Through the dark lanes at nine-thirty that night Astrid's carriage rumbled, while John, sitting motionless opposite her, wondered mightily at what was afoot. Astrid had told him nothing save that they were to pay a visit and that he must obey instantly her every word. Modestly clothed in a dove-grey gown, his mistress looked utterly bewitching and with the full bloom of health upon her-which in fact was exactly as Astrid felt. Clutching a tubular leather holder, which, until that day had housed her father's telescope but now enclosed her favourite whip, Astrid wondered with distant amusement whether or not she would have to use it. Whether or not she did, three more would be gathered into her fold, for she suspected well that the undoubtedly arduous exercises of the day would have rendered Lady Smithers and her kin tired if not completely drowsy and more completely subject to her will.

Left his instructions curtly, her papa would now be conning over the more practical details of intentions she had put forth to him and which he yet little understood. Much leatherwork was to be ordered, including several very small saddles and bridles of which he certainly could not see the purpose. That a saddle would cloth his own back and those of a few other males would be beyond his ken. Such riding exercises for the 'studs' were imperative, Astrid deemed. The females would take to the saddles and ride them around. Jemima would giggle much at the idea but would soon get used to it. There were various ladies, too, who could be firmly saddled and then urged from the rear by a firm cock if they showed signs of refusing their riders.

The stables were to be enlarged and rearranged, Astrid had also decided, for the more she thought upon things the more inventive she became and quite hugged herself with glee at that. Her father's bemusement had been utter.

'It is not for horses, Papa, but for disciplinary purposes', Astrid had deigned to explain. 'There will be stalls for males and others for females. That is all I intend to tell you. I will brook no delays. The drawings of such scarce require the attendance of an architect. Summon builders tomorrow and I will instruct them. Such plans as you can draw need only be rudimentary, nevertheless I shall expect to find them done on my return'.

'What are we at, Miss?', John enquired when they arrived at the residence of Lady Smithers, which Astrid was pleased to find in darkness.

'A matter in which I am sure you will find some pleasure, John. The coach is to wait here. I do not want it to be heard approaching the drive or we may be undone. Did you bring Lucifer’s? We shall need to light a lamp within'.

'I 'as everything, Miss, including the ropes and straps you give me. A fair lark this seems to me. I don't fancy it if we are caught'.

'Be silent, you fool, we are not burglars. My intent will be made plain soon enough. Come, we will enter through this window. It belongs to the drawing room and therefore I shall know exactly where we are. Can you slip the catch?'.

'I'm trying, Miss-it's a bit stiff.

'As you are, too, John, I see. There-it is done-you are a useful fellow. Climb within, find a lamp and light it, and then open the door to me. It will save me spoiling my dress'.

Within but two minutes, Astrid stood again within the house, though this time it brooded a silence of even greater promise than it had done earlier in the day. Entering the drawing room by the light of the lamp that the valet held, Astrid looked carefully all about and was amused to see a pair of drawers, which she well knew to be the property of Lady Smithers, lying at the back of the sofa. John, having not missed them either, picked them up and allowed himself a quiet chuckle.

'There's been a rare do here, Miss, by the looks of it'.

'There will be another shortly. Listen to what I have to tell you. I well suspect that we shall find the three occupants abed together, or, if not, then two at least and one in his own bed. We will proceed quietly upstairs and come upon the lady of the house. Her son and daughter will give us no trouble, I believe. The girl is quite tasty, John, and I will see that you have your reward of her in due course. That apart, I expect you yourself to treat them with the respect that is due your betters'.

'Of course, Miss, I won't do nothing until you say. A nice shape, is she, if I may make so bold to ask?'.

'You will see soon enough, but the question is nevertheless impertinent. I have mentioned the possibility merely to give you a mite of encouragement. Be quiet upon the stairs. I know the lie of the place for I have visited before. There, along the corridor, that is the main boudoir where I am sure we shall find an enervating scene. Open the door silently for me and then place your back against it when I am within. Now!'.

Such cries of alarm then sounded as turned into wailings from Belinda and Clara of the utmost astonishment. Naked, they lay abed with Ronald between them. Having indulged themselves earlier in the day, Belinda had seen no reason why they should not continue the sport. Of the three, Ronald held the most petrified silence as, with a single gesture, Astrid tore down the bedclothes and disclosed all that the trio had already made themselves thoroughly acquainted with in their amorous romps.

'My God, what is afoot?', shrieked Belinda, sitting up and gazing fearfully at Astrid and the brooding figure of John, who barred the door.

'Oh, Mama, we are lost!', wailed Clara, who crossed her legs but could otherwise riot cover herself for all their clothes lay pell-mell on the floor.

'I find you, Lady Smithers, as I had expected-in the very pit of sin', Astrid declared, brandishing her whip in a manner that caused Belinda to fall back again and all three to cower.

'How d... dare you enter my house!', Belinda nevertheless managed to bluster.

'Dare, indeed! Would I not be complimented by society for uncovering what takes place here? By morning all would know of your wanton deeds were I to loosen my tongue. The very state of the sheet is evidence of your libertine raptures. This gallant youth has ridden you both no doubt to distraction and lies exhausted. Come, Ronald, rise-you need have no fear. Come to me-stand by my side'.

'Mama! What is she going to do?', Clara sobbed.

'I know not! Oh, that we had some protection! Ronald, stay with me!'

'He will not', declared Astrid crisply, flicking her whip about Belinda's bare feet as she spoke. This caused that lady to shriek with dismay and Ronald to scuffle immediately off the bed, whence he brought himself hesitantly to the proud figure of Astrid. 'Beside me, Ronald-face the end of the bed as I am doing', Astrid murmured. So saying, and while Belinda's face grew positively purplish, she slid her free hand beneath his cock and dandled the limp worm.

'A fair-night's work have you done, Ronald? Whom did you mount first in bed?'.

'Ronald, speak not!', cried Belinda, who, making to rise, received a hissing of the thongs about her nips that brought her to double up and squeal. Clara, affecting total hysteria, rolled upon her face and beat at the pillows. Immobile with amazement meanwhile, Ronald felt his cock stir and thicken in the engaging warmth of Astrid's hand, which stroked him gently and persuasively, a phenomenon that his mama stared at with hooded eyes and red cheeks as she rubbed herself.

'You beasts! You will suffer for this!', she wailed.

'Not I, Madam, nor you, provided that you bend to my will. That, or total disclosure of your sins is but the small price you have to pay. Bind them together, John, face to face!'.

'NO!', shrieked the pair simultaneously while Ronald, trembling and starting, was held in check by Astrid's warning hand, which squeezed his now risen penis tightly, causing his eyes to screw up. Such a flurrying took place upon the rumpled bed then as seemed to make the very house shake, but, being quick and eager on the matter, John had leapt upon both, gripping their hips between his brawny legs while their hands beat in futile resistance.

'You dare not! What are you at! Oh, mercy-save us!', screamed Belinda, who found first one wrist and then the other attached to Clara's so that they were linked beyond hope of escape. Turning about and humping his strong buttocks down upon them, John then attended to their ankles and lastly, by again adjusting his position, wound a rope tightly about their waists so that their bellies, breasts, and faces were pressed close, and their howls filled the room.

'Enough, John, they are well secure. What think you of them?'.

'A nice pair, Miss. Good bottoms on both, and nice firm tits. Can I have my pleasure now, Miss?'.

'A little but not too much. They are scarcely virgins nor are either modest. Get behind Lady Smithers and put your cock to her first. Be sure you do not come for I want you to give Clara a ramming also. Their cunnies will have been well oiled enough already'.

'My God, if you let a servant do THIS!', Belinda screeched, though, doing so right into the ear of her daughter, she caused Clara even more dismay.

'Where your son had slid his poker, so may others follow, Lady Smithers. Play not the hypocrite with me. You will take pleasure from it, though I propose not to observe the spectacle. Have at her, John, while I attend to this young man. Come, Ronald, we will retire into privacy'.

'No! AH!', came then a monumental shriek from Belinda, as with the closing of the door upon the exit of Astrid and Ronald, the valet unbuttoned and drew down his breeches, presenting to her view as long and thick a cock as ever she had seen.

'Oh-woh-woh! Mama!', yelled Clara, nearly splitting her mother's eardrums in turn. Closing her eyes, she buried her hot face in Belinda's neck while the fat cheeks of that proud lady's rump were taken firmly in hand by John, who was in high glee at being allowed to attend to them in private and wondered how long his luck might last. Unable even to wriggle her hips, and thoroughly outraged at being approached so intimately by one who was not of her own class, Belinda suffered with an initial sense of horror the nosing of the bulb of his prick up under her bottom.

There John found a pair of lovelips as ready as any to receive. Rubbing the head of his charger all about and gaining much lubrication thereby, he cupped her large and arrogant bottom more firmly and drove up with all the élan of a man who has nothing to lose but his sperm. Even so, he was mindful of Astrid's admonitions and therefore kept it a-throbbing in the sleek enclosure in such a manner that a bewildered Belinda found the experience a more positive pleasure than her cries and sobs of apparent anguish indicated.

Not at all put out by her waitings-and, indeed, rather excited by them-John began to rod her with long, slow strokes that made her well-fleshed bottom smack repeatedly against his belly. The two being so firmly joined, he was then able to pass his hands beneath and over their waists and explore the smaller and tighter glove of Clara at the same time, causing her to whimper and jerk, though in the process the minx found her nipples ever tingling and stiffening against her mama's.

'Ooooh, oooh, oooh, Mama! How h... h... hateful!', Clara whined.

'HOOOOO!', came the breathless response from Belinda, who was in the course of receiving as sturdy a cock as any she had experienced and one that was a mite larger even than her late, dear husband's. Ever having had previously the freedom of her limbs, Belinda found this a truly strange sensation and one that she was aware of surrendering to by such little jerks of her bottom as gave assent to the wicked act. Foraging with his forefinger in-between the cheeks of Clara's inviting derriere, John had found now the rosy aperture, which had been sufficiently well explored in the past for it to succumb to his invasion. Within a second, his digit was buried to the first knuckle, causing Clara's jaw to drop and a low moan to issue from her lips.

Feeling then the most warning of tickling sensations in his embedded cock, John withdrew it regretfully and somewhat to the dismay of Belinda, who had been about to come. Clambering over the writhing pair with his big prick bobbing wet and lewd, he took position behind a shrieking Clara and nosed his knob up within her furry grotto while clasping both to him again.

'Mama! Save me!'.

'I cannot, my darling, oh!', moaned Belinda, for the rubbing of her daughter's quim against her own then proved the last straw and with a divine shudder she quivered out her liquid pleasure in little rivulets down her thighs as Clara whined and jolted to the thrusts of John's stout pego.

Such sounds as emanated from the boudoir came to Astrid's ears as the very music of voluptuous pleasure. Having entered Ronald's bedroom with his cock still in her grasp, she held him thus before her while lecturing him quietly.

'You are not afraid of me, Ronald?'.

'No, no, no!', he stuttered quickly, while with her other hand Astrid suavely caressed his balls, 'but, oh, poor Mama and poor Clara!'.

'Poor, indeed. Ha! They are having sufficient pleasure of it as they have with you, my boy. You are a handsome enough youth and well furnished, as I see. Fear not that you are to be robbed of your pleasures, my dear. I mean only to see that they are in future conducted properly. How your cock quivers in my grasp, and yet I suspect it has loosed its sperm a good half a dozen times this day! Such virility promises well, Ronald. Listen to me closely and attend. You will be brought now into my service as a serving male-not a servant, my dear, but one who will nevertheless abide upon my wishes. There will be females enough to take your cock. You will be at stud to them, Ronald, well fed and well housed. On occasion I shall allow you a free rein in order to assure myself that your training has not been wasted. Put on some clothes now, for you are to follow me'.

'Wh... wh... where shall we go? Oh, but I do not understand!'

'Understanding is not requisite. Obedience is. Will you be whipped, you naughty boy?', asked Astrid, coursing her thongs smartly around his rear as she twisted him about.

'No-OUCH! Oh, it stings! What of Mama? What of Clara?'.

'They will accompany. Separation is not intended. Far from it. You will be put to them again from time to time. The prospect for you is not a displeasing one, provided I have your total obedience'.

SWEEE-ISH! sounded then the thongs while Ronald leapt in the air, cock waggling, and holding his bottom, a cry of dismay coming from him yet again.

'YEEE-OW! Yes! Oh, don't do it again!'.

'What a ninny you are, despite your fine prick! I shall have to toughen you up, my lad. Get yourself attired now and wait here'.

With that, Astrid strode back unhesitatingly to the larger boudoir, where John's cock was slewing juicily in and out of Clara's cunny, she having already once inundated his prick in her excitement.

'All right, John, loose your come in her and then withdraw'.

'Oh, Miss, I been dying to. AAAH!'.

Somewhat with distaste, and yet with a hint of amusement playing about her lovely lips, Astrid watched his face screw up and his buttocks tighten. Slapping his muscular belly hard against Clara's hot rump, he injected her thickly with stream upon stream of his manly outpourings while she, quivering and gasping, received an abundance such as her papa had occasionally donated to her. Mingling her juices with his own, she became dizzily aware that the experience was not so hateful nor horrid as she had thought, and her cunny tightened greedily upon his still-pulsing member.

'Enough, John. You have had a pleasure greater than I intended for you. Cover yourself, untie the pair, and take the girl to see that she gets dressed'.

So much however did Clara kick and struggle in her fretful dismay that John was forced to carry her from the room, naked as she was, while enquiring where her room might be with all the ,born solemnity of one who knows his station.

'Stop it, stop it, stop it!', Clara was heard to moan, though without much conviction in her voice.

Astrid turned then her attention to Belinda.

'You... you have shamed me forever!', the latter moaned, though the risen state of her thick nipples and the moist condition of her cunny spoke of pleasures that denied her words.

'Be quiet, woman, or I will have John whip you. Deny not that you were found in sin! Even so, I am prepared to treat you with discretion-more, I might say, then you deserve. I know well your plottings to secure father's fortune, and that you will not. Quite un-meritoriously, however, you will find yourself somewhat compensated thereby. I intend to move you this very night into my own house'.

'What? You intend to kidnap us? Dear God, what is to happen?'

'Tush, woman, and make not so much fuss of the matter. My house-as indeed it now truly is-is larger by far than your own. You will be well accommodated there, as will Clara and Ronald. As to this mansion, I might find uses for it or we will have it sold'.

'Robbers! Oh, dear heavens, you intend to rob me as well!'.

'Balderdash, Lady Smithers. You will receive every penny from the sale, if such occurs, and I am by no means certain that it will be necessary. As to your comforts, they will be greater than you already obtain. Jewellery you will not purchased. I suspect you have an abundance of it already. Fine clothes shall be yours, some such as you will never have worn before'.

'Wh... wh... what are you speaking of? How can this be?'.

'The matter is simple, as I have already advised Ronald. Pretend no longer, for it will get you nowhere, that you have not enjoyed the pumping of his virile young cock in you, as I suspect you also did the servant's. I am no moralist such as society would purport to believe in. I abide by my own rules, which in themselves are simplicity. They call for calmness and obedience, a total submission of body and soul'.

'Oh!', exclaimed Belinda, covering her face.

'Yes, my dear. You will find it not a difficult path to follow under my guidance. You are an attractive woman still. I know your passions. They will not remain unsatisfied. The males will be at stud to you under my control. Your own whims will be occasionally exercised at my discretion. The progress you obtain in these matters will eventually assure you a greater freedom. I have use for one such as you. Rise and clothe yourself now, for you have no choice in the matter'.

I cannot do such things-I cannot! OH!', Belinda shrieked, as once more the whip sang its song about her thighs, making her curl up and squirm madly.

'What a bottom you have-truly magnificent! You will make a fine mare of occasion in the stables for the male slaves to mount. Up, woman, and let us have no further nonsense or your tale shall be told throughout the county on the morrow!'.


A strange procession indeed made its way into Astrid's house an hour later. Patricia, rushing down, stared at all in wild surmise. Clara bit her lip and knew not where to look. Belinda returned Patricia's gaze with attempted arrogance, which melted rapidly as she was urged forward along the hallway. Wide-eyed and trembling, Ronald had his freed cock held in the almost maternal grasp of Astrid's gloved hand.

'Lady Smithers will be put in the blue room, Patricia. Make sure that all is comfortable for her. Clara will abide in the room adjoining yours. Ronald will be housed for the moment in one of the upper rooms. Escort Her Ladyship up. The other two will follow. See to it that they are fed before being put down, then return here. John, you will go about your duties'.

'Yes, Miss'.

'Yes, Astrid'.

Removing her elbow-length kid gloves slowly, Astrid watched the little party ascend. Belinda had made less trouble in the carriage than Astrid had thought might be the case, but she sensed well enough how her mind was working. Once within the house, she believed, perhaps, that she might somehow take control. Astrid's lips curved with amusement at the thought. Tomorrow morning Her Ladyship would be thoroughly whipped, as would Clara and Ronald, preferably with the three of them bent over side by side. Their training proper could then begin.

Humming to herself, Astrid indulged in a glass of her favourite liqueur and then summoned Crissie, who had been kept out of sight upon the entrance of the trio.

'Crissie, I mean you to be pleasured tonight. Where is the master?'.

'In his study, Miss, still. He seems to be hard at work on something'.

'Upon my demands is he hard at work, Crissie, as you will shortly be, with your bottom well up, Miss, and no nonsense from you'.

'Oh, Miss, you intends to whip me again and I ain't done nothing!'.

'Of course you haven't, and I do not intend to. Must you have always been remiss in your duties to have your bottom warmed and tingled? I believe you know better, Crissie. Come here and let me feel you. How nice and warm you are! How round and silky it is. Have you ever had a cock up there, between your springy cheeks?'.

'Lawks, no, Miss, it would be too big. It were tried once but he couldn't get it up and anyways I squealed and struggled so much my mother came running and all was discovered'.

'Well, now, what a comedy that must have been! You must not be so rambunctious, Crissie. I promise that tonight it will not go up your bottom, though you will be put to such exercises later. You shall have a fair poking in your cunny, my girl, but you are to remain perfectly still on all fours while taking it. Otherwise I shall indeed whip you until you howl. I have your promise on it?'.

'I'll try, Miss. Will it be John?'.

'No, it will not be John. He has spilled sufficient of his potion for tonight. Go and bathe yourself now and put on a clean chemise and stockings. You will look at your prettiest thus. Brush your hair, for I mean to have you tidy. Go then into my room and wait. You are to position yourself well on the bed as I have told you- head and shoulders down, bottom up. You little devil- your cunny is moistening at the thought of it'.

'Oh, Miss, if I dares say it, I love to have your finger there, you do it so nice!'.

'And with my tongue, too, no doubt. I may raise you yet above the elevation of your present station, Crissie, if you please me. Just wriggle your rump a little when it is put in-let it be lodged full, and then remain still. If you are a very good girl and abide by my wishes, I may let you pleasure me afterwards. Would you like to lick me a little, Crissie?'.

'That I would, Miss. It would be a fair honour. I ain't never tickled a lady with my tongue before, though I've thought of it'.

'You must tell me later who that was and what brought on such thoughts, you little wanton. You may use the second bathroom to lave yourself. Do it thoroughly, for I want delicacy and cleanliness, Crissie. Go!'

With the servant's fluttering exit then, Patricia appeared.

'Lady Smithers is in some agitation, I fear, Astrid. Oh, the questions she poured upon me!'.

'I trust you answered none save with absolute discretion. The night is warm, is it not, Patricia? You do not need to wear so much. Go to your room and attire yourself only in a clean pair of drawers, fresh stockings, garters, and boots. Then attend me in my room'. ,

'Astrid! Oh! What do you intend?'.

'The furtherance of your education, my dear. Hasten now or I may have displeasure with you. How you hesitate,, you silly girl. Come, I will see to you. Is Jemima abed?'.

'Yes. I did attend to her, Astrid, I did'. 'In the most amateurish way, I am sure. You may tell me of it later', said Astrid firmly, guiding her without and up the stairs, where under her unwilling gaze Patricia undressed and then attired herself so fetchingly that Astrid could not help but murmur in admiration.

'Such delicious curves, Patricia. Pull your drawers up a little tighter-and your stockings. Perfect! You would stir the prick of a statue, my pet'.

'Wh... what are we going to do, Astrid?', quavered Patricia, who felt very naughty indeed in her attire and wiggled her bottom as she walked.

'Shush, dear, you are ever at questions. Stand now in the corner by the wardrobe here while I bind your wrists behind you. Stand still! What a fidget you are! Now your ankles, pet, for I wish you not to move-nor indeed to speak', added Astrid, who then rose from her chore and swiftly placed a black-velvet gag across her sister's mouth, tying the ends behind beneath her hair.

Patricia's eyes bulged. A muffled squeak escaped through the cloth the while that Astrid, ever smiling, tidied her stockings tops beneath the tightly ridging garters that gave a slight, extra swelling to Patricia's bared thighs. Then did the door re-open and Crissie appear, wide-eyed and gaping at what she saw.

'On the bed with you, Miss!', commanded Astrid, slapping the girl's bare bottom and making her literally jump upon it, while Patricia, bound and staring, perceived the saucy rising of Crissie's bottom and the fig of her quim peeping beneath as she took up her posture.

'Farther back, Crissie, I want you farther back, your bottom just over the edge of the bed. There-so. There's a good girl', Astrid soothed, not being able to resist passing her fingers lightly under the maid's moist slit. Soft and warm from her bathing, it felt as inviting and delicious as Astrid wished it to. With a pleased sigh, and while Crissie dutifully hung her head and kept herself displayed, Astrid gazed at Patricia and mischievously put a warning finger to her lips. Positioned some eight feet from the bed and standing helpless in her bonds, Patricia bubbled wildly through her gag.

'I will not be a moment. Be still, both of you', murmured Astrid mockingly..

From a drawer she took one of Julia's gifts to her-a short, brown-leather strap with a thin, lengthy chain attached to it. Jemima had seen it on the occasion when Astrid had first opened her valise. Astrid had not told her what it was, for she deemed it rather too advanced for her younger sister's age. Patricia's education as to its use would soon be complete, for it was a penis strap, a device whereby a male could be led by the chain to a waiting female.

Moving it through her fingers, Astrid left the boudoir and proceeded to her father's study, whence came a waiting and wondering quiet. Around her, the neighbouring bedrooms echoed a similar silence, where all lay with nervous expectancy upon the breaking of a new day. All now was well and secure, and all was in her domain, Astrid told herself, as with a gentle smile she clinked the chain lightly and opened the study door.