score, Harriet. 'Tis you, my dear, who holds the guilt for not acceding to your brother's desires before this. Hold your bottom up, woman!'.

'SWEEE-ISH! SWEEE-ISSSH! HOOO-ITTTTT!', the martinet sounded to the impassioned delight of Astrid who, having tasted it herself, felt more fondly now for the luring heat it induced in female bottoms in particular, though one would not have thought so to hear Harriet's rending sobs and heartfelt cries. Never before had she received so much as a slap on her bottom and, now that the thongs of Julia's disciplinary instrument were whistling and burning across her outstretched nether cheeks, it was as though she had been cast into hell. Her mouth hung lax with her repeated sobs and down her attractive cheeks fell a veritable waterfall of tears.

As for Will, he could feel his sister's bared hip bumping against his own the while that her stockinged leg also rubbed his. Both fearful and excited that he was to be next, he sought her hand blindly and clasped it, making them appear very much as two children who have been caught stealing from the pantry or scrumping in a neighbour's orchard.

'WHOO-HOOO-HOOO!', Harriet moaned, her gleaming derriere now fully streaked with wavering pink lines while the fig of her cunt, couched in its thick nest of dark-brown curls, showed clearly to Julia's excited eyes. To finger her now would be delicious, for the lips glistened with dew. Yet to do so meant she would not be able to attend upon Will. Stepping then farther back, Julia next brought the whip across his upturned bottom which then smacked sideways against his sister's, causing both to cry out.

'HUI-ITTTT! SWEEE-ISSSSH! 'Ouch!', cried Will aloud to his shamed dismay, his balls swinging. That he deserved it he did not doubt. He had sinned wickedly with Harriet, whose first signs of sensual awakening had fully aroused his lust. His sperm had not only flooded her belly but had trickled and meandered down to nestle in the springy hairs of her mount, where he had felt it wet beneath him. Delirium was his, as equally now was the stinging admonition of the martinet. Gritting his teeth, he succeeded in muffling his cries, though it appeared that Harriet was uttering them for him since she ceased not to sob and yelp each time he received the bite of it.

'NOOO-NOOO-NOO! Will you not stop!', Harriet cried, quite beside herself not only from the searing of the martinet, which spread licking tongues of fire into her most secret orifices, but also because she felt all too strangely stirred by the untoward lewdness of all that was happening. Every slight flinching of her brother's buttocks made their bodies squirm and rub intimately together while the tight clenching of their left and right hands together on the seat of the divan betokened both acceptance and rejection of the miasma of sensations into which they had been thrust together.

'Have them dressed and tidied. I will send Will's garments up', announced Julia at last, her breasts heaving, her face full flushed from her endeavours as she surveyed the brightly pink orbs of their bottoms. Releasing Harriet's hair, Astrid permitted the young woman to fall forward, her fingers clenching and unclenching as she strove to tighten her outraged nether cheeks against the insurgent heat, much also as did Will, who had by then received as round a score of strokes as she. Tumbled and dismayed, they lay in positive confusion and bottom-tightening while Julia, calling to Amy for Will's clothes, strode out, leaving the martinet most visibly on the floor.

'No, no! Let me cover myself!', Harriet howled then, being drawn up by Astrid. Her cheeks were smeared with tears, her hair awry, her eyes as wild as any gypsy's. The hem of her dress being caught up still, the fullness of her legs showed above her stocking tops. As for poor Will, he displayed perforce another erection, the stimulation of the whip being such that it had both stimulated and stung him.

'I will see to you! Leave your drawers, you will not need them', Astrid said crisply. Thereupon she spun Harriet 'round towards Will who, having risen and teetering about on his feet in the aftermath of bottom-burning, as was his sister, could not help but again display the lewdness of his risen cock to her.

'NO!', Harriet shrieked and covered her eyes the while that Astrid bent and smoothed her dress down at last, patting it around her legs and ensuring herself a generous feel of the young woman's glowing derriere as she did so. Upon that, Amy entered with an armful of Will's clothes, which she thrust upon him with a big grin at his glowing state.

'You have been told to be quiet-be QUIET, Harriet!', Astrid said, echoing her mentor, who evidently meant to take no further part in these particular proceedings. Between herself and Amy, the sobbing young woman was then hustled down to a bedroom and sat firmly upon a stool before a dressing table while incoherent sounds of apparent grief and horror issued from her lips. Quite ignoring these, Amy set to dressing Harriet's hair. Taking up a sponge from the marble top of a washstand, Astrid lifted Harriet's chin and wiped her face. 'You have been well served for your sins, Harriet. Let us hear no more from you for the nonce. I shall escort you both home', she uttered firmly.

This intelligence brought a further wail. 'No, no! I cannot face anyone! Do not let me face Will again! Oh, the shame of this! I shall report you to the authorities!'.

'You will do nothing of the sort, Harriet. I shall have no such nonsense. You were caught in flagrante delicto with your brother while guests were here. Sufficient punishment-though many might think it not enough- has been meted out to you both. You will attend now in future to what I have to tell you. Very well, Amy, her hair is tidied nicely. Fetch some wine and biscuits'.

'I can never eat nor drink again, I can never!', Harriet sobbed, cupping her face in her hands.

'What nonsense! You are going to eat and drink exceedingly well, my pet. I have a certain hunger myself. We shall see to ourselves well in that respect-as to several others-when we arrive chez vous. Come, sit upon the bed, you will be more comfortable. Did you come much?'.

'WHA-AAAAT! Oh! The horror of things that are said and done here! What devils you are!', moaned Harriet, whose shoulders shook anew as limply she allowed herself to be re-seated, her hands twisting all about each other.

Undisturbed by this display, Astrid placed her arm about Harriet's shoulders and said no more until Amy entered, bearing a silver tray. 'Mr. Will is dressed now, Miss. Shall I bring him in?'.

'NO!', Harriet shrieked from behind the hands that once more cupped her face.

'He may take refreshments where he is, Amy. See to it that their carriage is ready. Your mistress has no doubt seen to other things'.

'Oh, yes, Miss, she has. She has had several things you might need put in there'.

'Good', replied Astrid while the maid bubbled wine into two tall glasses. She took one and, pinching Harriet's nostrils after brushing the young woman's hands aside, poured a generous libation down her throat. Spluttering and choking, Harriet endeavoured to struggle but, having Astrid's other hand firmly gripping the nape of her neck, subsided again into little wailing cries while Amy made her exit. 'Drink slowly now of your own accord. Here-take the glass. Take it! You prefer to go under the whip again, Harriet? No, I thought not. We are in no hurry. Finish the glass and I will pour another. You are in need of it'.

'You... you... you do not understand! I came here to... .'.

'To receive correction, Harriet', Astrid interrupted. 'You knew it not? Very well, I accept that. You are all the better for the surprise of it. It was timely that Will should impel his sperm upon your belly if nowhere else. What a luscious form you have, such divine curves, my dear! Put them not to waste or you will rue it. Will is a fine manly figure despite his slavish ways. You have not known how to wend them to your mutual benefit. It shall be quite other now, for I deem you will much like him beneath the skin'.

'Oh! I c... c... cannot believe what you are saying! You have caused me to sin beyond redemption! What am I to do!'.

'Oh, pouf! What stuff and nonsense, Harriet! Your initiation into the true realm of womanhood has now begun. Your tears have dried. Your bottom no longer stings but glows. May we not be friends? May I kiss you?'.

This being said with such grace and ingenuousness, Harriet could only stare bemused, bringing a sparkle of amusement to Astrid's face. Instead now of gripping Harriet's neck, she began stroking it lovingly, causing the young woman to shiver. Therewith Astrid removed the wine glass from her hand and, placing it upon a side table, enfolded the bewildered Harriet in her arms. For Astrid had already learned that much instruction and delight could be gained from alternately cozening and admonishing those who tended to submissive ways as instinctively as she divined that Harriet did. Laying her back upon the bed amid febrile struggles, she laid her moist lips warmly upon those of the young woman.

'Wh... wh... what are you at now?', flustered Harriet, utterly bewildered by all these turns of events, as well she was meant to be. Consequent upon the kiss which was of the tenderest and lightest, she felt Astrid's hand engage itself beneath her skirt, where it sought and fondled first her warm, lush thighs.

'How adorable you are going to be when I make you naughty, Harriet', Astrid breathed, quite ignoring the petulant movements of the young woman's hand as she strove to fend off the insidious upward creeping of Astrid's slim fingers, which moved suavely to caress with butterfly touch the engagingly moist lips of her cunt. Clipping her thighs together, Harriet succeeded only in trapping Astrid's hand.

'Do not, do not! I do not wish to!', Harriet moaned even as a thumb brushed its smooth surface over her clitoris.

'But you do, you do, my pet. Too long have you held yourself within, too long have you veiled this hallowed nest from love's seeking. How ardently Will spouted upon you, did he not? There is no denying it, Harriet, for the traces of his manly effusion were all about your silken skin. Did you not kiss divinely while he did so. Come, dear, part your thighs'.

'Ah! Ooooh! What are you d... d... doing to me!'

'A little more, Harriet, a little more-open them wider. There! Oh, you good girl! Is it not nice? I can see by your eyes that you are coming. Did not first his balls and then the martinet bring you on? Your tongue, darling, come, lick it in my mouth! Yield to the divine pleasure I am about to bring you. Work your bottom, Harriet! More of your tongue-more!'.

'HOOOOO!', Harriet moaned. Quite beside herself now, she had widened her legs wantonly, urging her plump buttocks as the long licking flames of pleasure spread through her. Her arms wound about Astrid's neck, drawing her mouth more fully upon her own. Ecstatic shivers coursed through her heaving loins and breasts. Careless of all, she sought Astrid's hand and caused it to rub faster around her cunt. Electric thrills coursed through both as the warm slivers of their leaping tongues coiled together. 'AAAARGH!', gurgled Harriet. She was coming, coming as she had secretly wished to do when she had felt Will's balls against her. Her offering spurted, leapt, dousing Astrid's fingers as from a bright fountain. Her eyes rolled, her legs straightening. Another spasm shook her, causing further rivulets to trickle down upon Astrid's fingers. Words of erotic fervour that she had never thought to hear flowed about her ears from Astrid's lips. Then she was still, her quivering thighs glistening with the abundance of her effusion, her eyelashes fluttering upon her cheeks.

Rising, Astrid gazed down upon her recumbent form with victorious glance. While Harriet stirred but faintly, she carefully unbuttoned the young woman's corsage and laid bare at last to her view the magnificent gourds of her breasts, which rose as two mounds of snow upon which her brown nipples stood erect. Incoherent moans issued from Harriet's lips as Astrid bent to suck the yearning points.

'You will listen to me now, Harriet, for I shall instruct you further. Do you hear me?'. Raising her own skirt and so allowing her thighs to rest upon Harriet's, Astrid teased her little finger tenderly along the young woman's lips.

'I have n... n... never thought to do such things before! Oh, how have I come to this?'.

'By guidance and precept, Harriet, yet you still have much to learn. That to which you are brought is that which you most secretly desired and yet perhaps knew it not. Being brought by force and persuasion to enjoy yourself, you will do so now again many times. For your sins you shall be punished and yet to your sins you shall be returned, there to wallow in the delight of doing things you are forced to do and to which you will gladly yield. The path is now taken-the fields of delight lie before you'.

. 'I am wicked-you have made me wicked-and yet how pleasurable it is! I know no longer what I am at! Oh, do not let Will see me thus! Where is he?'.

'Awaiting your pleasure-your mutual pleasure, my pet. Come, let us rise, for I must return you to your fold. We shall breach further the floodgates of desire, Harriet'.

'Do not make me do things!'. Harriet's haunted eyes were wide open, her swollen breasts soothed and fondled by Astrid's nimble fingers the while that she re-buttoned her corsage. Harriet's lips trembled. Her voice was that of a younger girl. 'Will you make me do things?', she asked querulously.

'We shall do what we shall do, Harriet, as you know well enough'.

'You will bind us again! I know it!'

'Is that what you wish? There is a strange comfort therein, is there not? The helplessness of yielding is quite divine, Harriet, yet it is but one of many sensations you will come to know. There is the waiting, also.'

'The... the w... waiting? Oh, Astrid, I do not understand you.'.

'Precisely because you do not, I shall not tell you. Therein will be your waiting before you discover it. Come, Harriet. How far is it to your house?'.

'F... f... five miles or thereabouts, but I do now... w... want... .'.

'Come, Harriet!'