PREFACE My readers of Forbidden Fruit may wish to know the origin of the work. It was this way, whilst I was staying at an out of the way village on the Sussex coast, I used to take long solitary walks, and several times saw a very beautiful girl sitting on a secluded part of the downs, attentively reading what looked like a manuscript in a black cover. Naturally I concluded she was some very studious young lady trying to improve her leisure, as she did not appear anything like the frivolous novel about what she was so intent upon.

One day, on the same foot-path, I picked up what I believed to be her manuscript book, and looking curiously at the contents, was surprised to find it was a tale of the grossest kind, scenes of love and lust depicted in the most realistic manner, with Prick, Cunt, Fuck and other things mentioned in the plainest language.

I sat down on the bank to enjoy this unexpected voluptuous treat, when suddenly I was startled by a breathless exclamation of: "That's my book! Oh, give it me back, Sir; I must have dropped it as I passed along here, a short time ago, and ran back to find it."

"Your book, Miss. I was just looking to see if there was any address in it, when I saw what it was about. Excuse my looking, it was done quite innocently, and your secret is safe with me."

Realising at once the shame of the thing, she gasped for breath, flushed crimson, and then turning pale as death, fell fainting at my feet, before I could catch her in my arms.

Reclining her against the mossy bank upon which I had been sitting, I rubbed and chafed her hands, squeezing her fingers quite painfully, in order to bring her to herself, but for several minutes without success, as there was no chance to obtain either water or brandy in such a place.

Presently she murmured "Fuck me! Shove in into me! I want it all, I must have it now;" and a succession of bawdy expressions, quite shocking from the lips of such a young girl, as she could not be more than seventeen, at most.

It was incredible she could be so depraved, but it seemed a striking confirmation of what a doctor once told me, viz, that even the most virtuous girls often use frightfully obscene words, when recovering from a fainting fit.

Anyhow, I resolved not to take advantage of her, and behave honourably to her.

As she came round a little she opened her eyes with the question: "Oh! where am I?" And catching sight of me holding her hands so tightly, all her shame returned to her in quite an overwhelming sense, and bursting into tears, she cried so bitterly, it was a long time before I could reassure her.

Promising to keep the secret of her book, I only asked one thing, and that was that she would not avoid me, and allow me to see her again.

This of course led to a close friendship between us; I lent her a variety of voluptuous books, and she let me have the manuscript to copy for my printer, but would not impart to me how she came by it, saying: "Some day, perhaps, after I am married, then I will let you Fuck me, and tell you all; it will not be long, my wedding is fixed to come off in two months time; I'm a virgin and mean to be so till I have my husband, but have to thank your forbearance that dreadful day when, you found my book, and did not take advantage of the situation. I both respect and love you for it."

She would permit me every familiarity but the one thing. We Frigged, Sucked, and enjoyed every other pleasure, both abroad, and in my own rooms, where she would visit me, having perfect liberty, living with an old nurse of hers; so not a soul in the place knew anything about either of us.

When we parted it was, "Au Revoir," and some day I may have more to tell.




How well I remember my early days, almost to babyhood when it was always the care of my beautiful mother to bath me herself every day; there was also Mary my nursemaid, but when Mamma had to be away at any time the supervision of my bath was delegated to her sister. Auntie Gertie, a pretty girl of sixteen or seventeen.

Till six or seven years of age I slept in a cot in my parents' own bed-room. Papa was a very dark fine handsome man, Mamma equally so, or much more beautiful to me, had lovely golden hair and deep blue eyes full of love for me in every glance.

I can just remember one day when Mary and Auntie Gertie were giving me my bath, I thought they were looking at my little spout, as I said saucily: "What are you looking at, Papa has got such a big one."

Amongst the tricks I used to play on my nurse was one of suddenly running up to her and raising her skirts in fun, so one day when Mamma was bathing me, I suddenly said, "Mamma dear, Mary has such a lot of hair at the bottom of her belly;" making the poor girl blush crimson, as she explained my tricks to Mamma.

Another time to Auntie Gertie: "You should see my Papa hug my Mamma like a bear in bed."

After this my cot was removed to the nursery, as Master Percy was getting too observant.

What romps I used to have with Mary; then when I was about eight or nine years old, I often would insist upon sleeping with her, always creeping inside her night dress, to nestle close to her soft warm flesh.

I would kiss her titties and pretend to be a little sucking pig, as I played with her belly even as low down as the hairy part, which she always resisted my handling by keeping her own hand over it.

Often her motions were very curious; I fancied she was rubbing herself between her thighs, and she would finish with deep sighs and what seemed to me a tremulous shudder; generally she would also kiss me ardently.

Time passed on and I was growing quite a big boy. Somehow Mary and myself seemed instinctively to avoid ever mentioning our bed-fellow games; as far as I was concerned, there seemed something too good to be told, even to Mamma.

I must have been nearly twelve when Mary had to go home for a few days, to nurse her mother, so Auntie Gertie took her place in the nursery.

She saw me to bed about eight o'clock, and then went away, leaving me awake, wondering if she would let me get into her bed. Bye and bye I heard her enter the room, so pretending to be asleep, closed my eyes as she came to look at me, with the lamp in her hand. "What a beautiful boy, if only I dared!" I heard her say softly to herself. Then placing the lamp on a table, she came again to the bedside, and imprinted a warm kiss on my cheek, then another and another. Opening my eyes in apparent surprise, I threw my arms round her neck and gave her back kiss for kiss; this went on for quite a minute or two, till she said, laughing and blushing at the same time: "What a silly, spoony boy you are, Percy; I thought you were asleep."

"Oh, no, Auntie Gertie, dear, I do love you so, and when you kissed me I could not help paying you back; don't you love me a little?"

"Now go to sleep, there's a good boy, I must go to bed myself, put your head under the clothes, if I catch you peeping at me, I'll whip your bottom, that's all;" drawing the sheets up over my face. "Now keep like that, till the light is out."

If I could not see, my ears listened till I heard the well known ripple of her water in the chamber pot and out of shame impudence whistled, the same as I had heard the groom do to Papa's horse when he wanted it to piss. Sudden darkness.

The sound of that rushing stream electrified me; sensations I had never experienced before coursed through my veins, my little pego hardened of it's own accord, so jumping out of bed, I exclaimed: "Auntie, I must give you a last kiss, how funny the noise of your pee-pee has made me feel, I am all of a tremble, just feel me," winding my arms again round her neck; she seemed only too willing to return my eager kisses, drawing me to her bosom till I could feel the firm palpitating orbs pressing against my breast.

"Come into bed, and cuddle me, Percy, I feel so chilly to night," she whispered.

Only too pleased I nestled myself by her side, still kissing and calling her my loving Auntie.

Fate had ordained I was to lose my maidenhead that night, young as I was. Her hand passed all over me, caressing every part, and she freely abandoned her bosoms to my impassioned kisses.

Presently her hand wandered down to where my stiff standing pintle was throbbing against her belly, her hand closed upon my staff, which felt to me bigger and bigger every moment, and must even then have been a good six inches.

Not a word passed between us; she glued her lips to mine, almost sucking my breath away and altogether seemed in such an agitated state, that I was nearly frightened; still I felt only too pleased, as she held my affair in her hand and slowly passed her fingers up and down, up and down, drawing back the foreskin each time. Somehow she gradually worked me into a position between her legs as we lay side by side, then she commenced rubbing the nose of my machine in a moist sort of chink embowered in the silky hair at the bottom of her stomach. One of her arms hugged me round the waist, and presently a soft whisper murmured: "Percy, push yourself close to me, it's so nice, my darling."

I followed instructions, and hand directing my instrument, it slipped in somewhere very moist and deliciously warm. She wriggled her bottom and drew me in more and more at each motion; both her hands now pushed my bottom each time in response to her forward shoves.

The game grew faster and faster; she rolled over on her back, her legs entwined over my buttocks, so as not lose the little prisoner she had got in her grot.

"Now Percy, my love, shove in hard and fast, dear, make me come, isn't it delicious, my boy?" "Oh, Auntie, you dear Auntie Gertie: where am I going to?" I ejaculated in a delirium of entrancing sensations "Ah oh! oh! what's going to happen, I'm bursting!" and my head fell on her shoulder as I lay nearly lifeless, all the ecstatic emotions of the impulsive gushes throbbing from me, as her grot seemed to grip and suck every drop of my life, so as to mingle the very essence of our being in the recesses of what I now know was her womb.

What a grip she kept on me! Something inside of her caressed the head of my instrument, and the contractions of that moist warm chink seemed to increase every moment. The folds of her adorable vagina worked up and down on my delighted pintle in a truly marvellous manner, and for the rest of my life I have never had experience of a woman so gifted as she was in that way. I was quite painfully stiff, she excited me so, and almost before I had realised all that had happened to me, the flood came again, and this time I could feel she was also gushing out love juice in response to mine; a kind of rage possessed me, I wanted to kill her by thrusting my instrument as savagely as possible, but the more I did so, the more vehement her motions became. She heaved up her bottom in desperate plunges to meet every thrust, and but for clinging very tightly round each others' waists she must have thrown me off.

Our mingled fluids spurted all over my bag of balls and flooded our thighs at every push.

At length we lay exhausted, but I was still on the top of her, and her vagina seemed as anxious to retain its working partner as before, but nature denied me the strength to go on.

"Oh, Auntie, you've killed me, it's gone dead now," as I felt it all limp and slipping away from her.

"Percy, dear, darling boy, we must go to sleep now, perhaps in the morning you will be all right again for another game. Only to think, I've taken your maidenhead, and what pleasure you have given me! Your father could not do it better."

"Has he ever put that big one of his into you there, Auntie? It must have hurt you awfully?"

"Don't call me Auntie, call me Gertie; say you love me, Percy, but never tell what we have done to-night; your Mamma doesn't mind Papa poking me, if she sees it done; we are sisters you know, and they say it is all in the family; but Mamma would be mad if she knew I had you first, so never say a word, and she won't know; but I can tell you a secret, Percy she means to have you herself when she thinks you are old enough; but she doesn't know what a boy you are, my pet; so let me have you to myself for a little; if you do too much it will kill you; Mamma and I almost kill Papa sometimes, we want such a lot of poking, but some nice wine soon gives him strength again. He took my maidenhead to please your Mamma, who thought she would like to see it done. Ah, that did hurt: his great big engine bursting into me and stretching poor Fanny till she was all torn and bleeding. Boys are not hurt like that, it is only the poor girls who suffer when they lose their maidenhead. Take my advice, Percy, never let a girl or woman know you have ever been intimate with another; it is unkind to them, makes them jealous to think they are not the first; besides, dear boy, you don't know how delightful it was to me to think I was the first you ever put into; and only a boy, but what a boy my darling Percy is!" kissing me with all the abandon of her nature. We went to sleep, but our exertions so overcame us that we were late for breakfast and had not time for a game.

"Wait till night; we shall be all the better for the delay;" she said, as we hurriedly dressed ourselves.

All that day my eyes were for my mother, and when she kissed me my heart went out to her in a manner it had never done before; the loving grace in those deep blue eyes seemed to have a new meaning for me, and her hair looked more golden than ever; was she ornamented with golden hair also at the bottom of her belly? I determined to ask Gertie about that. Auntie was three years younger than Mamma and rather slimmer in figure, but not anything so grand and adorable in my eyes; a feverish excitement pervaded my whole being, and frequently during that first eventful day when I already felt myself a man, thinking myself as good as Papa. My pego seemed to grow in importance, and raised its head, times out of number, as the thoughts of the possibility that some day I could be as free with Mamma as I now was with Auntie.

Dear Gertie could not help seeing how fascinated I was with Mamma, and once even cautioned me to watch myself or all would be found out and I should be sent to a boarding school. She herself was very careful of me, and on the sly gave me a second glass of wine at luncheon, besides helping me to the most recuperative viands on the table.

It was the same at dinner, and when at last she put me to bed at the usual time, I felt so rampageous, I made her look at my enormously distended affair.

"How rude you are Percy to night. How dare you, Sir, show that thing to me? Now, do your pee-pee at once and get into bed, or I shall whip you till your bottom is sore.

"Here is the chamber utensil. Let me see you do it properly, or goodness knows, you will wet the bed like a baby; you are so distrait."

Her laughing face and the idea of a lady holding the utensil for me, took away all power to micturate; I couldn't do it for the life of me.

"Now, go on you bad boy, don't keep me waiting all night," she said severely.

"Go away and leave off teasing me. You know I can't pee if you look at me."

She put down the poe, and almost before I even guessed what she was at, turned me over on the bed face downwards, and began smacking my bottom with all her strength.

Oh, how those spanks smarted, as she rained them on my devoted rump.

"This is for your naughtiness, Sir; will you obey me or not; Percy is that rude thing always going to stick up and defy me like that?"

Slap, Slap, Slap, making me wince at every smack, "Oh, ah-r-re, don't Gertie, don't that is not fun to me, you hurt me so."

"Yes, and I hope I do hurt you, you bad boy, will you, will you do as I tell you, or not? Why I declare it's as still as impudent as ever," she said, thrusting her hand beneath me to feel how I was there, I must serve you out!"

"Ah-r-r-re, oh, you're biting me, Gertie, oh, pray don't pray don't bite my bottom like that, or I shall scream."

"I feel I must bite you, Percy I can't make it be good, and there's only one way to make your instrument lay down, but you must wait till I come to bed, then I will see to it, as I did last night."

This little game, and the want of sufficient rest on the previous night, made me very sleepy, and when she was gone I dropped off into a beautiful slumber, and was only awakened by her kissing me. Opening my eyes, there she stood by my bedside as naked as she was born, exposing all the beauties of her figure to my enraptured gaze, but what attracted me was not the sight of the ivory globes of her swelling breast, but lower down, where the mount of Venus was shaded by a profusion of curly reddish golden hair, just beneath which I knew was concealed the warm cleft which had afforded me such infinite joy the previous night.

"Oh, Gertie let me kiss you all over, what a love you look, just like the picture of Eve in your big bible, only she has not got any hair there. Do tell me has my Mamma got the same coloured hair as you, and is she like you all over?"

"Of course she has, Percy, why do you think so much of Mamma, when you have me?" she said, with quite a jealous little tone.

"What you told me about her wanting me, my own mother has made me feel so feverish all day, your plaything has been sticking up so often, and when Mamma kissed me, I wanted her so, and you noticed it. Now I will strip too, and when you take it in that lovely place between your thighs, let me fancy it is Mamma; and I shall love you, oh, so much."

"Very well, have your own way, you funny boy; so, I'm to be nobody, and Mamma everything; never mind I shall have the pleasure," as she playfully pulled my night shirt over my head, and not being unfastened at the neck, she had me prisoner, my head and arms being confined as she pulled me off the bed.

"Now, I've got you, my boy, you can't help yourself; I'm Mamma, am I?" and in a trifle she was whipping me with something which cut and stung me dreadfully, this I afterwards found was a long thin bunch of green birch twigs she had slyly got ready for me.

I did not resist much, for every thing she did seemed only to tend to the most delightful pleasure, but I wanted to look at and enjoy the sight of her charms, which was exactly what she did not intend just at the moment; she wanted to torture me and enjoy the idea of my pain and humiliation, and not to let me see the exultation shown in her face and eyes.

Her cuts made me plunge about in order to disentangle myself from the embarrassing night robe, but it took me several minutes to effect my escape, my tender buttocks suffering every moment more and more under her strokes. At length I was free, and catching her round the waist almost lifted her on to the bed, and as she was pushed back with her legs hanging over the side, and her feet still resting on the floor, I slipped down on my knees, to explore that divine spot; "Now, Gertie, I mean to look and know all about where I was last night."

She suddenly became passive and permitted me to do as I pleased, so my explorations of the regions of love were easy.

Gently parting the abundance of reddish golden hair, I found the slightly gaping lips of her vagina bedewed with pearly drops of creamy love juice, which she must have emitted in the excitement of whipping me.

"Ah, cheat," I exclaimed. "You have given me the pain, and had the pleasure to yourself."

"Kiss me there, Percy dear, and forgive me; it was all love, as you will soon understand, I whipped you both for my own pleasure and also to make you still more ardent and fierce when shove into me."

I was an apt pupil, so parting those vermilion lips, found a little fleshly button just above the entrance I could see lower down; my fingers touched it. "There, there, that's the spot. Kiss it, you dear boy, just a little, and then make haste to push into me."

Curious to know the effect, I at once complied by sucking that little button between my lips, and also working the tip of my tongue softly over it, gently biting with my teeth now and then.

"Put your fingers into me, dear," she said, in a low voice, "and I shall soon come. Go on, go on, you darling love;" and just then my hand was inundated with a copious flow of her creamy essence, which so excited me, I could not wait any longer; I was ready to burst myself, so jumping up, I took one leg under each arm and rammed into her with all the strength I was capable of; my God, how she heaved to meet my attack! Her vagina seemed as stiff as my pintle, closing upon it with an extraordinary grasp, such as few women are capable of, nipping and squeezing the head of my affair each time it reached to the bottom of her womb.

We spent ourselves in a mutually copious ejaculation, and she kept heaving and wriggling, still insatiable for more, keeping me as stiff as ever, making me, boy as I was then, overflow three times before she finished me, whilst as to herself it was one continuous emission as long as I could go on pushing into her. At length we lay on the bed palpitating and breathless.

Presently she took my face between her two hands and drawing in to her lips, kissed me in the most impassioned manner. "Percy, what a champion you are, if your Mamma did but know it; but don't be in a hurry to desert me; you will have enough of her when the time comes and even then, I don't believe she can; Papa says I'm a long way the best of the two. Now. I've smuggled a bottle of the finest Madeira upstairs, and will give my boy a couple of glasses; then we will have a new sort of, game, which you will be sure to like, and after that to sleep; we must not do too much."

I think that wine was the most invigorating I ever tasted. Unused as I was to more than a singe glass of claret at luncheon or dinner, the generous Madeira fired all the blood in my system, making me palpitate with desire to renew those love games which I had so recently learned, and still wished to know more about.

"Gertie, how kind of you to think of that. It makes me feel more of a man than ever. How stiff it is, but do give me another glass just to drink the health of your what do you call it, you know under the hair there."

"Oh Percy, you'll be inebriated, my dear. Only this once, and if affects you much, I shall refuse a third glass another time," she said, refilling my glass.

"Now, what do you call it, Gertie? Tell me it's proper name."

"Mine," she said, slapping her hand on her lovely mount, is a C-U-N-T (Cunt) but when girls talk together about it they call their
"Fanny", but I like the word Cunt, always call it that, Percy, when
alone with me and, your's, dear, what do boys their affairs?"

"You know I have never been to school and have been so much at home with Mamma, you, and Mary, that I hardly know the right name for my thing; but what does Papa call his?"

"Papa calls it his Prick, Mamma calls it a glorious Cock, and I, I use either name. Here Percy, we will drink to Cock and Cunt, and may they never get tired of love; a stiff Standing Prick, and a Cunt ready for it." We emptied our glasses and she placed them on the table, then getting on the bed, stretched herself by my side, and kissed me ardently, darting her velvety tongue between my lips, till I could endure it no longer, and wanted to mount up as before.

"No, not that way this time, we will try a new pleasure; I want to taste and swallow the very essence of your being."

Reversing herself upside down by my side, and taking my stiff machine in her mouth, began to suck and roll her tongue round its head, in the most delicious manner. At the same time she pressed her mount against my face, as a challenge for me to reciprocate her attentions to my prick. Words were not required. I knew instinctively what I ought to do, so my fingers parted the lips of her luscious Cunt, and my tongue was at once busy about La Rose d'Amour, the little spot where the slightest titillations of a tongue will arouse even in the coldest temperament the most ardent sensations of desire, and at once dispel any ideas of resistance to the due course of pleasure.

It is the real touch-hole, which once fired, lets off all the pent up sources of voluptuousness; let the chilly virgin be but once assaulted there by finger or tongue, and she is lost; Shame, Prudence, every thought, save of utter abandonment, all vanish as the conquering hero pursues his advantage; and it is the same with a boy who for the first time finds pintle between the lips of an ardent girl who is all-a-fire to enjoy his youthful virility.

Each one abandons every charm to the other; desire to do courses hotly through their veins, each seems anxious to devour the other; so it was with us, she flooded my mouth at the same instant as I felt my very life melting away and spurting down her eager throat.

Not a drop of the creamy emission escaped me; I was sucking her life, her soul, and wanted more each moment. This game lasted a considerable time. After each spend, our lips still kept possession of the organ of love, sucking and playing our tongues in the most lascivious way we could imagine to prolong and bring on the exotic spasms again and again.

Exhausted at length, we settled ourselves to sleep, with a mutual kiss and thanks for the delicious pleasures afforded.

Beautiful dreams haunted my sleeping hours and still more inflamed my now thoroughly awakened manhood. Recently I had read the mythological tale of the three goddesses, Juno, Venus and Minerva appealing to the shepherd Paris for the prize of the golden apple; as drapery was very rare in those Pagan days, no doubt they stood before him in all the glories of their matchless beauty.

Visions of my glorious golden haired Mamma, Auntie Gertie, and Mary, standing before me, as if I had to chose which was most desirable; the last named a swarthy beauty of twenty, with small figure, but a model of gracefulness, seemed indeed to challenge comparison with my two lovely relatives, and much as I longed to possess Mamma, this vision of Mary made a very lasting impression on my mind; beyond them stretching away in the dim perspective were quite a procession of attendant houris, all sizes, ages, and styles of complexion and beauty from very little ones to the fat, fair, and forty. Was this prophetic of my future career amongst the fair sex, viz, beginning at home with the first principal figures, and then to revel in a succession of loveliness for a long time to come; as I opened my eyes, that was the thought which came to me, and I resolved to have sweet swarthy Mary as soon as she returned to her duties; it should be "Nolens Volens;" I was strong enough to make her let me have my way.

My instrument, inflamed by both dream and resolves, stood rampant, and attracted Gertie's attention as she opened her eyes:

"My Goodness, Percy, what an erection! I have just been dreaming of you pushing into your Mamma on the sofa, whilst I sat astraddle of Papa on his Cock, and rode up and down, as you pleased your mother; how I should have liked it to be real; perhaps it will some day, put your hand down and feel how wet I am, it made me come in a flood and now you are almost as bad, have you been dreaming too?"

I confessed as much with respect to her and Mamma, but kept Mary to myself for fear Auntie might spoil my anticipated pleasure in that quarter.

"It's getting late, my boy, so let me have it quick, just the same as I was dreaming I was on your Papa, riding on your dear Cock."

I was already on my back, as she placed herself across me kneeling on her knees, and so taking Mr. Pego in one hand, she directed his head to the well lubricated slit so ready to take him in, gently impaling herself as her body gradually pressed down on my inflamed Prick. The long slow insertion into that furnace of love was delicious, and as she felt the head at last reach the very entrance to her longing womb, her sperm came in a flood. Mine also had been so put up that the spasmodic contractions of the folds of the innermost parts of her vagina at the moments of emission drew an equally copious ejaculation from me.

"My God, Percy, that will make a baby, I must syringe at once!" she said, as soon as she recovered herself and finished kissing me. "What exquisite pleasure! We ought to go on, but I must not run the risk;" and springing off me, in spite of my efforts to detain her in my arms, she proceeded to syringe herself most effectually with an enema, using a very slight solution of sulfate of zinc, which will always prevent impregnation if done quickly after coition. As she explained to me, the critical moment such as we had just experienced only happened now and then, but that the female had such a very peculiar sensation, she could not possibly mistake it, and only a careless girl, or one who really wished for a child, would neglect to syringe the moment it was all over.

Gertie had me to herself for some days, before Mary returned, but my vision had never lost its effects on my mind.

Auntie was very reluctant to give up her charge, but there was no available excuse. She admonished me to be very circumspect and we would enjoy ourselves every possible chance. "Some night," she whispered, "you can steal into my room when Mary is asleep, but don't let her know anything, or you will be sent away, my love."

The short time that Mary had been away, seemed to have worked quite a change in her manner towards me, she seemed to have grown suddenly shy and reserved, and the first night even neglected to give me the usual conventional kiss, and when she retired herself, was very careful to put out the light before doing certain little things.

"All right, my beauty," I thought to myself. One good night's rest, then for an explanation or else something better.

She was restless, and as I lay awake, thinking aver all my game with Auntie Gertie, Mary was tossing about and unsettled. I could hardly restrain myself from jumping up and getting into her bed.

At length her heavy breathing told me she slept, but evidently dreaming, as I could hear little words now and then, such as: "Don't Georges, you shan't indeed you shan't. I'll slap your face if you go on so."

Sleep overcame me at last, and when I opened my eyes in the morning she had left the room. All day my eyes feasted on Mamma and I could see Gertie pouting with vexation at my evident desire for the maternal connexion. This served my purpose exactly, as it took away all suspicion of my design upon Mary.

"Don't look at Mamma like that, Percy, or I shall begin to dislike you, my boy, and shan't let you love me again," she whispered, when she got me alone.

"Oh, there's no harm in looking. Gertie, you know you told me she meant to have me, when I am old enough, and I'll let her know that some day before very long."

"You tease. I'll whip your bottom, when I get you alone, you bad boy; you only want to make me jealous."

"Then don't be so silly Gertie. Looking at Mamma does no harm yet, but I do so want to kiss her Cunt."

"Fie, for shame, sir! Be off and behave yourself."

That day seemed a very long one to me, but bed time came as last. Mary was retiring as on the previous evening, but I waited till she had put out the light, and got into bed.

"Mary," I said, "why don't you kiss me since you come back?"

"Oh! Master Percy, you are such a big boy now, we ought to leave off that," was the reply.

"But what is the harm; we always did, and used to have such nice games together; shall I come and kiss you just now?"

"No, no, I won't allow it any more, besides, besides."

"Besides, what?" I said, getting out, and going to her bedside:
"Besides, I mean to kiss you and will make you kiss me."

"Go away! Percy, you shan't!" as she covered her head with the bed-clothes.

"That's better than Master Percy; now, I will kiss you, Mary dear, so don't make a fuss, but kiss me back."

"Well, just once, then go back to bed," she said, raising her head.

"There's a dear girl," I replied kissing her on the lips; "Kiss me back or I'll pull the clothes off and slap you."

Her lips returned my osculation and I tried to slip the tip of my tongue into her mouth as I prevented her taking her face away, and sucked in her very breath till she seemed to quiver all over, and her lip relaxed a little till the tips of our tongues fairly met.

This dalliance continued for some minutes till one of my hands found its way inside her night chemise, and grabbed the heaving globes of her bosom, moulding them and playing with the saucy nipples which stuck up as firm as my Cock, which was in a fiery state of expectation.

"Now, go away do, you impudent boy, where have you learnt such tricks, Percy?" she whispered as she faintly attempted to push me away.

"Nowhere, only I do so like to feel and kiss you, Mary, you are so warm and soft, and kiss so nicely my dear;" as I was gently sliding into the bed beside her.

"What makes you like kissing so? Don't Mamma or auntie Gertie kiss you enough, you silly boy."

"Oh, but that's different, I can't feel them all over, as I do you; as I hugged my body close to hers, those palpitating bosoms now beating against my breast."

"How queer you make me feel, Mary. Don't you notice my affair stiff and hard against you belly; let us lay close to each other, and your warm flesh against mine," pulling up her chemise to her waist.

"How is it you have hair there, dear, and I have none about mine!" My hand was groping to get a finger in her slit, and if possible to touch the spot I knew so well.


"No, Percy, you mustn't put your hand there, that thing of yours is hard against my belly. Put it away do."

"Between your legs, Mary, I seem to fell sure that is the place; let me lay between your legs and rub my belly against yours; how hot you are there!" Both my hands were trying to force open her thighs, which she kept firmly closed.

"You shan't, you shan't, you bad boy, what do you mean by such goings on, Percy?"

A sudden frenzy impelled me to exert all my strength; little by little, I got one leg between hers, as I pushed her over on her back. "I will," I said, grinding my teeth in desperation; "You shall let me, Mary; now, don't fight so, it's no use."

We struggled on in silence, she was almost a strong as myself, but panting for breath she was gradually mastered by my dogged resolve to win my way: "Oh, oh, you shan't, indeed you shan't;" as I got a finger fairly in her slit, which was quite moist and slimy, as no doubt the ardour of our struggles had brought on an emission.

The head of my Cock at last got lodged just inside the moist lips of her vulva; she gave a tremulous shudder, and I thought the victory was won, but with quite sudden desperation, she rolled herself almost on her side, but I clasped one arm firmly round her waist, and the other hand gave her buttocks such a savage pinch, that with a sharp "Oh! oh!" her bottom heaved up a little, and I felt my champion gain a little way in; again she struggled desperately, and actually bit my shoulder, but that only made me more savage.

Slowly I pushed up to her last virgin defence. "You shan't, Oh Percy, you'll ruin me, do get away; you'll kill me. Oh, Ah-r-r-re!" as struggling and wriggling to resist me, her motions actually helped to accomplish the rape, for thrusting fiercely just as she heaved a little to throw me off, the hymen was broken, and my Cock triumphed over that stubbornly contested virginity.

So ignorant was I of the ethics of copulation that I had no idea of the irreparable damage I had done to poor Mary.

"There, I told you I would, you couldn't prevent me getting into you, my dear, and how lovely it feels now I am there; my Cock is inside you, and your Cunt holds, it so delightfully tight". I kissed her again and again, and began to move by instrument inside her, but she only responded by heartbroken sobs, and her face was wet with tears.

"What is the matter dear, don't you like it; what a struggle we had, but that only added to the fun of the thing; have I indeed hurt you so much? Cheer up and join in the game now."

"Ah, Percy," she sobbed, "you have robbed me of the only jewel I possessed; I can never get married now, any one could know someone had broken through my hymen;" and she sobbed bitterly, so much so, that I was really distressed, and ashamed of my violence.

"Oh! what have I done? Do tell me Mary, don't cry so, dry up your tears, you know I love you."

"And so I do you Percy, my own boy; and, oh, I was so afraid it would happen some day. Now, kiss me and tell me truly, who taught you to be so rude; you must have had a lesson from your Auntie Gertie whilst I was away. I know what she is, so hot, so lustful; she wants every man and boy she can get; I know your Papa pokes her, and so does your cousin Mr. Shore, and even when she goes out for a ride with our groom Parsons, or a walk by herself, she takes a small syringe and a bottle of lotion in her pocket, in case of accident, but I know what sort of accident she means. Now, tell me, and I'll keep your secret: but never let her suspect I know, or I should lose my place. Now, Percy, I'm sure she taught you. Tell me truly, dear."

Certain that I could not hide the truth from the dear girl, I confessed as to my aunt, but nothing more. "Mary dear," I said, "we will keep our secret to ourselves, she will never suspect you."

"Oh, you little love, you shall be all mine; that cat, beautiful as she is, shan't have you," she said, squeezing me in her arms, and kissing me rapturously. "All mine, and I feel it throbbing inside of me, Percy, push again now, gently at first, as I feel rather sore, perhaps it will soon get easier. Ah, that's it, how nice, draw out nearly, and then in again softly, dear; that's it, how, lovely! Oh! what is that shooting into me, like a spurt of hot balm, right up to my heart? Oh! Oh! I'm coming too!" she sobbed in ecstasy, "what divine pleasure, how you pushed at that moment, go on, dear, don't stop, it's too ravishing to waste a moment!" as she instinctively entwined her legs over me, and wriggled her bottom in excess of pleasure, as our love juices mingled in her womb; then at last she stretched herself out at length, her Cunt closely nipping Cupid's battering ram, her arms tightly holding me almost like a vice, her lips played with mine in long kisses, our tongues darting into each other's mouths in the most luscious manner, all the while the inner folds of her tight fitting sheath kept me prisoner, and treated my Cock to the most delicious contractions and pressures, till I was so inflamed, Cupid's charger plunged on his mad career once more, making my dark beauty writhe and squirm in the excess of her ecstatic emotion; several times we seemed to stop by mutual consent, and lay for a while enjoying those heavenly sensations. After thus delaying the final crisis to the uttermost, the moment came when the life flood could no longer be kept back, and our simultaneous emission drowned the organs of love so profusely that our thighs were deluged as we continued to churn in the creamy overflow.

This finished our game for the night, and when my eyes opened in the morning she lay naked by my side, having thrown off her blood-stained chemise. She was awake. "Ah! Percy, my love, I thought you would never wake, but I did not like to touch you: see what a mess the bed is in, it was a real rape, you would never have done it if I had been strong enough. But now, oh, how I love my boy!"

The sight that met my eyes did indeed give evidence of something awful; blood stains, patches of dried semen, discoloured by blood.

"My God, Mary, what will you do? We shall be found out."

"Kiss you for it, Percy. Don't be afraid, I will change the sheets and make it right," gluing her lips to mine, as if she would suck my breath away, whilst one of her hands found out my now standing champion ready for the fray.

"Let me have it again, dear, before I get up; I want you so much."

"Well then, Mary my love, try Auntie Gertie's plan; kneel across me and help yourself, whilst I lay on my back and enjoy the sight of your beautiful body as you ride up and down on my Cock; oh, I do think a dark girl like you beats all fair beauties."

"What a flatterer to say that, you artful boy, when you know, and have seen such a beauty as your aunt," as she slowly impaled herself on my rampant engine. "Did she teach you that way? Well she knows what's good any how, Ar-r-r, it's up so far, let me sit and feel it like that for a moment."

With sparkling eyes and a smile on her lips which parted just enough to show me a row of pearls of the whitest ivory, and so perfect that being bitten by them could only be a pleasure. Then again the contrast between this dark olive tinted Venus and the creamy coloured complexion of my aunt with her reddish-golden haired mount and the black silky down which ornamented the tight fitting sheath, which now was enjoying possession of my Cock. All these so tired my imagination, that I heaved up my buttocks to start another heat in love's steeple chase, and the little dark tilly at once bounded on her course with all the fire of her nature.

"Ah," she said, slackening the pace, "it is too good to hurry like that," and she laid herself full length over my body, devouring my mouth with her hot tonguing kisses, whilst her Cunt kept possession of my Prick, and treated it to a course of the most exquisite compressions imaginable, till at length she suddenly resumed the proper position and riding furiously for a moment or two, fell exhausted on my bosom as gushes of spend flooded my delighted Cock and invited it to shoot its essence into her very vitals.

"Ah," she said, as at last she reluctantly dressed herself; "what a man you will make, and what a lot of girls you will want. Poor me will be nowhere, but you shall always have me, when you want a bit of my black Fanny, Black for Beauty, you know; much as you may sometimes run after the fair ones."

Mary and I indulged in every variety of voluptuous pleasures; we needed no further instruction, but tried everything we could think of, even to pissing in each other's mouths, as a finale after a long bout of erotic excitements.

She had the prettiest of underclothing and one of my delights was to be dressed up as a girl, in chemise, drawers and corset; then she would put on my shirt and trousers, and in this kind of demi-toilette we had many a spree in our bedroom, and she did look a pretty boy. She would kiss and chuck me under the chin, calling me her pretty Jemima, "Pretty Jemima, don't say no, what a nice soft Fanny you have, my dear;" as she would put her hands under my chemise and gently wag Mr. Peaslin, who was always in a state of erection. Perhaps it was the aroma of her chemise and drawers which had such a magnetic effect on me, always bringing on a violent priapism. She would push me back on the edge of the bed, and opening her trousers, pretend to get into me, and of course I slipped into her; this was quite a fancy of hers. She would say: "Jemima darling, how deliciously you squeeze my Prick! Do I please you, darling? Am I fucking you nicely?"

For in a very short time we got to relish all the expressions so piquant in bawdy language and which give such a zest to the fullest enjoyment. When sometimes I would say to her: "I mean to give you a beautiful Fuck," she would exclaim: "Say that again. I like to hear you say that;" and as to our masquerading in each other's clothes, she said it made her feel a double pleasure when my Prick was so tight inside her, it seemed to be part of herself and it really appeared as if she was Fucking me, as I lay beneath her, on the edge of the bed; "imagination is everything, my dear, when you can have your Aunt, or any girl you fancy, even your own Mother, if you think of her as you Fuck me."

When she talked like this, "Did she know anything?" I thought to myself; so one night I said: "Mary dear, do you think Mamma is fond of Fucking, and does Papa do enough for her? What do you think?"

"I don't believe one single man would satisfy you Mother or you aunt; I will tell you a great secret of something I once saw, which so upset me at the time, that I rally think if a nice young man had been there, my maidenhead would never have been left for you."

The summer before last, you will remember Capt. Devereux your uncle, and who of course is brother to both your mother and your aunt, stayed here for a week, before he went to India, where he is now; he tried to be very familiar with me, but I was too shy and ran away when he tried to give me a kiss.

You know your mother's boudoir is only separated from this room by the big closet between, which is used for hanging up dresses, as that is so much better than having them folded. You know what a roomy place it is, with a long row of pegs on one side, and the big linen press at the end; besides the door into the corridor, there is one into the boudoir, half glass covered with a pink silk blind.

Well, one day I was in there taking out the dresses, to keep them free of moth when I heard the key turned in the lock of the door into the corridor, and your mother's voice: "No one can go in there now, and we can't be disturbed," as the Captain and his two sisters entered the boudoir. I don't know why I didn't knock to be let out at once, but when I thought of doing so, I heard the Captain's voice: I suppose, Selina, you must be first. I want a Fuck awfully bad; we've got the whole morning to ourselves, so there is plenty of time for Gert; and my dear sisters, how we shall miss each other when I can never visit you. It's an awful bore being sent out to India, but I suppose there will be game amongst the officers' wives and daughters; our Colonel takes out all his family and has two or three fizzing girls who will soon ripen in the Indian sun.

"Oh, Horace," exclaimed your Mother. "I never had such a fucker as you, and you taught me and Gert all we know in the Art of Love. Come to my arms, my brother, the more wicked it is to be Fucked by you, the more piquant is our enjoyment: Take it out, Gert, and put it into me, I will do as much for you presently, and lick him up too, if I make him too limp."

You may be sure I could not resist a peep, and at once thought of Solomon's proverb about the "Wonderful way of a man with a Maid," and now was a chance to learn something. So kneeling behind the glass door, I slipped a little corner of the blind aside and what did I see? Your own Mother leaning forward over the scroll end of the couch, with her dress and skirts all turned up over her back; she had on black silk knickers trimmed with a golden fringe, and light pink silk chemise and stockings; the Captain was opening her drawers and putting the tail of the chemise aside, whilst your aunt was busy unbuttoning his trousers and taking out "Oh, such a big beautiful Prick," quite nine or ten inches long, which she presented to your Mother's bottom, and I really thought he was going to push it into the wrong place, but his sister directed it lower down, and I could just see the lovely fleshy lips of your Mother's Cunt, as it fairly sucked him in, she pushing out her bottom in the rudest possible way, to meet his advance.

His shaft was as white as ivory ornamented at its base by reddish brown hair, and as his hands took a firm grip of her buttocks, drawing them towards him every time he pushed home, and I could see each movement, it was a sight to impress a girl like myself, who had never yet surrendered to a man. Ravishing indeed to watch the amorous play of your Mother's splendid Cunt, as he worked in and out, withdrawing till he nearly exposed the inflamed head of his Prick, then plunging in again to her apparent delight.

The black silk showing off the white skin to perfection, but what impressed me most as I watched the piston-like action of the Captain's affair, was to see how the fleshy lips of her Fanny clung to it each time it withdrew. I could hear quite an audible sucking sound, and those lips gradually deepened in colour from their original fleshy tint, till at the apex of excitement they were quite a splendid vermilion hue; then came the emission, which must have been copious as it spurted out in thick creamy and frothy jets, as he continued to work on.

"Horace, Horace, let me have it, balls and all, spunk into me now!" your Mother almost shrieked in her frenzy.

"Now! Now! Selina, I'm coming, I'm bursting my love, Oh, Gert, work your fingers well," was his response, whilst your aunt was doing all she could to increase his ardour by working her lingers in his bottom-hole.

I was almost frantic myself at such a sight. My hand could not but seek my own gap, and quite unconsciously rubbed and frigged myself, whilst I feel sure my eyes must have been starting from their sockets, so intensely was I fascinated by the incestuous scene enacted before me. Within a few minutes they ran another course, and came again with cries of pleasures and bawdy expressions.

The Captain now withdrew, his machine hanging down looked quite crestfallen and limp, covered with glistening spend which dripped off on to the floor; your Mother retained her position, as if too tired to get up, when to my surprise your aunt Gert, proceeded to kiss and suck her sister's reeking Cunt which was still all of a quiver, those now vermilion lips twitching as if still anxious for more.

Pushing the thighs as wide apart as possible, your aunt buried her face between those luxurious buttocks, and seemed eager to secure every drop of the precious elixir that was slowly oozing out. "Oh, how lovely!" your mother said, with a sigh of pleasure; "Come to me Horace, let me revive the drooping courage of your glorious Prick; whose lips but mine ought to raise it again for dear Gert? What intense felicity you gave me, my dear?" as he placed himself kneeling on the couch so as to bring his affair into position for her to take it into her mouth, which she did with great avidity, her hands gently holding back the foreskin and caressing his hairy balls, as first giving a good suck in her mouth she proceeded to titillate the little orifice in its head with the tip of her velvety tongue. The effect was marvellous to me. The before limp affair almost jumped into life again by a series of jerks till it stood even more proudly than ever. How she fondled that resuscitated Cock and handled his balls till his eyes started with lust, and his bottom wriggled as if he would soon be brought to the spending point again.

"No, no, I won't make you come Horace. Let Gert have her due, she's a dear girl, and never jealous of me, are you Gert? So I let her be as much Fred's wife as I am, and we three have some rare razzle-dazzles, I can tell you, same as we do with you."

Selina, your Mother, now made Gert lay on her back on the couch, and inserting her brother's Prick in the beautiful Cunt you know so well, "There, dears, go on and I will do all I cam to add to your pleasure;" saying which, she pulled Horace's trousers down to his heels, and turning his shirt tail well up, handled his balls from behind for a few moments:

"Ah, you Fucker," she exclaimed, "you like Gert better than me, but no matter, there, there, there, there, go on and Fuck her. Spend into her!" giving four tremendous slaps with her hand, which made him fairly wince.

Then as if suddenly remembering something, she opened a long box ottoman, and took out a bunch of birch twigs, elegantly tied up with ribbons, with which she proceeded to attack his firm looking fleshy rump.

"Lay on Selina, don't spare me, drive me well," said the Captain.
"That's just what is wanted."

This excited my imagination to the utmost; how could a whipping add to his enjoyment. Selina did not keep me waiting long, she touched him up smartly, giving light stinging strokes, at least I feel certain they must have been stingers, to judge from the lovely rosy tint she soon raised on those firm white buttocks of his, which gradually quivered more and more as he worked rapidly in your aunt's pretty Cunt; I could see his white shaft almost withdrawn, to be plunged in again with ever increasing verve. The more Selina whipped and made his bottom smart the more furiously he Fucked her.

Presently your Mother shifted her position, so as to cut towards the division of his bottom, and make the tips of the pliant birch even reach the jewel bag, which was about to shoot its balm of love into her sister.

Gert was almost mad with lust; she fairly squealed: "Fuck faster, you dear brother, let me feel it well up at every stroke; Oh, I must come now, Eeecch? what a gust, what a man to poke, my love, I'm spending, oh, Heavens! How delicious!"

After a short rest, laying soaking his tool in that flood of mixed love juice, he was going to withdraw, but Selina interposed.

"Gee up, Gee up, you haven't half done your duty yet, Sir; hold him tight, Gert, and I'll soon make him start and keep up to it properly."

Your aunt clasped him tightly in her arms, renewing her kisses on his lips, darting her tongue into his mouth; then finding he returned her kisses and did not attempt to get away, one hand stole down to his now languid Prick, and began to Frig it, keeping the head still within the lips of her inflamed Cunt, whilst your Mother began to lecture him.

"So, Sir, you don't want to go on Fucking my sister, when you owe her so much pleasure, but I'll see you don't defraud her of what is fairly due; will you move Sir, or, must I scalp your bottom, for you, eh?"

"You're used up and languid, are you? I believe you will go to sleep on the top of Gert, there, there, move will you!" giving a couple of very vicious cuts, which left a lot of long fiery marks across his bottom.

"Oh, Selina don't, you hurt so, let me rest a minute or two."

"No, Sir, no; got on this minute. Gert, take that thing out of you, and show me how it is, what a limp, lazy, done-up looking thing;" as the Captain, raising himself a little off Gert, gave a chance to your Mother, who at once smartly switched her birch about the ruddy head of Mr. Coocks, as your aunt exposed with the foreskin drawn back.

"Ah-r-r-r-re, Oh! I can't stand that Selina; you are cruel."

"Cruel, then put it back into Gert's Cunt, and I will whip your backside well, till you do Fuck her properly, Sir."

Saying which, she pressed him down on her sister, who put the smarting head into her nest to soothe it and your Mother keeping her left hand on the middle of his back, went on whisking the twigs in every direction across his buttocks, till the red smacks showed all over the surface, and little drops of blood oozed from the excoriated skim; I could see he winced under her severity, but his Prick swelled visibly at every stroke, and Gert heaved up to meet each thrust, as he plunged on with erotic fury, throwing her pretty stockinged legs over his loins, giving me a splendid view of her luscious Cunt as the vermilion lips clung round the white shaft of his tool; there seemed to be such a lot of sperm mixed up in her vagina that in spite of the sound of the birching which your Mother kept up regardless, of which bottom had the benefit of it, I could hear sloppy noise each time his affair plunged up to the hilt in that well lubricated receptacle, the frothy creamy looking spend hanging in patches about the hair which embellished their parts, running over his balls, and trickling in quite a rill between the parting of her thighs.

At length Selina dropped the rod, and kneeling behind them used both her hands to tickle his balls and Frig his Prick, holding back the foreskin in a way that must have been almost painful as she seemed to drag it backwards, then suddenly letting his Prick go as she felt the crisis coming, rammed a couple of her well oiled fingers up his bottom-hole and Frigged him there, exclaiming: "Horace, well done, I felt the bursting throb. Wasn't it splendid Gert, dear?"

Both Fuckers seemed thoroughly exhausted when their crisis of ecstasy and endearments ceased, but your Mother kept her fingers going for a little till thoroughly assured they had spent the last drop and could no more.

After this she produced a bottle of some liqueur which seemed to have a revivifying effect upon all three, for the sisters stripped every rag off their brother and reduced their own clothing till they stood in nothing but chemise, drawers, stockings and their pretty boots.

"You like to see us like this Horace," said Selina, the two standing before him. He sat on the couch, lifting their pouting Cunts from the openings in the black silk drawers, his Prick standing again as if it had not had the least satisfaction.

"Come on, girls, for a wind up. Selina shall be St. George, as I lay back on the couch and suck Gert's delicious Cunt."

All were so voluptuously wound up, they got into position at once, the two beautiful sisters embracing and tongue kissing each other as they rode, the one on the Prick and the other over the sucking mouth of their brother. Gert and Selina seemed ready to devour each other with their lustful kisses, and when apparently they had both come more than once they changed places upon their recumbent brother; all finished with a chorus of bawdy words, sighs, and cries expressing the agony of their delight.

You may be sure I was glad when at last it was all over, and they went to their rooms to rest awhile before luncheon, which allowed me to escape from my awkward position in an awful state of amorous excitement which quite demoralised me, but I never trusted myself to spy on them again, although I know each day the Captain remained they retired to your Mother's boudoir. It was indeed a lesson to me in the philosophy of the sexes.

"But you don't think Mamma is ever likely to take liberties with me, do you?"

"I don't know so much about that; every one fancies young people, even myself, dear; I think you are far more delicious to enjoy than any big man could possibly be; and, and, but I will tell you; my own father when I was lately at home, tried all he could to seduce me, going as far as to let me see his big standing affair one Sunday when I entered the room as he was reading the weekly paper, and I suppose had been Frigging himself; he had some excuse for that, as Mother was too ill to let him have what he wanted; but he quite frightened me, as I entered the room, by suddenly lifting the newspaper from before him, and letting me see his tremendous thing with its fiery red head; of course I rushed out of the room, but in an hour or two, when I was laying the supper table, he took me on his knee and tried to put a hand under my clothes, at the same time kissing me and shoving his tongue between my lips. 'Father, Father, for shame, I'll scream if you don't let me go!' was all I could say, as I struggled to prevent his hand getting between my thighs, and I suppose he was frightened as he allowed me to get away. This made me think over things, and be very distant to you when I came back; so you can guess, if my good old Father wanted me, your Mamma may be equally taken with you, especially any time Papa is away and she feels the want of him.

Now Percy, comfort Fanny a bit; you don't know how randy she feels, put your hand on her, dear, just play with the little button, as we have one of our delicious tongue kisses."

I did all I could to oblige her, with my lingers, my tremendously swollen Prick pressing all the while against her mount and frigging himself by rubbing his nose in the hairy moss of her mount. This could not last long. She opened her thighs and, drawing me upon her, directed my eager tool to her burning slit.

I pushed in slowly, enjoying the gradual insertion, till its head was gently taken in charge by the nippers, which she had in such perfection; it seemed to me just like a baby hand pressing and caressing my delighted instrument, and we enjoyed this sort of dalliance for some minutes; neither spoke, but our lips and tongues eloquently proved the intensity of our feelings. At length she suddenly bucked up her bottom, as a challenge to me go on. Thus spurred on, I slowly drew out to the very head of my Prick, then gently pushing in again, kept repeating the motion, each time gradually increasing the pace, till we arrived at the short digs, when clinging closely to her, my hands pressed up her bottom till we could scarcely move, as the spurts of our semen mingled in her womb, and I felt her receive it with the same peculiar and perceptible shudder of delight which warned my aunt to use her syringe at once.

"Oh, Mary, I've done it for you; that will make a baby the image of myself."

"Not if I can prevent it, Percy, the very last time I went to the chemist's I bought an enema and some sulphate of zinc, so you will see I don't want any babies; if you only knew what an awful thing it is for an unmarried girl to have one, you would not wish to have it happen to me."

She jumped up and syringed herself at once, as carefully as my aunt had done.

It is impossible to relate all our sprees, but I had to please Auntie now and then, when she got a chance. And so six months rolled away, and I was growing rapidly; my especial delight was to contemplate the development of my Prick, which seemed to improve daily, and must have grown to quite eight inches, being thick in proportion; I believe it was the thorough and regular irrigation by Mary's spendings which brought on such perfection. The more it grew, the more my desire for my Mother increased, which of course I kept to myself, when one day Papa had to go off almost without notice to America about a property he had over there. Mamma and Gert both cried a good bit when he started, but I asked him to bring me home a nice present. "Some diamonds will do, Papa," I said kissing him. "What a silly innocent boy you are, Percy; they are cheaper here and your Mamma and Gert would like a lot first, when I have money enough; you shall have a necklace of grizzly bear's claws, and we'll dress you up as a girl; won't it be fun, Selina? There, there, my boy. I won't forget you;" giving me a last kiss, and then embracing Gert and Mamma, in long luscious kisses, saying: "Cheer up, don't cry," as he jumped into the carriage and drove off.

I cheered up immensely, as his absence would be my opportunity, and that very night, in Mary's arms, I enjoyed my Mamma in imagination. Several days passed, but one morning early my Auntie Gertie started for a long day's picnic with some friends, and took Mary to attend upon her.

Mamma took her breakfast in bed, so I went to say good-morning and kiss her; she was asleep and I had a grand view of her really magnificent bosom, as being very warm weather, she had on only a low necked chemise; how long I stood to admire the snowy whiteness of the large full bosoms as they rose and feel under my ardent gaze at each respiration, and I was going to awaken her by kissing them, when a sudden idea pleased me better; going to the drawers where I knew she kept her under clothing, I selected a pink silk chemise, and was about to take a pair of black silk drawers, only my eyes lighted upon some open net-work tights of dark blue silk, a pair of golden garters, lovely blue silk hose and a pretty pair of Turkish slippers, which looked just made for my small feet; looking in the wardrobe I spied a duck of a dressing gown, of almost transparent white muslin, which would show the figure inside and display the most attractive charms.

Running away to the nursery on the next corridor, I soon put off my own things, arrayed myself in the feminine attire, and, looking in the glass opened the dressing gown and lifted up my chemise to see how I looked beneath. Neither my Mamma or my Aunt were big women; they were rather what I call the thoroughbred type, about the Venus height and slim, with splendid bottoms which I know must have been cultivated by the most careful corsetage from earliest girlhood, so being a well grown boy, the things just suited me. But to return to the looking-glass, it made me in love with myself; the pretty stockings, legs, garters and slippers, but what almost took my breath away was the sight of the blue open network tights, which my ample thighs filled up so that they fitted me to perfection, the blue showing up the flesh tint beneath in a most ravishing manner and my Cock actually began to stand as I contemplated the sight of myself, and thought of the effect it might have on my Mamma. I felt so wicked, and as I passed along the corridor. "La, what a pretty girl you make, Master Percy," came from a pretty young chamber maid, as I passed her. "Do you think so, Patty," I replied, "Just look at my chemise and how I am dressed underneath," opening my robe to give her a view. I felt so full of devilry that I was half inclined to pull her into the nursery for a game.

"My Goodness!" she exclaimed, in surprise, "tights and all, you don't look quite comfortable, but you'll do;" as her eyes must have caught sight of my state of erection. "See what your Mamma will think of you," with a curious look on her face.

"Kiss me then, Patty," I said giving her a hug and pressing my lips to hers, which she freely returned. "Now, go along and don't be rude, Mary must have taught you something."

"Could you teach me anything, Patty, will you give me a lesson some day?" I said, looking full in her eyes; "I think you can."

Blushing crimson, the girl got away from me, and ran into one of the rooms; perhaps she expected to be followed, but I had other games in view, relegating the pretty Patty to some future opportunity.

Entering Mamma's bed room as quietly as possible, I again contemplated that divine bust till my Prick was rampantly stiff, the compression of the net-work tights seeming only to increase the lascivious desire which inflamed it more and more every moment. I was hot all over, and my trepidation was so great, my knees knocked together; a shiver passed through my frame.

Dare I kiss them? How awful should I be repulsed. Desperation gave me courage.

"My beautiful Mamma, do let me kiss your lovely titties?" was all I could say almost in a whisper as my voice quite failed, so great was my agitation. First laying my burning cheek by the side of her heaving bosom, I took a nipple between my lips, but had hardly done so, when: "My darling boy, are you kissing your Mother's bosom? I was just dreaming of my Percy. How nice of you to awake me like that;" but seeing my get up, she started in surprise: "What have you got on? my things, oh, you funny boy!" drawing my face to hers, and giving me such kisses as I had never had from her before; they were like flames, making my blood boil in a moment.

"Now, let me see how you have dressed your self, Percy," opening the muslin robe. "Ah, chemise too, none of your own things." Playfully lifting it up, you should have seen her eyes start as she caught sight of my lower parts encased in her own open-net, blue tights; seeing how Mr. John Thomas was excited, and seemed fit to break out at the instant.

"They are not big enough, they irritate you, Percy let me get them off," she said, raising herself and as the bed-clothes fell back giving me a sight of her golden-haired mount for a moment quickly as she pushed her chemise over it. It was perfectly maddening, but I had to act the innocent, and know nothing. "Come on the bed, then I can pull them off, you silly boy, why did you put them on?" So I mounted on the bed by her side, and she assisted me to remove the tights, lingering, as I thought, unnecessarily long in doing so.

"Now, I can cuddle my boy. I haven't had you to myself for ever so long, and how that thing of yours has grown! That net-work chafed you, my dear, or it would never get like that."

Saying which, she made me lay by her side, clasping me tightly to her bosom, which heaved tumultuously. "Poor thing, how hard and swollen it is," she said, putting her hand on my affair. "Let me soothe it; there, there, there, it will be all right soon," but I could feel her heart beating furiously, whilst her beautiful face was aflame, and those deep blue eyes seemed to dart sparks of love as she regarded me. Imperceptibly I was drawn between her legs, and my tool throbbed against her belly. "There is only one away, Percy, to cure that stiff thing of yours; let me put it somewhere for you, my dear;" I was passive in her hands, and she presently placed the head of my Prick just inside her moist warm Cunt, for she had been spending in anticipation, the effect was electric as far she was concerned, her bottom gave one big upward heave, and I felt myself at last buried to the hilt inside my own Mother. "Mamma Mamma, where have you put it? It feels so warm and nice."

"Oh, my own boy, my Percy, I must have you; push it all into me, dear. I must teach you; you will find it delicious to be cuddled in that way; Ah, my love, my own boy, let me feel your soul flow into mine; let me make you feel what real love is like."

"Mamma, Mamma darling, how nice! What are we doing to each other?"

"Making love, Percy dear, don't you like it?" as she pressed me closer and tighter in her arms every moment, whilst her hot swimming Cunt sucked me in ravenously at each thrust I gave.

"Making love is nice; may I often do it to you, Mamma?"

"Yes, my lovely boy, only never let a soul know it; it is thought so improper, but now Percy, now push it all in, faster faster; I give you my very life. Oh, Oh, I'm coming; can't you feel my warm flow?"

"Yes, yes, what is going to happen, Mother, Mamma I shall burst. Ah, there it is; Oh," as I had played my part to the end, and was fairly exhausted by the spend and the intensity of my emotions.

Her arms held me tightly to her bosom, as she panted after her excessive lubricity, keeping me still on the top of her, whilst the contractions of her vagina treated my Prick to the most exquisite compressions. I put one hand down to feel where I was, and ran my fingers all round the lips of her salacious Cunt, putting them up inside as far as they would reach. "Let your hand play with me, and move yourself on me at the same time; let me teach you how to please your Mother, who loves you so; do you know Percy, I have given you my very life, my honour, fancy a boy like you putting horns on the head of his Father!"

"Mamma, dear, what do you mean, you talk so funny, how can I make horns for Papa?"

"By what you are doing my love, by perhaps making me a baby; you will understand some day."

"And would a baby be a brother, just like me?"

"Yes love, a brother or a sister, but Percy never a word to any one, as you love me; this is so naughty, so wicked to do."

"Naughty, wicked, how can it be so to play with my Mamma!"

"Fathers or Mothers must not have their children like this, nor even Brothers their Sisters; it is through awful called 'Incest' in fact. The Clergyman would say we were cursed, but that is all nonsense. We know better; it's their business to call everybody sinners."

My Prick was now going great guns once more, swelling and poking her to perfection.

"How long I have waited for this! Do you know what you are doing to me, Percy."

"No, Mamma, what do you call it, and what is the name of the beautiful place you put me in?"

"It's 'Fucking', that is the word for it, and you are in my Cunt, dear."

"Then I'm Fucking my own Mother, and my affair in pushing into her Cunt; it is nice, Mamma."

"Yes, Heavenly, and call your affair your Prick; you have a grand Prick for your age, my boy. Fuck me, shove it up as far as it will go at every stroke you give. You can't hurt my Cunt; it will take your hardest poking, the more vigorous you are, the greater the pleasure; then when we come together, it is the greatest possible bliss. Love your Mother, I have given all to possess my boy."

"What a glorious Mamma, and how I love her; you make me feel a very part of yourself."

She heaved in response to every dig, faster, more furiously Fucking every moment, till we both spent at the same instant, and my Prick revelled in a very ocean of sperm, and we lay faint and spun out by our exertions. "Let me look, Mother dear, I want to see where I am," I presently said, throwing off the sheet which covered us, and then for the first time had a realistic view of her belly and swelling mount, covered with a luxuriant growth of reddish-golden hair; my fingers instantly sought to part the curls which encircled my Prick, and drawing out a little I could see the clinging vermilion lips of the maternal vagina, which held on to my shaft, as if loath to part with its prize. For a moment or two I continued the slow in and out motion to see how it acted, but that was all she would permit, assuring me further exertion just then would be too much for me. "Percy, I must mind you don't injure your health, so you must rest a little, then perhaps tomorrow, my love."

She gave me a glass of liqueur, which made me all on fire to possess her again; but she would not listen to anything of the kind, ordering me to have a good ride on my pony before luncheon. It was a bracing ride, but my thoughts were too distracted to think of anything but my Mother, and I returned possessed by a Fucking Devil to surprise Patty sleeping on Mary's bed, having undertaken to make the beds in her absence, and knowing I was out, she was having a quiet nap. Looking at her for a moment, my Prick stood at the thoughts of the charms under her shirts, so gently lifting them, I saw she had no drawers on, only nice stockings and slippers, but just then she opened her eyes. "Oh, Master Percy, no, you shan't," trying to put her skirts down, but I had the advantage, and keeping her down, said: "You looked at me, now I will see all you have Patty, and kiss it, too." She struggled, but did not cry out, and I succeeded in kissing her naked thighs, whilst her hands covered her Fanny, so throwing myself by her side, I tried all I could to inflame her desires, by kissing her lips, which she returned, and then getting bolder, pushed my tongue between her lips, and she soon began to get quite hot and flushed: then now I was not attempting to look, my hand had better success below, slowly overcoming all obstacles, till I got a finger in her slit, and began to rub the ticklish spot of love. She gave a long deep sigh, and sucked in my tongue, the tip of her own meeting mine in the most amorous manner; I took one of her hands and placed it on my trousers just over where my Prick was throbbing in expectation, she gave a start and I let it out, placing it in her hand, "Oh, Patty," I whispered, "won't you make me happy, you feel how it is, dear."

"Oh, Master Percy, I'm afraid, I never did such a thing; oh, let me go; pray, pray, do!" taking her hand away, and trying to get up; but I had got one leg between hers, so rolling over on top of her, tried to push my advantage.

"Never, never;" she almost screamed, "I'll shout out if you try to."

But having gone so far, and being quite furious with lust for a Fuck no matter who, if only nice; I pushed ruthlessly, holding her in my arms like a vice, whilst by sucking and tonguing her lips, I kept her from screaming. Nature assisted me a little. The girls own emotions made her spend and I knew it by the deep drawn respiration and the quivering of her frame, as the spasm came. My Prick had got its head just inside her crack, when the soothing emission came opportunely to assist his progress, and tight little virgin as she was, desperately writhing and struggling under me, my charger gradually won his way, till furiously plunging and drawing her to me with all my strength, the hymen was broken through, as she screamed and sobbed for me to spare her; but I pushed on, tearing and stretching her tender passage; although so young, my big Prick was quite too much for her; at length all was over. I came, I saw and I conquered, shooting my love balm into her wounded Cunt for a second time before I would let her get up; not till then did I feel sorry for the ruin I had effected, but her sobs were so genuine I did all I could to soothe her, and promised to be more loving and gentle another time. "Ah, you bad boy, I don't know if I shan't tell your Mamma." "I'll never forgive you," she said, when at last she stopped crying before leaving the room.

My tool was blood-stained, so I carefully sponged it and looked to see if there were any other evidences of Patty's rape on the bed, but fortunately her clothes had saved that.

I was rather late for luncheon. Mamma looked so lovely and fresh, her blue eyes beamed love on me at every glance, and she supplied me with the most nourishing delicacies besides two or three glasses of champagne. She asked me how I had enjoyed my riding. "Oh, it was delightful, Mamma," I said thinking of her and Patty.

"Percy, will you read to me, dear, this afternoon as I want to get on with a bit of work for the bazaar. You know Mr. Pokemall will be angry with me if I don't do something for the vicarage stall."

"Couldn't you pacify him, Mamma?"

"Percy, don't be sarcastic, I hate the sight of him, only we must appear to be good."

She took me to her boudoir, which made me think of Mary's tale. "Oh, if the couch could tell me all it knew!" I thought.

Seated on a stool at her feet I read from Ouida's "Moths" for a little but she did not care for that, so asked me to look into Zola's "Nana" and read about her love for Satin. "But Mamma, Satin was a girl, what could she do to make Nana love her so?"

"They were Lesbians, my dear, girls who prefer sucking and kissing each other to being fucked by a man."

"Mamma, do you like your Cunt kissed? Let me do it for you."

She did not reply, but threw her skirts over my head, as I sat below her on the stool, putting me at once into darkness, and almost driving me wild as I sniffed the mixed aroma of her perfumed Cunt; my hand groped along her thighs, feeling how soft they were, encased in what I believed to be the same openwork tights I had tried on in the morning, but they fitted so closely, I could not get fairly at her. However, not to be baffled, I got my fingers inside and split them up, then my lips sought her mossy-covered mount, and my tongue found her hot, moist slit, all dripping with the creamy emission she had already discharged, working its way as she now opened her legs to facilitate my operations. How eagerly my mouth sucked her clitoris, which I kept between my lips, as she wriggled with pleasure, and I could feel her hands outside, pressing my head to keep me there, sucking, sucking, I rolled the fleshy morsel in my mouth and titillated it with my tongue; at the same time, at first one, and then two fingers found their way into her bottom-hole, the muscle of which held them tenaciously, as they frigged her rapidly. "Ah, Oh, Oh, you love of a boy!" I heard her cry. "Frig me, suck me. I'm spending. Oh, Ah!" And a flood of sperm gushed all over my lips and chin, as I swallowed all I could catch in my mouth. I never gave up working on that delicious clitoris, and even gave little bites now and then, as she reclined backward, sighing each time I slightly relaxed my efforts. "More, more, more, my love!" till at length, mad with desire, I jumped up and rammed my excited Prick into her reeking cunt, just in time to let her have the benefit of my emission.

My lips and mouth were all covered with sperm, but quite regardless of that she kissed and sucked my lips in the most lascivious manner, keeping my cock tightly imprisoned in her tight fitting sheath, which seemed able to take in and keep possession of any sized tool.

A very short time sufficed to start us on again, and another most delicious Fuck rewarded me for all my first loving attentions to her Cunt.

"What a fucker you are, Percy; only to think I never had you before to day. My mouth, my tongue, my bosom, my cunt, even my arse, shall be all your; now I spend, Fuck, shove your balls into your mother, she is all yours, Percy."

"And how I love to fuck you, Mamma. My prick is all for you heavenly Cunt; am I pleasing you, darling mother? Have I learned to fuck properly? May I dress up in your chemise and drawers again? Do I make a pretty girl?" And I went on, making my Prick revel in that swimming cunt, till the floodgates of love opened and a rush of my sperm assuaged her burning lust for the time. Still she wanted to take my cock in her mouth, but as it was limp, I tucked it away between my legs, laughingly pretending to be a girl, as I really knew I had done enough for that day at least.

Thus ended my first day's enjoyment of my Beautiful Mother. In another volume I purpose to write the Further Adventures of a Precocious Boy, and after that go on to the Secret of my Life up to present time.